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Free Number Plate Search App for Android Smartphones

Android app

Our new FREE Android app taps into our extensive database of over 30 million personalised registrations. The database is updated in real time to ensure the freshest registrations are always available.

The app is completely free of charge to Android Smartphone users!

Along with the obvious benefits of being able to search for number plates any time and place, the app offers a novel and fun way to search for number plates.

You can literally search for anything: names, initials, or any number can be found almost instantly; with a search taking less than five seconds to complete.

Along with searching for your own choice of registration, you can browse up to 30 categories of number plates, such as Funny, Cheap, Irish, Car, Football, and Rude.

How to Find our Android App

Visit the Android Market on your phone and search for 'number plates'.

Android Market

Go Straight to the Android App Now

Just scan the QR code below with your Android smartphone.

QR Code for Nationla Numbers Android App at the Android Marketplace

What's a QR Code?

QR stands for "Quick Response" - a QR code works a bit like a barcode, giving mobile users a fast way to visit websites.

It can be scanned by many of the smartphone devices available today, such as the Android and iPhone, BlackBerry etc.

Your device may come with a QR/barcode scanner already. But if it does not, go to the Android Marketplace to download a QR reader app.

How it Works

  • Tap on the number plate to start a new search
  • You can enter anything: your name, initials, car, pet, etc
  • Or choose a category for some fantastic suggestions
  • A list of suggested number plates will be displayed along with prices
  • Choose a number plate to view or enquire
  • Don't forget you can tap 'Call Us' at any time to speak to a friendly sales advisor
Number plate search results on Android app