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Your guide to private number plates

March 31, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Private number plates have become a way of life. Car enthusiasts are increasingly opting for personalised number plates. It is fast becoming a trend. Owning a private number plate is a style statement. It speaks about your personality and individual preferences and distinguishes you from the crowd.

Owning a personalised private number plate is quite something. The question is how do you go about purchasing one?

It is important to decide what your number plate is going to symbolise. That is, it is important to understand what your number plate will represent. So far, initials and names have proven to be very popular. The DVLA has circulated a huge range of number plates containing initials and names. A simple search on a relevant site is bound to throw up combinations of interest to you.

The process can be accelerated using specialised searches. Usually, websites have a segment dedicated to specialised searches. Once you have selected your number plate, everything else will be taken care of. Rest assured your documentation and paper work will be efficiently handled. You will receive your new number plate within a few days.

Private number plates are also called cherished number plates. It is a myth that these plates are always expensive and that only the rich can afford them. Today, people from all backgrounds and walks of life are opting for private number plates. Private number plates render a distinctive mark to your vehicle and say something about its owner.

Personalised vehicle registration plates

March 30, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Sue C

Cherished number plates or private number plates are exclusive vehicle registration plates. It is a unique kind of a vehicle registration plate that gives a personal touch to your car. Since these are personalised number plates, you will obviously have to shell out a little extra money to customise it as you please.

You can have your own choice of letters, words or initials. You can even have your date of birth, your pet’s name, a slogan or a recognisable phrase. However, it is wise to home in on something that best represents you. It has to be something that you like or something reflecting your personality; something that speaks about you; your tastes and preferences.

It is important to thoroughly assess your budget. Make sure you do not go overboard in pursuit of your cherished number plate. Be sure of the amount you are willing to spend on your number plate to avoid overspending.

Personalised plates are a huge hit with number plate enthusiasts and make a great investment if you decide to sell it in future.

Thanks to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency; the DVLA personalised registrations is a magical search system that makes the entire process much easier. Its vehicle register is used in many ways and even produces personalised plates. So, why not let your creative skills come to the fore as you play around with words and numbers to create the ideal number plate for you?

Invest in a personalised number plate

March 29, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Investors are always looking for new ways to make money. With the recession looming large and stock markets all over the world not giving returns on the investments, the need to look for alternative methods to successfully invest are growing by the day. Number plates are one such option for people looking to invest. Personalised number plates are gaining in popularity with every passing year and can make a great investment plan.

The main selling point of any number plate is the fact that they are unique. There is only one number plate of any one kind in the UK. Number plate investors are constantly looking out for number plates with very few numbers or dateless registrations. If you manage to get hold of any of these at a good price, you are bound to get very good returns.

When buying a number plate for the sole purpose of investment, it is necessary to look for a registration which will be easy to sell again. Common alphabet letters like A or S will surely get much better returns compared to an X or a Q.

A great place to get investor friendly number plate, is at a DVLA auction. Internet portals dealing in number plates also offer a wide range of number plates. Carefully picking the number plate will make sure you get a good price when you eventually want to sell it.

Create your very own unique personalised number plate

March 28, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Not many people bother to know what number plate they are driving around in their vehicle with. The only reason they would want to remember it is so that they can find it if it is parked in a place where there are several other similar vehicles. Other than this reason, people would not really remember their number plates. However, if number plates had a specific meaning to them, then vehicle owners would certainly remember what they were.

Lucky for us all, we now have the opportunity to choose what we want our vehicle number plate to say. This has provided people with the chance to make their vehicle stand apart from other vehicles. This kind of a number plate is better known as a personalised number plate. Many people are opting for personalised number plates on their vehicles as it allows them to display something meaningful to them.

Personalised number plates are capable of representing anything that could be associated with the passions and emotions of the vehicles’ owner; they could be names, nicknames, initials, hobbies, birthdays or other important dates. Another very common description personalised number plates can have is certain short words best describing its owner.

Getting a personalised number plate is not difficult as there are online registration companies that provide searches with numerous number plate options. Vehicle owners wanting a meaningful number plate can choose from options at various rates. Different designs can also be used on personalised number plates making them more special.

An insight into personalised car registration plates

March 27, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

There are many aspects of our lives that represent our personal tastes and styles. It can be seen in the way we wear clothes down to the type of music we hear. There are many things that reflect our personalities. There are many people who don’t just limit themselves; their personality is also reflected by their vehicle. Many motorists are now purchasing personalised registration plates for their cars.

Vehicle owners find it very easy to search personal car registration plates on the internet. On an average there are thirty million car registrations available at any one time. You can easily navigate websites which will help you search as quickly as possible. There are many formats available such as dateless number plates, suffix and prefix car registrations and new styles issued by the DVLA.

You can search from millions of ideas when finding car registration plates. Today, we can see people’s names or initials on the personal car registration numbers. In fact, some of the most expensive number plates in the market are name plates. There are thousands of car registration numbers available for a nominal fee.

