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The letter/number combination and age of a number plate can decide its price

April 30, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Number plates have become one of the most popular car accessories these days. With a growing number of people opting for personalised number plates for various reasons, these number plates are on the top of the list for people wanting to personalise their car. Number plates are available from as little as a few hundred pounds. So how are the number plates priced?

A number plate dealer will always look at the age and rarity of the number plate before putting a price tag on it. Older number plates are generally priced higher. Moreover, the number of registrations released in a particular series directly affects the value of each of the number plates in that series. An example of this would be that if prefix A had 20 registrations under it, while prefix M had about a thousand, any number plate with prefix A will generally be a lot more expensive than that from prefix M.

The most valuable registrations however are the ones that do not feature a date and have a single digit and a letter. Dateless registrations with letters followed by numbers are also more expensive than the registrations where the letter follows the number.

Thus time and age play a very important part in deciding the price of a number plate.

Personalised number plates – reflect who you are

April 29, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Purchasing personalised number plates is an individual decision for reflecting your unique style and personality. These personalised number plates can have 3D numbering, letters, 3D borders and flags. Private number plates are unique ways of displaying your imagination, creativeness and self-expression that can make your vehicle stand out from the rest.

Personalised number plates are a fashionable means to define your individual personality. As they have become extremely affordable over the period of time, their popularity is increasing day by day. To get the personalised number plates for your vehicle, you will be required to pay little extra.

The DVLA or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency issues number plates in the United Kingdom. The personalised number plates in the UK need to match certain number/letter combinations.

Barring some restrictions, the registrations can be transferred or sold from one vehicle to another. Some additional flexibility is also provided at the time when you purchase personalised number plates. Personalised number plates make a good investment. There are many people who have earned a lot of money by selling their unique combination of numbers at DVLA auctions.

Buy a cherished number plate even if you do not own a car

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Sue C

Just like people want to wear designer clothes when they go out so that they get noticed, car lovers want personalised number plates so that their cars get noticed. Personalised number plates give individuality to a car and make it different from the rest.

If you own an expensive car, you can to add to its beauty by adorning it with a number plate that is eye catching and means something to you. However, it is not absolutely necessary to have a car to own a number plate. People can buy number plates even if they do not have a car of their own.

This is a major reason behind the rising popularity of the number plates. Specific number plates are not always available and especially at an affordable price. It is therefore, considered a wise decision to buy a number plate whenever you find it and can afford it so that you can put it on a car in the future or keep it as an investment.

Number plates are great investments as the price of number plates seldom depreciates and if bought wisely, the value of the number plate increases over a period of time.

If you are thinking of buying a cherished plate you should gather some knowledge about the number plate market. This will help you to buy a commercially viable number plate that could even make you some money.

Grab a single digit, three letter number plate

April 28, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

People who love cars have always had a liking for personalised number plates. As the number plates have become a good way of investing money, the popularity of personalised number plates is on the rise.

The number plate industry has fared really well irrespective of the global economic crisis and DVLA number plates have offered good returns. While the higher priced number plates are being sold for record breaking prices, number plates are also being put up for auction at a price as low as lb600.

As the DVLA is aware that there are very few people who will spend a large amount of money on acquiring a desired number plate, it has kept a reserve price of just lb600 for the three letter, single digit number plates that they will be put up on DVLA’s forth coming auction on 4th June.

So if you want to buy a personalised number plate this is the right chance for you, as experts say that you may be able to acquire a single digit, three letter number plate for a bargain price.

Private number plates – get the right one for your vehicle

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

When an individual purchases a vehicle, they try everything to make it look attractive and unique compared to others that can be seen on the roads. In an attempt to give it a distinguished look and make it stand out from the crowd, most vehicle owners opt for personalised number plates. A variety of tactics can be used to make the number plates more unique and meaningful.

Personalised number plates let the owners have their own identity on their vehicles. These personalised number plates make your vehicle set itself apart from the rest. Personalised number plates are also a good investment. In the past, only the rich and the famous used to have personalised number plates. However, at present, it has become extremely affordable for everyone to have one.

Everybody has some qualities that make them different from others. Even the present global recession did not have any effect on the personalised number plate market.

If personalised number plates are bought intelligently, they can prove to be good investments. With the ongoing recession, investing in the stock market can be risky but personalised number plates can give excellent returns.

Buying and selling private number plates

April 27, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

People from all walks of life are opting for private number plates. You can buy private number plates from reputable number plate dealers. They offer an eclectic choice of private registration plates. They offer about 30 million plates for sale. You can consult dealers to get advice on buying and selling private number plates. They will be more than happy to source private registrations to suit your budget and other requirements.

