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Personalise your number plates in a smart way

January 31, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Number plates are an important part of every vehicle. They are not only a legal requirement, but also provide your vehicle with a unique identity. Personalised number plates can be purchased from a dealer or from the DVLA.

Today, personalised number plates are so popular that they have become a common sight on the roads of UK. Since they are available relatively cheaply, many vehicle owners can now afford them. Personalised number plates can really stand out when they have a unique combination. Though you can form different words on your number plates with the help of these combinations, the most common personalised number plates are the ones that showcase names, initials or birthdays.

As it is often possible to conveniently use a number to signify an alphabet character, word formation is not difficult. Number plates have a particular format that is set by the DVLA and has to be followed.

You can also customise the look of your number plate by giving it 3D lettering that will make it stand out. Various other customising features are also available to help you give your number plates a smart and trendy look.

What you should know about the DVLA

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Number plates act as a unique identification mark; you will not find two number plates that are the same. Every vehicle has a specific registration and all this information is recorded and stored at a central database. Car registration numbers are provided by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, better known as DVLA.

Car registrations were made essential back in 1903, after the Motor Car Act was introduced. Since then, different formats of number plates have been devised to meet the increasing numbers of cars. However, as the DVLA did not exist at the time, it was the responsibility of the local council to administer car registration numbers.

Problems occurred in this system when owners moved with their cars to a different area, or when the vehicles were sold. This required the transfer of registration details to another council. To solve the problem, the DVLC (Driver and Licensing Centre) was formed in 1965 and it was wholly responsible for administering number plates to all vehicles. The DVLC changed its name in 1985 to DVLA, and it has local offices in Scotland, Wales and England.

Ever since car number plates were introduced there have been millions of different combinations. This makes the chances of getting a suitable private plate quite high.

Tell the world who your vehicle belongs to

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Travelling on the road today you are bound to notice the many personalised number plates on vehicles. Long gone are the days when it was only celebrities and the elite who were the only ones who could afford a personalised number plate.

Personalised number plates combine a set of letters and numbers to form a unique number plate that has a significant meaning to the owner of the vehicle. The set of numbers and letters and the way in which they are arranged on the number plate sets them apart from ordinary plates. Personalised number plates can display names, initials, and specific numbers or words that have a particular meaning special to the owner.

Many people who buy new vehicles would love to put a personal stamp on them to set them apart from the crowd. This can be effectively done with a personalised number plate. The great thing about personalised number plates is that they are not all expensive.

Personalised number plates make great gifts and can become a prized possession that people cherish for their entire life.

Dvla auction at Whittlebury Hall

January 30, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Sue C

Dvla’s first auction of 2009 with the U.K officially in recession finished today.

Whittlebury Hall will be familiar to F1 enthusiasts because of its proximity to Silverstone the world famous venue for the British grand prix, making the hall
particularly appropriate for an auction of private number plates.

To mention just a couple of interesting lots offered by Dvla ‘3 S’ was auctioned today, achieving a hammer price of lb76,000 . There is an auctioneer’s premium of 7.5% payable and VAT of 15% (what a good thing the government reduced it)
Making the total payable lb93,955.00 plus the lb80 DVLA transfer fee.

Students of past Dvla auctions will know that, in 1994, ‘9 S’ and ‘4 S’ only achieved lb7 k and lb8 k respectively while in 1993 ‘2 S’, ‘7 S’, ‘6 S’ and ‘5 S’ achieved in lb9,400; lb6,300, lb9,000 and lb10,000 respectively.

Dvla, not to mention Gordon Brown and the treasury, must be extremely pleased with this result but it begs the question as to whether dvla auctions are still the cheapest way to purchase personalised number plates.

Another lot, which was offered in the second day of the DVLA auction, was 1 HRH. This achieved a staggering lb92,000 on the hammer. Royalty do not buy personal number plates because of obvious security issues. It will be interesting to try to spot this one on a vehicle to see if there is a flag on the front.

January dvla auction of personalised number plates

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Sue C

Dvla chose a brand new venue for their 2009 auction held on January 28th, 29th and 30th . Whittlebury Hall in particularly appropriate for an auction of number plates since it is situated adjacent to the Silverstone racetrack. Sadly, the 2009 formula 1 Brittish Grand Prix will be the last to be held at Silverstone.

The first lot of the day on Friday, was ‘1 O’. Dvla now arrange their catalogue in alphabetical order so, ‘1 O’ was destined to be auctioned at ten to nine in the morning so heaven help any keen bidder who slept in or got lost on the way to the venue.

Anyway, it can only be hoped that the winning bidder was well and truly awake since the cherished registration mark was eventually secured at lb170,000 on the hammer. After the auctioneer’s premium of 7.5% and VAT is added the grand total to be paid is lb210, 163 – recession, what recession?

Apparently, Dvla intend to release ‘2 O’, ‘3 O’, ‘4 O’ etc. through auction in the future. It will be interesting to see what prices these distinctive number plates achieve.

Whittlebury Hall is near town centre and so there are racing associations with the area as well. Investing in a private number plate may be seen by some as a gamble but, with these times of low interest rates and savings, data shows that there is more chance of making money than leaving your cash at the mercy of the banks.

