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Private DVLA plates – The number one car accessory

August 31, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Private DVLA number plates have slowly become one of the most desired entities in car apparel in the United Kingdom. DVLA number plates are compulsory for every car driving on the streets of the United Kingdom. This is because the number plates are a means of identifying all the cars in the UK. This information is then stored in a centralised location for further reference.

Nonetheless, people spend a large amount of money and time in buying the perfect private number plate for their cars. But why are number plates so popular in the UK? This is because number plates have some creative uses that have become legendary in the road history of the United Kingdom. If you buy a private number plate from a dealer or online, you have the choice of etching letters on the number plate. You could either choose your initials or a funny word that is close to your heart. With so many interesting advantages, there is no doubt that these are the number one car accessories in the United Kingdom

When buying number plates for your vehicle, it is necessary to make the right considerations of colour design and more. Buying number plates has become easy with their inclusion on the internet. This means that you can search for a number and will get relevant searches in a split second.

Owning personalised number plates provides many benefits

August 30, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

Many people believe that having personalised number plates is a pride purchase. However, a lot of people tend to spend their money on purchasing personalised number plates for different reasons. Personalised number plates are no longer the symbol of famous and rich people. Over the past few years, personalised number plates have become one such item that can be owned by anyone.

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing personalised number plates is that they enable you to mask the age of your vehicle. With dateless number plates, the true age of your vehicle can be concealed, if you so wish. Personalised number plates also provide you with an opportunity to express yourself and also a chance to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

Personalised number plates available today are fun and can cost very little. These number plates also provide exclusiveness to your vehicle and thus the demand and popularity of personalised number plates is on a rise. Personalised number plates also prove to be a good investment. If the number you register is quite unique and popular, then you may possibly get a higher value when you sell it.

With the advent of the internet, searching for a particular number plate has become much easier. You can simply go on a specialist number plate website and search for the desired number plate registration that you intend to purchase. As personalised number plates help you express yourself, make sure that you purchase the best and attractive registration number for your vehicle.

Julian Leppert faces flak over his “Nazi” Number plate

August 29, 2009
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Shelly

Julian Leppert, who is the London Councillor for the British National Party, is facing severe flak for having a car with a number plate which appears to spell “Nazi”. Julian, who is an aide to the British National Party leader Nick Griffin, reported to meetings of the Redbridge Council in a black Ford Focus. The number plate of his car read NA51 ZCY.

This move has seriously infuriated Council leader Keith Prince who stated that Mr. Leppert has done something quite disgraceful and that his head should hang in shame. Mr. Keith has also asked Leppert to step down from the post of Councillor of Hainhault which has one of the highest densities of Jewish people in the UK.

Julian Leppert on the other hand has completely denied choosing the number plate deliberately and has stated that the registration plate accompanied the car. Leppert has also added that he is going to sell the car off because of the controversy it has caused.

Personalised car number plates have become an integral part of the cars today. Personalised car registrations have become quite a rage all over UK and people are personalising their cars in numerous ways to give it a distinct identity and stand out from the crowd.

Immense popularity of personalised car registration plates

August 28, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

These days, personalised number plates are gaining a lot of popularity and it is also estimated that 1 in 8 cars now boast of personalised number plates. Personalised registrations provide many advantages over usual number plates and today many people opt to have one for their vehicle.

According to the reports, in Britain a record lb87 million was spent on personalised number plates in 2007. Since 1997, there has been an increase of lb51 million over the last ten years. There are several reasons why personalised number pates are so popular, the most obvious being that they not only add a personal touch to your vehicle but also prove to be a great investment.

There are many different combinations that you can try with your private registration. Moreover, you can even add 3D lettering, borders and flags to your personalised number plates. The less numbers and letters on your personalised number plate, the more valuable it will be. With so many customisation options available, you may well be confused about which one to choose.

Personalised registrations are also good investments and so it is always advised to choose the letters that are popular and easier to sell if you wish to do so at a later date. There are many number plate fans who usually attend auctions to look out for the best plate combinations. Unique number combinations can also help your vehicle to look attractive and personal, so you need to be very choosy while selecting a number plate for your vehicle.

How do the personalised number plates get priced?

August 27, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Shelly

Personalised number plate prices can vary to quite a degree. Personalised number plates which spell out a name or an interesting word are usually priced a lot higher than others. It would be safe to say that in the world of number plates, the fewer letters there are, the higher the price will be.

A lot of very valuable personalised number plates happen to be dateless registrations which do not reveal the age of your vehicle. These number plates also feature fewer letters and numbers. Moreover, personalised number plates belonging to a series that has been discontinued can also be priced quite high. These registrations are rare and very few of them are available on the market at any given time. Their rarity propels interest and hence, their price too follows suit.

