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Why do people collect private number plates?

June 27, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

People purchase private number plates for a number of reasons. The first and the foremost of this would be the fact that it is an excellent way to personalise an otherwise normal production vehicle. Some people like their name or one of their interests to be reflected on the vehicle they drive. Private number plates were an accessory of the rich and famous just a few years ago. The history attached to such number plates also makes them a hit with collectors.

Nowadays, it is relatively easy for anyone to get a private number plate that works for them. Collecting private number plates is a hobby which is quite popular among many people. Private number plates are unique and can also have a history attached to them. Moreover, these number plates make an excellent investment option as well. A number plate thoughtfully bought is bound to yield good returns in the future.

There are a lot of reasons for people to buy and collect private number plates. Private number plates are adored by the masses for their unique identity and their ability to say something about the owner of the vehicle. This ability draws more and more people towards them.

How to choose an investment friendly number plate

June 26, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

The recession has made quite a few investors a lot more creative. As the stock markets the world over show little or no progress, investors are now looking towards various other avenues to make successful investments. Private plates are one such alternative option for investment. Private plates have been growing in popularity for a long time and every year there are private number plates that are auctioned for lots of money. This has made an increasing number of investors stand up and take notice.

Private plates are unique and this is the major factor contributing to their importance as an investment option. Some private plates retail for as much as a lb100,000 pounds. However, there are several factors that decide the price of a private plate. These important factors include the rarity and the uniqueness of the private number plate.

When you are planning to buy a private plate for investment purposes, make sure that you pick a combination of numbers and letters that make up a name or have some common meaning which will appeal to people in one way or another. Dateless car registrations also make up for an excellent purchase because they do not reflect the age of the vehicle.

The internet is an excellent place to pick up private number plates. Carefully choosing a private number plate will ensure that you get the best return when you plan to put it up for sale.

Private number plates are growing in popularity with every passing year

June 25, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Private number plates are growing in popularity. Almost everyone now wants to personalise their vehicle by getting a private number plate. For quite a long while, private number plates were an accessory of the rich and famous. However, in recent times, private number plates have become quite affordable. It is now possible for almost anyone to buy a car registration that can speak about them and helps to give their vehicle a unique personality.

There are a number of reasons why people are increasingly getting attracted towards private number plates. Some people really like the way a private number plate can speak about them. Some motoring enthusiasts find this a rather easy and affordable way to add another embellishment to their cherished car.

Private number plates also make for an excellent gift for someone you love and care about. A carefully bought private number plate can go a long way in saying that you care. A private number plate in this sense could be compared to getting a tattoo of the initials of your loved one.

Private number plates also make for an excellent investment option. With their growing popularity, you are sure to get a good price on your private number plate if you ever put it up for sale. With so many advantages, it is not a wonder that private number plates are the best way to personalise your vehicle.

How to choose the right number plate for your vehicle

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Everyone would like to have a number plate that gives their vehicle a unique identity. With many private car registrations going around on the market, the process of choosing one could be a little more difficult than what you first thought. However, a few guidelines mentioned below would certainly help you go about your search in a lot more organised manner and thus, allow you to buy the number plate of your choice with the minimum amount of fuss.

o You could start your search by looking out for registrations that feature your initials. This remains the most preferred way of buying a personalised number plate. As number plates are made up of both letters and numbers, you will have a good chance of finding one that contains your initials.

o Your interests and hobbies could also be a nice theme for your number plate. If you are a fan of a particular sport, incorporating the name of the sport, or the team you favour, can also be a good option for your number plate.

o Dateless registrations are also an excellent way of personalising your vehicle. These number plates do not show the age of the vehicle and are considered to be a valuable possession. Dateless registrations also make an excellent buy from an investment point of view.

Bearing the budget in mind along with the above mentioned factors will enable you to pick a personalised number that makes your vehicle truly unique.

How to get a personalised number plate within your budget

June 24, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Personalised number plates are all the rage across the UK. A personalised number plate is the best way to give your vehicle a unique stamp of individuality. Personalised number plates also vary in price. While some number plates can be as cheap as a few hundred pounds, some others can easily cost thousands of pounds.

One of the most important aspects determining the price of a personalised number plate is its rarity and age. Old number plates which are part of an exquisite series cost a lot more than the newer ones. There is a whole process when it comes to personalised number plate and how much they are worth. It takes into account a number of details about the nature of the particular number plate.

As personalised number plates have also become a good choice of investment for a lot of people, their valuation process has also become significantly complex. Usually, personalised number plates which feature common alphabets are priced higher than their counterparts in the same series. Dateless registrations too, are quite expensive.

The best part about buying a personalised number plate these days is the fact they are available for even the smallest budget. Once you have decided your budget, you can easily browse through thousands of number plate registrations to choose the one that you want. This will ensure that you get a personalised plate you like within your budget.

