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DVLA number plates and the formats that need to be followed

May 31, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Driving around today, there is one thing that you will simply not fail to notice and that is the increasing number of vehicles that are sporting personalised number plates. As these are no more a luxury only for the elite, many people are opting to have personalised number plates on their vehicles. The DVLA has made it possible for vehicle owners to create their number plates with a combination of letters and numbers that they prefer.

However, personalised number plates cannot be created by using any numbers or letters in any way that individuals want. The DVLA has set a particular format that has to be followed while creating a personalised number plate. There are two varieties that personalised number plates are available in.

o Number followed by letters
o Letters followed by numbers

The combination in which these letters and numbers are used is what makes personalised number plates stand out when compared to ordinary number plates. The DVLA introduced another format for personalised number plates in 2001 which include 2 letters which are followed by 2 numbers and again by 3 letters. The new format was expected not to yield good results but it seems that people have managed to come up with good personalised number plates with this format as well.

As personalised number plates are not too expensive anymore, a large number of vehicle owners are starting to create number plates that are in some way linked to themselves. This has also resulted in many different uses of number plate combinations today.

Tips to help you purchase the right type of number plate

Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

The craze to own a personalised number plate is never ending. Many people are constantly looking to purchase the right kind of number plate for their vehicle. However, to purchase to the right type of number plate, there are various aspects to be considered.

First and foremost, you need to consider the reason why you are purchasing a personalised number plate. People usually purchase a personalised number plate either as an investment, a gift, accessory for their vehicle, or just to show off.

Private number plates are the perfect way to give a personalised touch to the vehicle. However, one of the most crucial aspects to be considered before purchasing any kind of number plate is your budget. You also need to consider what you want your personalised plate to indicate.

Name – Private number plates that represent your name are a little hard to find. These number plates can also be a little expensive, but are the most popular type of number plate.

Surname – Number plates that represent a surname are normally much easier to find. These plates make an ideal second choice.

– Such number plates are a lot easier to find compared to any other kind of number plate. These number plates are also comparatively cheaper and make an ideal selection if you have a tight budget.

Vehicle related – Such number plates can be considered as the perfect type of number plates and help to give a finishing touch to the vehicle. These number plates are hard to find and are quite expensive.

DVLA number plates are always in demand

May 30, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

DVLA number plates are a legal requirement for any type of vehicle. They are a must according to the law as they help to identify the proprietor of the vehicle. Every vehicle owner has to display their assigned number plate at the front as well as the rear of the vehicle.

One of the latest trends amongst various motorists today is to own a private number plate. DVLA number plates have gained a lot of popularity and are available in various types.

A DVLA number plate can either represent a person’s name, initials or even act as an advertisement for a company. When it comes to DVLA number plates, prefix number plates can be considered as the commonly purchased type of number plate. One of the key factors to be considered before purchasing any kind of private number plate is to consider your budget. It is also equally important to spend the right amount of time to search for the right type of number plate.

Every DVLA registration plate is completely unique. Once a specific kind of number plate is sold to someone, it can be really difficult to obtain that plate again because the owner may keep it for years. The best part of purchasing a DVLA plate from a supplier on certificate is that your number plate can be left unassigned to the vehicle for one year. These number plates can also be renewed once your certificate expires by paying a small fee.

Number plates are not only used for identifying vehicles anymore

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Most people look at number plates as merely a way of identifying vehicles and setting them aside from one and other. Well, it is true that this is the main reason for mounting number plates on vehicles. However, people all over the world are beginning to look at these number plates in different ways. This is because today, you can choose the kind of number plate you want.

The introduction of so many online car registration companies has made it possible for people to select what letters and numbers they want their number plates to sport. This has made people look at number plates in a whole new light and use them in a number of different ways.

Number plates as gifts

Personalised number plates make excellent gifts for someone who is going to buy or has already bought a new car. Personalised number plate can sport all sorts of things like names, words, nicknames and certain special dates that have some connection to the car owner.

Number plates as investments
Private and cherished number plates are also great investments. There are a number of auctions held especially for number plates. Many people buy number plates, regardless of their costs as investments. The price of a number plate will never diminish and this is why they make excellent investments.

You can even make personalised number plates more special by adding other elements to the plate like a border. This can give the number plate a more pleasing appearance and car owners can be sure of driving around in a completely unique car.

Guidelines that will help you search for cheap number plates

May 29, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

There are a number of dealers in the United Kingdom that specialise in number plates and there are thousands of number plates to choose from if you want to add a personal touch to your car. The number plate dealers help you in purchasing these plates.

If you want to know how to get a cheap number plate then you need to follow the guidelines below:
Many cheap number plates are prefix car registration plates. These plates usually have a letter followed by three numbers then three letters again. A good idea is to search for number plates which have your initials.
Buying Irish number plates is also a smart option. Irish number plates are quite popular because they are effectively dateless registrations (meaning no one will know how old your car is).

Cheap suffix number plates can also used to hide the age of the vehicle. You can also search for registrations that have unusual letters such as X, Y and Z in addition to high irregular numbers.
Number plates are a luxury item. But you too can have one without spending too much money.