Congratulations to the proud new owner of ‘1 O’ – wonder what car it will be displayed on?

Some facts about number plates

Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

A number plate is used to recognise vehicles and help the police. A number plate is a legal obligation for all road vehicles. All vehicles must show a number plate on the front as well as rear of the vehicle, although motorbikes are exceptional to this. All the information concerning number plates and vehicle details are held on a central data base by the DVLA. The offices of DVLA in Swansea act as the headquarters for the agency, and there are more than 80 local offices spread across the country.

A number plate can work as an advertisement for a company, or it can symbolise a name or initials. Prefix numbers are the most frequently purchased registrations. The current format of registration is also quite popular.

Each and every registration is unique. You can buy a number plate from a number plate dealer on a retention certificate and can keep it for a period of time until you choose to assign it to a vehicle. This option of purchasing and owning a number plate is utilised by many people. It especially suits those who see their desired number plate but wish to purchase a car in future.

Regulations for the display and appearance of your number plate

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Personalised number plates are increasingly becoming popular in the United Kingdom. Many people like to have their first name, initials or something related to their work profession displayed on the plate.

Whilst you can choose the combination of numbers and letters for your personalised number plate, they must conform with the regulations and format prescribed by the DVLA, which is the organisation responsible for the registration and licensing of vehicles.

The new registration format for number plates was introduced by the DVLA in 2001. These revised regulations apply to all number plates of vehicles registered on or after September 1st 2001.

o All number plates must use a specific and simple typeface that makes the numbers on the plate easy to read by both humans and automatic recognition systems, which are increasingly being used by the police and other related agencies.
o All plate variants that are difficult to read, such as italic fonts and multiple strokes are prohibited with the exception of a 3D effect version of the typeface.
o Each character on the number plate must be 50mm wide and 79mm high, while each character stroke must be 14mm, except the letter I and number 1.
o The space between two characters must be 11mm and the space between the character groups must be 33mm apart.

The characters of the front number plate must be in black colour with a white background, while the rear plate characters must be in black with a yellow background.
Optionally, the number plate can display the British Union Flag, Scottish Flag, Welsh Flag, English Flag, or the Euro Flag.

Personalised number plates – A mark of individuality

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Number plate collection can offer great returns and it has changed the life of many people. Original number plates which are innovative and eye catching have been sold for huge amounts, generating a lot of money for the sellers. Number plates are popular because they provide a personalised finishing touch for a car.

Original and unusual number plates can make a person stand out from the crowd and enhance their status and prestige. A personalised number plate is a mark of individuality.

Personalised number plates are also a good investment. However, it should always be kept in mind that investing in number plates is normally only beneficial when the investment has been made over a long time period.

The value of a number plate can increase over the time. When buying a personal number plate you should choose something which reflects a popular theme or trend. Alternatively, you could choose a plate that is catchy or witty. It is best to first enjoy the number plate yourself, and to only try to sell it after it has appreciated over a period of time.

Deciding which registration plate to buy

January 29, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

With such a wide range to choose from, purchasing the right number plate can be difficult. The process of purchasing a number plate can be simplified if you have an understanding of the various formats that are used for issuing the plates. The first registration plates were issued over 100 years ago and are also known as dateless number plates.

The current style of number plates was started in 2001. This format displays two letters followed by two numbers and then three letters. The numbers in this format reflect the issuing year of the registration.

To help you purchase the perfect number plate, here are some common ideas to give you inspiration:

1. To make you number plate eye-catching and attract attention, a great idea is to incorporate your name in the registration plate. Some classic examples of such plates are RU55 ELL (Russell), ROB 1N (Robin), RO 55 (Ross) and KAT 13S (Katie’s).

2. Another idea is to use the numbers from your anniversary or birthday. Many people purchase plates which display the day, month or year of a special event.

3. One of the most innovative methods of displaying your affection for a sport or music band is by purchasing a number plate relating to them. Some popular sports related registrations are TEN 15 (Tennis), AR53 NAL (Arsenal), and F4 CUP (FA Cup).

Promoting your profession through your number plate

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

How would you like it if your car said something about you? It would be great to let your vehicle say who you are, or what you are about. The great thing is you can actually achieve this with cherished number plates. This type of car registration is a distinctive way of separating one vehicle from another. It does not only involve an insignificant set of letters and numbers.

Cherished numbers include letters and numbers that make sense to the vehicle owner and can be spotted on a lot of vehicles today. A great example of a cherished number plate is that of British magician Paul Daniels. A number of years ago, the popular magician expressed his desire to own the number plate MAG 1C. However, he soon learned that the number plate belonged to someone else, who refused to sell it.

Fortunately the magician came across the coveted number plate many years later and bought it as quickly as he could. However, he is not the only person that got to sport what he did for a living. Liverpool comedian, Jimmy Tarbuck was also lucky enough to get to drive around with his car saying exactly who he was. The talented comedian’s car has a cherished number plate that says COM 1C.

Of late, more and more people are beginning to snatch up cherished number plates that have a unique meanings.