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Cherished number plates are one of the most popular car accessories in the UK

July 31, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Cherished number plates are extremely popular and a matter of pride in the United Kingdom. Although cherished number plates traditionally refer to old and dateless number plates, the term has evolved and now encompasses more.

The modern vehicle owner views a cherished number plate as the greatest car accessory. Creative and humorous uses of cherished number plates are extremely common. Cherished number plates enable you to share a slice of your personality or views with other people.

Cherished number plates are becoming extremely popular with businesses and companies too. Businesses and companies alike buy a whole bunch of similar looking cherished number plates for use on their cars and vehicles. Pimlico, a well known plumbing company from London, has used cherished number plates to increase business profits and productivity. By employing number plates such as DRA1N, W4TER and others, they have seen a rise in business profits and productivity. Using cherished number plates can work to your business’s advantage. Cherished number plates instil a sense of belonging with employees and workers also.

Thus, if you are a business or an individual, buying a cherished number plate can be a great way to share something with the world.

Celebrities in love with private number plates

July 30, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Customised number plates have become very popular among people. This is especially true when it comes to celebrities of all sorts. Whether it is A-list celebrities or Z-list celebrities, each and every one of them wants to have a personalised number plate. Having a private number plate makes people feel important and special.

Celebrity number plates
Especially in the UK, celebrities have to have a private number plate. You can call it a sign of influence and power. Whatever people may call it, number plates have become the latest fashion statement in the automobile industry. In the UK, most football stars have their own private number plates. Football players such as Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and David Beckham all have licensed plates that have been personalised to suit them. Take Rooney for example, he has the private number plate ‘WAZ 8’ as ‘Wazza’ was the nickname given to him by his Manchester United team mates. The owner and chairman of Reading FC, John Madejski, has a variety of private number plates and believes them to be the finishing touch on any luxury car.

Other celebrities
Footballers are not the only ones that indulge themselves in such things. There are other celebrities from all walks of life who have purchased private number plates for their cars. These celebrities include Chris Tarrant, Tommy Walsh, Linda Lusardi, Nicky Clarke and Engelbert Humperdinck. Many of these celebrities like to display their line of profession on the number plate.

Buying private number plates

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

The new fashion is having a car with a personalised number plate. People want to choose their own number plates rather than getting a random one. People are paying big money to register a unique personal number for their vehicle’s number plate. People want to be seen as different from the rest when it comes to their cars.

Personalised number plates
People are now able to purchase private number plates for quite affordable prices. The best place for you to buy private number plates would be to buy them from a reputable dealer. These dealers will offer you a wide variety of personal number plates for you to choose from. It would be wise to consult these dealers before you purchase a personalised number plate. They can find private plates that will suit your needs and also fit your budget.

Rules of registration
You can also search for private number plates over the internet and can get them registered and delivered to you within a few days. You have to follow the rules when buying number plates. You cannot put a private number plate on an older car. For example you cannot use an ‘07’ number plate on a car that was manufactured earlier.

Factors that have contributed to the popularity of private number plates

July 29, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Cars have always been one of the most prized possessions people could have called their own and in current times when luxury and style are the two things people are looking for in vehicles, getting the best car accessories has become very important. It may be new to some people, but the latest car accessories that car owners are looking for are private number plates.

No longer are car registrations simply a way of identifying one car from another. These have now become a way of identifying car owners. This is due to the fact that they can sport just about anything a car owner intends. The popularity of private number plates has been caused due to two main factors.

Availability - When they were introduced, private number plates were not easily available. But that has all changed with the number of online car registration companies that have sprung up. It is now so easy to get a private number plate that almost anyone can have one.

Cost - Obviously, when something is new; it is bound to be expensive. Initially, private number plates were very expensive and some still are. But on the whole, these number plates are affordable and can be bought for very low prices depending on what they say.

These two factors have made it not just possible but also easy to get private car registrations today. Private number plates can also be held on certificates which make it possible for people to mount them on their cars any time they want.

DVLA cherished number plates are loved by celebrities

Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

DVLA cherished number plates are extremely popular in the United Kingdom. But this popularity is not restricted to the average individual. Celebrities have had a great affinity towards cherished number plates for a long time. A cherished number plate is an effective way for celebrities and musicians to stand out from the crowd. Cherished number plates are extremely popular with celebrities since they love to be unique.

Max Bygraves, the record holder for the maximum number of appearances in Royal Variety Performances, actually refused fifty thousand pounds for his MB 1 number plate. Celebrities want to keep their cherished number plates for as long as they can since it becomes associated with their personality.

Nicky Clark, hair dresser and stylist to some of the biggest celebrities in the United Kingdom, has a cherished number plate that reads H41 RDO. This particular number plate is immediately eye-catching.

Liverpool comedian Jimmy Tarbuck has a cherished number plate that reads COM 1C. This number plate describes his profession and makes for a good laugh.

