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Personalised number plates contribute to your individuality

February 28, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Every person has something which makes them different. This uniqueness makes human beings individuals. Every person values his individuality so many people do lots of different things to maintain their individuality.

Some people cut their hair in a specific way, some wear designer clothes and some buy personalised number plates. Sometimes people who have the resources spend huge amounts of money to obtain a specific personalised number plate that has their name or a special number reflected upon it.

Therefore the demand for personalised number plates is on the rise. Even the current global recession has not had a negative effect on the personalised number plate market. People love to buy number plates which portray a name or are rare and they are often sought by many people.

Another important reason to invest in a private number plate is the high return it can yield. Number plates can prove to be very good investments, if bought intelligently. In the present worldwide financial situation, when investing in the stock market can be risky, buying a good number plate can give you an excellent return.

However, when making an investment you must always keep in mind that it is a long term plan and may only return a large sum after a period of time. So if you invest in a rare number plate, you can enjoy the feeling of owning a cherished number plate and then sell it to make a good return in a few years time.

Do you have a legal number plate?

February 27, 2009
Posted in Car news — Written by William

A car registration plate is something that is unique to every vehicle and is also a legal requirement which needs to be present. It became a legal requirement in 1904 when every vehicle had to to be entered on the government’s vehicle register and had to always carry a number plate. The main motive behind this was that in case of any accident the vehicle should be easy to track.

The number plates of vehicles in the UK have an individual character. The registration system in the UK is supervised by the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) while in Northern Ireland it is over seen by the DVA (Driver and Vehicle Agency).

You can have number plates produced in slightly different styles. However, you will have to confirm the font meets legal requirements. Presently the font that is used is known as ‘Charles Wright 2001′. It has also been compacted to allow the voluntary blue ‘GB’ Euro border. The number plate lettering uses a suitable font as there is an obvious difference between letters such as ‘D’ and ‘0′ or ‘8′ and ‘B’.

Why registration plates are needed

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

The Motor Car Act was issued in 1903, which asked all vehicles driving on British roads to be owner registered and have a registration plate attached to the vehicle to enable easy identification. However, the issue only came into full force from 1904 and required everyone in Britain to have their car registered and have a registration plate attached. Since then, many numbering systems have been used to enable easy identification of the cars and their respective owners.

Some of the systems used for the registration plates, over the years have been:

Suffix system – This system used the principle of sequential ID numbers as well as regional identification letters. The system included the addition of a letter code at the end to indicate the year in which the plate was issued to the car.

Prefix system – This system was the reverse of the suffix system, meaning the registration plate was the other way around. It was introduced in 1983, only after the suffix system ran out of combinations.

The system that is used currently uses a two letter regional identifier, a two digit identification number showing the age of the vehicle and a random combination of three letters to allow a separate identity for the vehicle.

What are cherished number plates?

February 26, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

People have long attached special importance to numbers. The dictionary defines cherish as something to treasure or something cared for a lot. This is the same feeling some car owners feel towards their vehicle registration number. Some numbers have stayed within the family for generations, so it is no wonder that people value these cherished numbers so much.

With so many special memories and feelings attached to a number, it is only understandable that someone would try and retain it for as long as possible. This is because people wish to latch on to these special memories and transfer them through the generations. The DVLA decided to make it possible for these registrations to be passed on from one vehicle to another one. This is how the birth of cherished number plates came about.

It is much easier now to retain a special registration number or a number plate due to the introduction of retention and entitlement certificates. These have made it much easier for people to buy registrations for their future needs too. For example, many people have already purchased cherished numbers for their newborn babies, even though they will not be able to use them until they are much older.

With millions of options to choose from and a very low annual fee, this is probably the best time ever to get your own cherished number plate.

The popularity of private number plates is increasing

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

When an individual purchases a car, they often try to make it more unique and attractive than any other car which can be seen on the roads. In an attempt to make the vehicle attractive, many car owners choose to have personalised number plates to stand out from other vehicles. As this kind of number plate has different meanings to different people, a variety of tactics can be used to make it more meaningful and unique.

Personalised number plates offer car owners a position where they can convey an image of themselves and stamp their identity on their cars. A personalised number plate is a fun way to set your car apart from others.

Personalised number plates are also great investments. In earlier days, only the rich and famous used to have personalised number plates on their vehicles. However, today it has become extremely affordable for everyone to have personalised number plates and express themselves. Another important advantage of these personalised number plates is that you can give them to someone as a present for a special occasion.

Retaining the registration plate of your vehicle

February 25, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Most people would like to trade in their old vehicle for a brand new one but may want to keep their old registration plate. Often people purchase a new personalised number plate but also want to keep their old number plate. If you are facing a similar situation and are not sure what to do, then read on.