It is quite difficult to determine the value of a personalised number plate. A lot of the prices vary from time to time depending upon the need for them. One of the best and the most straightforward ways to ascertain the value of any given number plate is to make it available in the market and then gauge its value depending on the interest it generates among prospective buyers.

Hence, it can be said that the price of a particular personalised number plate is governed to a great extent on the demand for it. A good and creative number plate however, will yield good returns, when sold.

Driver and vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) number plates are a necessity

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

DVLA is the acronym for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. A number plate is an official requirement for all vehicles.

Number plates assist police when they are trying to trace the owner of a car or monitor a crime. But these days, more and more people are opting for a private number plate. A private number plate can display names or initials, or it can spell out a word that is relevant to you.

What are prefix number plates?
One of the types of number plates is the prefix number plates which have a letter in the beginning to symbolise the year that the registration number was first issued; this is followed by three numbers and then by three letters.

There are a huge amount of prefix number plates that have a high level of significance; the ones with 2 digits or less are the ones that have the highest value.

Since, January 2003, the DVLA initiated that all number plate suppliers should be registered to keep an eye on the increasing crimes related to false number plates to cover up the identity of stolen vehicles. So, it is important to buy your number plate from a reputable company which is registered with the DVLA.

Choose a number plate for your car carefully and reap the benefits

August 26, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

The private number plate industry in the UK has grown significantly. With the presence of a whole lot of private number plates in the market, there has never been a better time to buy a private number plate.
People buy private number plates for a variety of reasons. For a lot of people, a private number plate is an embellishment for their beloved vehicle. Private number plates also make an excellent gift option for someone you truly care about.

While you are trying to buy a private plate for your vehicle, it is important to do adequate research. It can be said that buying a personalised number plate for your car is as important as buying the car itself. The best way to find a personalised number plate is to search for ones which spell out interesting names or words. You could also opt for a number plate with numbers or letters which commemorate a special occasion in your life.

If you purchase your number plate carefully, it might also serve as an excellent investment for you. Interesting number plates when sold, can enable the owner to make a great deal of profit. Auctions for personalised number plates happen on a regular basis where interesting number plates can auction for thousands of pounds.

Buying a number plate carefully can enable you to reap a lot of profits in the future.

Motorists caught on camera

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Shelly

Government agencies across the country have extended their car surveillance operations which will soon be recording about 50 million licence plates every day. The images of many innocent motorists captured on CCTV cameras are stored within a police database for around two years. These stored images enable officers to reconstruct journeys.

Figures released from the latest anti-terrorist rules under the Freedom of Information Act points out that approximately three billion licence plates might have been recorded nationally in the last year. It indicates that 34 million vehicles recorded in Britain were captured and saved on at an average of 100 times in 2008.

Thousands of CCTV cameras throughout the UK have been transformed to read the number plates and to take pictures of people’s actions in cars on the main roads, motorways, town centres and airports etc even if they are not alleged of a crime. Police state that the system known as Automatic Numberplate Recognition (ANPR), has established as a vital tool for fighting crime.

According to the recent figures released, around 233 million vehicle number plates were captured and stored by the Sussex police in the past year. This is a massive five-fold rise compared to the figures of earlier year.

Private DVLA number plates are a source of pride for drivers in the United Kingdom

August 25, 2009
Posted in Number Plates — Written by William

If you are planning on buying private number plates for your car this season, there are some basic considerations that you should most definitely make. Buying private number plates in the United Kingdom has become much easier than it was. The SL4CK3R number plate is perfect for lazy people whereas as ACT1V3 is ideal for the proactive generation. With so many different options and types of private number plates still available, the quest to find the best and perfect number plate can be tough. You should therefore make some basic choices about the type of plate you want before you start to look.

It is important to choose a number plate from trusted sources like specific internet sites that offer private number plates. Once this is done you should pick and choose the letters you would like to see on your plate. Try and be creative because lots of plates may have already been taken.

The colour and design of your private number plate is also important. So, remember to choose a design that matches your personality. With these tips and tricks in mind, you will be the proud owner of a private plate in no time.

The smooth and easy process of buying a personalised number plate

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Trends are usually only for those people who can actually afford them. However, it seems like personalised number plates have become more than just a trend because these car registrations are now affordable for almost anyone.

Buying personalised number plates

Personalised number plates are much more than a combination of letters and numbers that help identify vehicles. These are special car registration numbers that say something about the vehicle owners. This is what makes personalised number plates so special and in some instances, very expensive.

With many car registration companies online, buying personalised number plates is as easy as shopping online. Buyers can easily choose from a variety of number plates or design one of their own and check with the car registration company if it is available. However, there are a few requirements when buying personalised number plates.

o A V750 certificate or as it is also known, a Certificate of Entitlement

o A valid MOT certificate

o V5 Registration Document which is also called the log bog and is needed for assigning the registration to a particular vehicle.

The process of buying personalised number plates is quite easy if you follow the instructions set out by the vehicle licensing agency.