Thus, cherished number plates are extremely popular with celebrities as much as the average motorist.

Custom made number plates are now possible

July 28, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

The motorcar act of 1903 was introduced with a purpose of identifying owners and their cars on the roads, which made it compulsory for cars to have registered number plates with a part of the number on the number plate indicating the local council of the place where the car was from. Each council was given a unique number and had a letter which indicated the year of registration.

In 2001, the new format of registering number plates began, with two letters first, followed by two numbers, followed by three letters.

Motorists across the UK are interested in having as unique a number plate as possible because they are easily available at private number plate suppliers and allow people to register all formats of number plates and allow the suppliers to undertake the paperwork for you at nominal prices.

One has to watch out, as well, because there are suppliers who supply the users with number plates which are not just the age of the car. For example, they may sell you number plates which may not actually match the actual corresponding date of purchase of the car, which makes the purchase of your number plate a wasted exercise.

Private number plates and your identity

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Daniel

A private number plate or registration plate adds a new sense pride. Number plates are available with many a suffix and prefix which not only establish the identity of an individual but also give them pride in owning the vehicle of their choice.

A properly written number plate establishes the personality and taste of the owner to some degree and gives their treasured asset a unique accessory. There are many number plate suppliers who supply cherished number plates or any other form of number plates and also manage all the paperwork. Even if you own a number plate and intend to sell it, these suppliers do it for you, provided your cherished number plate meets the required criteria and rules.

You can own more than one number plate, even if you own only a single vehicle. The second number plate can be owned if you have a renewable retention certificate, which can be renewed through your supplier for a nominal price annually.

Now that the official registration of number plates happens biannually in the UK – once in March and again in September – you can choose a number plate of your choice. If you do not like your number plate, you may even sell it to someone, or even better, you can ask your supplier to reimburse you for the unwanted number plate as well.

Personalised number plates can prove to be great investments

July 27, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Today, the majority of people across the UK use vehicles for transportation purposes. Many people who own vehicles are under the misconception that they are struck with the number plate that they received along with their vehicle. However, it is not so. Some decades ago, only high profile celebrities and the rich and famous used to purchase personalised and private number plates. Today, due to the affordable cost of personalised number plates, they can be purchased by anyone.

Private number plates are easily available from number plate dealers. Depending on your personal taste, preferences and needs, you can select a personalised number plate that means something to you. It is also important to note that these days numerous business people are becoming aware of the importance of investing in personalised number plates.

During the ongoing unstable financial situation, traditionally secure investments may seem to be a bit shaky compared to the personalised vehicle number plates. Thus, it can be worthwhile to invest your money in personalised number plates. There is an entire culture surrounding private number plates including the creative use of numbers and letters along with a lot of fun combinations that are available. So, if you want to show your creativity to the world, it can be easily done with the help of a personalised number plate. Personalised number plates can also make your vehicle stand out from the crowd and hence, it is very important to select the appropriate design and combination.

Make a mark on your car with private number plates

July 26, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Different cars can look the same and with similar colours on offer it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between different people’s cars. We all don’t want to be the same or feel the same since all of us have different personalities; we are all in fact unique. But how do we make our cars unique?

A cost-effective way of making cars look unique

In the past, a large percentage of car owners made their cars stand out with the help of paint jobs, leather interiors, neon lights and other upgrades. However, these methods are not feasible for everyone. But there is another newer method that can definitely make a difference.

Using private number plates to make cars unique

Private number plates are the most wanted car accessory today. This is because private number plates are easily available and are not all that expensive either. Finding the ideal private number plate is also not hard to do. There are a number of online car registration companies that provide a wide variety of private number plates to suit different people.

Private number plates are more than just a great car accessory. Today, these number plates are being used as investments on a large scale as well. Number plates have become such a popular item, that they are now seen on many vehicles making each one unique.

Why expensive number plates cost as much as they do

July 25, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

All cars have standard looks and designs depending on the manufacturer and model. It is up to car owners to make them look different from their counterparts. There are a number of ways to do this, but the most popular way to make a car unique is by mounting a personalised number plate on it.

How personalised number plates can make a car unique

Known as one of the most wanted car accessories today, personalised number plates allow car owners to make their mark on their vehicle. This is through the ability of selecting what they want their number plate to say. Car owners can now select their own combination of letters and numbers to make their cars unique.

Are personalised number plates expensive?

Personalised number plates start from very low prices so that anyone can buy them. However, there are certain elements that play a part in the price factor of personalised number plates. For instance, the rarity and age of the registration are very important factors when choosing a personalised plate. The popularity of initials is also a big factor in setting a price for number plates. The more popular the initials, the more expensive the number plate will be.

Rare personalised number plates can be a little expensive. However, they are a good buy because number plates make good investments as well. This means you can buy an expensive number plate now and perhaps sell it later when its price increases.