There is a way through which you can retain your old registration and sell the vehicle too. It is known as ‘retention’ and is a facility that enables the registration number of a vehicle to be taken off the vehicle and kept on a V778 document, popularly known as a retention certificate. It is a certificate issued by the DVLA in the United Kingdom, when the registration number of the vehicle is transferred off. You can hold your registration number on retention for an indefinite period and renew it annually for a fee of lb25.

The process of retaining registration plates is simple and easy. You need form V778/1 that is available from the DVLA or in any post office. It provides the complete information required by you for the retention process. The completed form has to be sent to the local DVLA office with the following:

o If applicable, a MOT test certificate.
o The V5/V5C, also known as the log book, for the vehicle the registration number is presently assigned to.
o The number plate retaining fee, which is currently lb105 that includes a lb25 retention fee and an lb80 assignment fee.

Remember, only the registered owner or keeper of the car can apply for retention of the registration number.

Number plate thefts on the rise

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by William

The global recession has resulted in a greater number of thefts and burglaries across the country. Burglars are targeting anything that is available. The latest trend is to steal number plates and use the number plates for fuelling. Blackburn has been hard hit by such number plate thefts.

This should alert all the people who collect special number plates or possess highly expensive number plates. Number plates which are special and rare are expected to fetch more money for the thieves. Thus naturally they will try to target number plates which are of extra value.

Although in Blackburn police have started special patrols in search of number plate thieves not much can be expected from such endeavours. Number plates are cherished possessions and if you want to keep your number plate safe then start taking extra security measures for the protection of your number plates.

Special care should be taken by people who have invested large amounts of money in buying number plates. Number plates are investments which offer good returns and if you have already made the investment, take care to keep the investment safe from the hands of thieves and burglars.

Number plate auctions remain unaffected by global recession

February 24, 2009
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Shelly

Number plates which are special and expensive due to their rarity have been of great interest for many years now. People want to possess certain number plates as they feel the number plates become a part of their individuality. Often people who have bought a number plate want to buy other number plates just for the sake of their collection.

In the latest DVLA auction the number plate that bagged the highest price of lb210,242 proves that the global recession did not have any adverse effect on buyers. In the same auction, the DVLA sold about 1,600 number plates although at much lower prices.

Although most people buy number plates as cherished possessions, number plates are a good way of investing your money. Especially in the present financial times, investing in a viable number plate is a good option. However, not all people have the experience of choosing those number plates which are expected to fetch better returns.

The best way to select and buy such number plates for inexperienced people is by hiring representatives who help you to select the right number plates and bid for you at the auctions. This way you can save your valuable time and buy your longed for number plate without any hassle.

In case you want to enjoy being in the number plate auction, you can also accompany the representative to the auction too.

Here is a look at some of the most expensive number plates around

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Daniel

Everyone wants to have personalised number plates nowadays. But before they became more affordable, personalised number plates were only within the reach of a very few rich and famous people who could afford such a luxury. Here is a look at some of the most prized number plates.

Let us start with the royal family, which has its own line of exquisite and truly royal number plates. Queen Elizabeth owns registration A7, which is one of the most prestigious registrations ever released in the UK. A1 was the first registration issued in the United Kingdom and was picked up by Earl Russell only after he set up a camp outside the registration office. Besides this, Prince Phillip owns the prestigious OXR 1. The Duke of Kent’s number plate reads YR 11. Princess Anne once owned 1 ANN.

Let us set our eyes now on some other famous figures. The owner of Chelsea Football Club, Mr Roman Abramovich paid about lb285,000 for acquiring the number plate VIP 1. This was at its time the most expensive number plate sold. This number plate was issued especially when Pope John Paul II visited the country. After this, it changed hands a few times before finding a resting ground with the Chelsea Football Club owner.

These registrations always have fantastic stories to go along with them which make them interesting as well as costly.

Tips on buying private number plates

February 23, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

The popularity of private and personalised number plates is rising with every passing month. In the past, this trend was restricted to the wealthy few. These days however, people from all walks of life want to buy private and personalised number plates. Private number plates are available from as little as 100 pounds, while highly exclusive ones retail for several thousand pounds.

The best place to buy your number plate and registration is from a reputable company with years of expertise in this field. A reputable company will offer you more choices in your price options than a small start-up. They will also offer you valuable advice, depending on your needs. At any given time, about 30 million private registrations and number plates are floating around, ready to be bought in the United Kingdom. This offers you a host of choices. A reputable dealer will be able to ensure that you get the best deal. They will also help you look through what might seem a cluttered situation.

The internet too has helped the process of buying private number plates become relatively easy, with number plates being delivered in less than four days. There is a law however, which states that you cannot make your registered vehicle look younger than it is. So you cannot put a new 09 private number plate on your 2003 registered vehicles, as this will make them appear newer and younger.