Personalised number plates – The latest car accessories

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

You often hear of people giving their cars a makeover to make them look trendier and different from the rest of the cars on the roads. This could include painting them a completely outrageous colour, changing the interiors, adding spinners to the wheels and a lot more. Things like leather interiors, spinners and neon lights are just some of the different car accessories used to make the vehicle stand out.

But have you ever heard of number plates as car accessories? Well that is exactly what they have become today, thanks to the availability of personalised number plates. The reason personalised number plates are now being looked at as car accessories is because they can display anything the car owner wants. From the name of your favourite football team to the name of your company, personalised number plates allows it all.

Getting a personalised number plate is not that difficult as there are a number of online car registration companies that provide people with various options. People looking for the ideal personalised number plate can either create their own plate and check to see if it is available or can look up the available number plates that the car registration company is offering.

Personalised number plates are not even expensive anymore. They are available at reasonable prices so that everyone can have the opportunity of giving their car a touch of individuality.

A brief history of the DVLA

May 28, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

The number plates of a car act as a unique vehicle identifier. Like DNA, there are no two registration plates that are the same and only one registration number can be used on a particular vehicle.

All the details and information about number plates is kept in a central database that is administered by the DVLA or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Various formats have been used and followed for registration plates over the years with the purpose of meeting the increasing number of vehicles on the road.

In 1903, with the introduction of the Motor Car Act, registrations were first made mandatory. The DVLA did not exist back then and it was the responsibility of the local council to oversee the administration of car registration numbers. However, problems occurred when the vehicle owner moved to a different place or sold the vehicle, as it was mandatory to transfer the registration details to the other council. It was realised that the council system would not be able to cope with the massive rise in car registrations and the DVLA was established in 1965.

After its inception, the DVLA was the sole government authority responsible for the administration of number plates across the UK. Since its introduction, the DVLA has used three different formats for registration plates – suffix registrations, prefix registrations and the present style of registrations.

There are literally millions of number plate combinations available, so the chances of finding a personalised number plate you like for your vehicle are very high. Nowadays, number plates are much more than an identifier for your vehicle, they have become a collector’s items and are the ultimate in car accessories.

Personalised number plate for Sensational Sam

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Shelly

Sam Hynd, Olympic swimming champion is not only the proud owner of an Olympic gold medal but also a personalised number plate that was given to him by his grandfather.

Sam’s own private plate, S400 GBR was a gift from his grandfather to celebrate his monumental achievement at last year’s Olympics in Beijing. After returning to a hero’s welcome in his Kirkby-in-Ashfield home, he was happy to receive his own personalised number plate.

Sam, who is a 17- year old media and PE student, says that he always wanted to possess his own private registration plate when he passed his driving test and was completely thrilled when he was given the private number plate by his grandfather. He added that he liked the number plate and is proud to put it on his car.

This unique gift to Sam by his grandfather follows the gift of a personalised number plate, R800 GBR to double gold medalist Rebecca Adlington by her parents. Rebecca’s parents had given the number plate in recognition of her winning the World Short Course swimming championships in March last year that earned her a berth in the Olympic team.

The personalised number plates of both swimmers represent their Christian name, their primary swimming distances and GBR to reflect their presence in the Great Britain swimming team.

Reasons behind the rise in popularity of Irish number plates

May 27, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Private number plates are very popular and the sales of these number plates are at an all time high. Today, many people have turned towards Irish number plates while purchasing a new registration, mainly because most popular initial combinations and names have become increasingly scarce in UK. An Irish number plate is a car registration, which originates in Northern Ireland. They usually follow a format that displays 3 letters and is also followed by a maximum of 4 numbers. The registration of ALZ 3214 can be considered as an example of Irish number plate.

Irish number plates usually differ from DVLA counterparts and generally display letters like I or Z in their registration. The addition of such letters can create much more popular combinations compared to DVLA number plates that cannot offer combinations like GIL, BIL, WIL and CAZ registration plates. Nevertheless, a few other combinations like DIG and BIG are easily accessible and are incredibly popular among landscape gardeners and plant companies. The best advantage of purchasing Irish number plate is that the prices of these number plates are quite a lot lower compared to DVLA car registrations.

An individual can purchase an Irish number plate for less than lb100. Moreover, number plates like CAZ usually start at an amount of lb400. The cost of an Irish number plate increases with neater or lower numbers. The number 1 plates usually command the highest prices. Irish number plates are the most cost effective way to add a personalised touch to your vehicles.

Private number plates can help you earn high returns

May 26, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Purchasing private number plates is the current craze amongst many motorists. Investing in personalised number plates makes a wise decision as it helps you earn high returns in the future. There are different types of private number plates available and the demand for such plates is always high. Every personalised number plate is unique and helps to add a distinctive look to the owner’s vehicle.

Today, many people are constantly on the lookout for dateless number plates and other number plates that are significant to them. Private number plates can include either the name of a person, initials, a word and various other combinations. If you purchase a number plate for the right price i.e. below the market value, you can always sell these plates at a future date for a much higher price. Hence, purchasing a private number plate always makes a profitable decision.

Always purchase number plates that can easily be sold again. Popular or common initials are always profitable, as are those that spell out a word or name.

Private number plates help to give a personalised touch to your vehicle and also make a great gift for any occasion.