A carefully chosen personalised number plate can get you a good return in the future

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Investors are constantly on the lookout for a worthwhile company or product to invest in. With the growing popularity of personalised number plates, they are becoming an excellent form of investment. They are also being purchased by people who see the potential in personalised number plates as an investment option. Personalised number plates are growing in terms of numbers and their uniqueness. More and more people these days like to have a number plate which says something about them or is simply unique.

The main feature that determines the price of any number plate in the UK is its age and rarity. Dateless registrations and number plates from a series which is discontinued make up for an excellent investment option. More often than not, these number plates when procured will produce excellent returns in the future.

When you are planning to buy a number plate for investment purposes, it is important to look at the options which feature common letters from the alphabet. These number plates are usually a lot more in demand than the others. One of the best places to look for personalised number plates with a good investment potential are the DVLA auctions as well as on the internet.

Transferring a personalised number plate from one vehicle to another

June 23, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Due to the increasing popularity of private number plates, many motorists are looking to change their standard DVLA car registration numbers and replacing them with their very own personalised number plate. Obviously, once people have personalised number plates, they would want to sport it on their vehicle, even if they changed the vehicle. For this reason, the DVLA has provided a cherished transfer scheme which allows vehicle owners to transfer personalised number plates from one vehicle to another.

Going about the transfer scheme process

When transferring a personalised number plate from an old car to a new one, you will first need to fill in a transfer application and submit it to the local DVLA office. This can be done either in person, or by post. DVLA offices provide a V317 form that is required to be completed for the transfer process. Vehicle owners also need to prove that both cars are registered with the DVLA in order to proceed with the transfer.

There are a number of other documents that vehicles involved in the transfer need to have. In addition to this, an inspection of the vehicles is also a requirement. So, whenever the DVLA asks to see the vehicles, they should be made available and the necessary criteria should also be met. During the transfer of a personalised number plate, the owner of the donor vehicle (the one giving up the number plate) holds all the rights to the car registration until completion of the transfer.

Once the transfer is complete, both vehicles are given an updated tax display which displays the new car registration and if applicable, an updated MOT.

Personalised number plates and why they are so popular

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Vehicle owners take pride in their vehicles when they are unique; after all, why shouldn’t they if they have spent a lot of money on buying the vehicle. However, just buying an expensive vehicle is not the only way to make a vehicle unique. One way that many people are using to make their vehicles one-of-a-kind is by having personalised number plates.

A matching and wonderfully chosen number plate can be one of the treasured assets of a vehicle and can say a lot about the owner of the vehicle and their personality. This has made personalised number plates one of the most popular car accessories in the world today. And the good news is they are not all that expensive either. Vehicle owners can now customise their car number plates to have them display a combination of letters and numbers they prefer, instead of sporting a regular number plate.

There are a number of licensed car registration companies that offer a variety of number plates to choose from. Vehicle owners can also have more than one number plate for a single vehicle even if they are not mounting it onto the vehicle. This car registration, however, has to be kept on a retention certificate which would have to be renewed every year.

Apart from being excellent car accessories for vehicles, personalised number plates are also great investments. Number plate owners can retain the plates for as long as they want, until the owner wants to sell the plate. There are many people who would pay very high prices for a particular number plate if they like it, which is why personalised number plates make excellent gifts as well.

Personalised number plates give you exclusivity

June 22, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

If you want to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, a personalised number plate is the ideal option for you. A personalised number plate not only makes the vehicle owner feel exclusive but at the same time also provides an attractive look to the vehicle.

Owning personalised number plates can make the vehicle owners feel special and privileged. By owning private number plates, vehicle owners can make their vehicle appear unique. Moreover, vehicle owners can even express a sense of who they7 are depicted by the combination of letters and numbers they choose. If the vehicle owner wants to customise the personalised number plate further it can be done easily with the help of 3D bordering, 3D lettering or by adding flags.

By incorporating these customisation ideas, the look of private number plates can be easily enhanced. In the past, only the rich and famous used to customise their vehicles using private number plates, but today personalised number plates can be owned by everyone.

There are several online resellers that sell personalised number plates and allow you to check the types of combinations that are available. So, if you are looking forward to personalising your vehicle go ahead and select the best available combination.

Cherished number plates are a great addition to your vehicle

Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Number plates are something that must be displayed on every vehicle. While the brand, model and type of engine help to describe a vehicle, number plates are the one thing that makes them uniquely identifiable. Personalised number plates help to make the vehicles stand out from the crowd and hence there are many people who purchase private number plates. While some people buy personalised number plates to enhance the character of their vehicle and to express themselves, others purchase them as an investment.

With the help of the DVLA, it has now become possible for people to purchase private and personalised number plates for their vehicles. Initially, the personalised number plates were priced too high, but today they have become very affordable. Private number plates are always considered to be exclusive compared to randomly chosen ones.

If you are looking to purchase a private number plate for your vehicle, you need to make sure that you go through the right process. Searching an authorised dealer, selecting the plate and registering it needs to be planned and executed carefully.

Depending on availability, vehicle owners can choose to have 3D text, 3D bordering and flags for their personalised number plates.