Thanks to the internet, buying and searching for private number plates has become incredibly easy. You can make use of the comprehensive database search online. If you are planning to purchase private number plates from a DVLA supplier, keep in mind that a car cannot be made to seem younger than it is via the number plate.

Private number plates are a great investment, too. They are perhaps the only aspect of motoring where the item in question increases in value. There are many ways to sell private number plates. You can settle for online auctions or advertisements in the newspaper. But the best option is a personalised number plate dealer.

Private number plates – their growing popularity

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Private number plates have been around for a long time. They provide vehicle owners with an opportunity to reflect their style and personality in a unique way. In the past few years, private number plates have undergone a number of changes. Presently, the trend for private number plates is quite popular among vehicle owners. Number plates are essential requirements of every vehicle as they provide identity to the vehicles and also help people to know who it belongs to.

Initially, private number plates were purchased by people to make a statement. However, today these private number plates have become an effective advertising tool and they are also a good investment. The number plates that have easily identifiable combinations have a very high value.

Number plates were initially introduced in 1903 and the first ever number plate combination was ‘A1’. The number is unique and there cannot be any other number plate containing the same combination, so the numbers and characters have increased considerably over a period of time.

Private number plates are certainly not re-issued and every single person needs to have a unique number plate. The DVLA officially registers all the number plates in the UK. The DVLA is also responsible for auctioning the existing private number plates that have to be sold.

Buy a number plate that pays back well

April 26, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

When you own a vehicle, it is compulsory to have a number plate. Everybody wants to put up a number plate that is noticeable and distinguishes their vehicle from others. Thus when people long for a vehicle, they also want to own a personalised number plate according to their preferences.

The value of a car is increased if it is adorned by a special number plate. Many people have the hobby of collecting number plates and buy them even though they do not have a vehicle. A major reason behind the growing popularity of number plates is that number plates are good investments.

The value of a number plate rarely depreciates and they can often offer great returns. It is therefore advised that when you buy a number plate you seek expert advice from the people in the number plate business.

There are many companies that deal in number plates. You can buy number plates directly from a dealer or directly from DVLA auctions that are held four times every year.

While buying a number plate, you must find out the trend of the number plate market so that you do not end up buying a number plate that cannot fetch you a good amount of money later on. Invest wisely in a number plate if you want to enjoy returns in the future.

Personalised number plates are very easy to purchase

April 25, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Number plates are a legal necessity as a marker of identification for every vehicle. Number plates can also be personalised to suit your needs. Personalised number plates were a status symbol for the rich. Today, it is not only the rich that own these plates as cheap personalised number plates have become more accessible.

Personalised number plates attract a lot of attention, especially if they sport a combination that is unique. Being personalised, these number plates can also reflect your personality with their character combination. You can be very creative when purchasing personalised number plates and hence make them look very attractive.

Personalised number plates are assigned by the DVLA depending on the availability of the character combination of your choice. Personalised number plates need to be registered to your vehicle. Once purchased, these number plates cannot be sold without their registration papers as the owner of the plate will be recognised as the one in whose name the plate was purchased.

Personalised number plates are easy to purchase, though it may take time to acquire a character combination of your choice. Therefore, approaching online companies to help you get a personalised number plate of your choice is a good option.

Personalised number plates also prove to be a good gift option for loved ones. Creating personalised number plates with the initials of your loved one or forming any word that may describe their personality adds a very personal and loving touch to your gift item. Besides this, personalised number plates are also a very good form of investment.

Personalised number plates are smart investments

April 24, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Personalised number plates are quite popular in the UK. In the past these plates were used as a status symbol for the rich and the famous. Today though, acquiring personalised number plates has become very easy. Personalised number plates have changed from just being used as an identification of your vehicle. Personalised number plates have now been gaining importance as a form of investment, hence adding to your advantages.

The financial market has been very unstable in recent times, forcing people to look for secure forms of investment. You can use personalised number plates as a good form of investment, mainly because the financial scenario does not have too much of an effect on their value.

Personalised number plates have always been in demand, especially if they have a very rare character combination. Personalised number plates allow you to use numbers and letters in a very creative manner that increases their popularity. These creative personalised number plates hold a high value and hence are a good investment.

There are many people who are ready to spend huge sums of money on a personalised number plate, especially if these plates are rare. Personalised number plate collectors also love collecting number plates that are in series. All these characteristics of your personalised number plate play a big role in determining its value.

Personalised number plates have a very long way to go. The value and popularity of these plates will keep increasing as years pass by.