You can keep the certificate for new car registrations for up to 12 months. They can be renewed annually for lb25 payable to the DVLA. With this feature, people are permitted to buy the personal car registration plates even though they cannot assign the new car registration to a vehicle.

Buying personalised number plates is never a bad idea

March 26, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Number plates are cherished possessions that enable you to fulfil your wishes as well as ensuring a good investment. Personalised number plates have a wide following that is quite surprising. When number plates are sold for thousands, you can well see that if you invest in a number plate today, who knows, a few years after, you might sell it for a large sum.

Although investing in number plates might resemble gambling, it is not so in reality. When you buy a number plate you are sure that the number plate will never be sold for less. Even if the number plate is not as immediately special as something lik 1 O it will fetch you a decent sum of money if you wait for a few years.

Often people think they will buy a number plate once they buy a new car. Since the value of number plates rarely drop, even in the present time of global recession, it is better to buy a number plate if you have the money for it. So give in to temptation and enjoy owning a cherished number plate. The car can wait a few more months.

A few things you need to know about private number plates

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Private number plates have a long history in the United Kingdom. Traditionally associated with the rich and the famous, these plates can be used by anyone today. Number plates give your vehicle an identity. Therefore it is important to be careful when purchasing private number plates.

Private number plates stand apart from regular number plates, mainly due to their character combinations. If coordinated smartly, private number plates can spell out your name or any other word that would describe you or your personality. Private number plates have to be registered at the DVLA and hence follow a specified format of character combinations.

Private number plates are also a good form of investment. Number plates that were created years ago have now risen in price. The DVLA holds auctions for some of the oldest private number plates every year and these bring in large amounts of cash.

Today, private number plates are also being used as a form of advertising, where the characters on the plate either read out the name of your business or anything that is associated with it. The DVLA issues a certain list of rules that have to be followed while purchasing your private number plates. These rules need to be followed so that you do not miss out on any necessary procedure.

Private number plates for your car

March 25, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

From being an affectation of the rich and famous, private number plates have now grown to become a must-have accessory for any new car buyer. People of all ages and backgrounds are discovering the joys of owning a private number plate.

A number of reasons prompt people to get a private registration for their car. For some people, it is the ultimate way to personalise their vehicle, for others it makes the best gift option for a loved one. Many companies utilise personalised number plates to act as a unique way of advertising their company. A lot of people collect number plates as a hobby.

There is also an increasing trend to collect private number plates among people for the sole reason of their being a great investment. A lot of these people have seen outstanding returns from reselling private number plates. Number plate investors attend the DVLA auctions in order to procure number plates which they think will get them the best returns. These auctions feature a host of unreleased private registrations. Dateless registrations, name plates and humorous number plates are all a part of this catalogue.

The best thing about number plates is that they are unique. Only one car in the UK can have that particular set of letters and numbers. Even though every individual has their own set of reasons to get one, private number plates are an excellent way of giving your car an identity which will last a lifetime.

Personalised number plate ideas for you and your loved ones

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Being unique and standing out in a crowd is something that we all desire. Fulfilling this desire and still staying in the good books of people is not an easy job. Number plates are one way in which people can now stand out in a crowd, mainly because they are personalised according to your tastes and personality and can attract a lot of good attention.

Personalised number plates have been increasing in demand over the years. People from all walks of life now sport personalised number plates as part of their vehicles. Being cheaply available, personalised number plates are now becoming a fashion more than a necessity and hence choosing these plates has become more fun that it was before.

The biggest advantage of personalised number plates is that you can use a variety of ideas to personalise these plates, as long as they stand up to the rules set down by the DVLA. Personalised number plates can also be used as a gift item for loved ones.

Personalised number plates today are also collected by many people as a hobby. These collections eventually turn out to be great treasures as these number plates are a good form of investment and fetch high prices when auctioned.

Personalised number plates are easy to acquire. In case you are unfamiliar with the process of acquiring these plates, you can always approach companies that make acquiring these plates easier.

Malta reveals staggering number of personalised number plates

March 24, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

The local transport minister, Austin Gatt revealed that about one quarter of Maltese vehicles have personalised number plates. During a parliamentary session the minister revealed that since 2004, auctions of personalised number plates have generated revenues which amount to a surprising EUR601,104.

These personalised number plates have a nine digit alphanumerical order which has attracted many number plate fans. The high number of personalised number plates has also been possible since the government allows citizens to buy the personalised number plates online.

Although the UK has not reached such staggering numbers of personalised number plates the DVLA auctions have proved that it is not far behind. The DVLA has made good money from its January auctions and is anticipating a repeat of the previous auction in terms of return.

The large amounts paid for personalised number plates are a good pointer of the mass popularity of personalised number plates in UK. Number plates have always been cherished possessions, but the craze was expected to wane due to the global financial crisis.

However, records are showing that number plate fans cannot be held back by anything, so give in to the temptation and show the Maltese that the Britons are no less crazy for number plates.