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Nationla Numbers Articles

Nationla Numbers Ltd puts 30 million plates in your hand!

January 22, 2010
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Daniel

Nationla Numbers Ltd puts 30 million plates In your hand by acquiring the world’s first number plate iPhone app and linking it to their massive database.

Iphone with national numbers number plate search app
Nationla Numbers Limited., one of the UK’s largest number plate dealers has today launched a free iPhone application allowing you to search a database of 30 million number plates. Anything you want on a number plate: names; initials; or any number can now be found at the click of a button.

Eric Craggs, Chairman of Nationla Numbers said, “Nationla Numbers like to push the boundaries in the number plate industry. We wanted to make our vast database available to everyone, wherever they are. Launching the world’s one-and-only number plate search system using an iPhone application seemed the logical way to do it”.

The database is updated in real time and the home screen offers categories for you to browse through. Nationla Numbers has plates dating from 1903 all the way up to 2010.

This novel way to search for number plates takes less than five seconds to complete and best of all it is completely free to iPhone customers. It is clear that Nationla Numbers have created a fantastic new way of finding a special number plate, anytime, anywhere.

This app is so much fun to use and will make sure you never have to be lonely in the pub again. Just produce your iPhone and your friends will bombard you with requests for names, football teams etc. The database actually allows you to search about 30 categories of number plates but the main ones which appear are:- rude, funny, football, cheap, car and Irish.

In the unlikely event of your search being unsuccessful, just click to ‘phone their experienced sales team – let them do your thinking for you.

To help you in these hard economic times, Nationla Numbers is the only company to offer 0% finance on most number plates. This app is the latest facility introduced by Nationla Numbers but they have been dealing in number plates for more than a quarter of a century. So when you find your ideal personalized plate, you have the security of dealing with an established company affiliated to the Retail Motor Industry and holding a quality award from the British Standard Institute. Try this number plate app – it’s great fun.

Click here for more information and the link to the app store

Ford Fiesta Number Plates

January 19, 2010
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Helen

The Ford Fiesta is a car close to the heart of many drivers. Nearly everybody has owned, or knows someone who has owned, one of these ubiquitous superminis!

Nationla Numbers have some brilliant number plates for the Ford Fiesta.

Early Ford FiestaThe Mark 1 Ford Fiesta made its debut in 1976. The car’s engine was dubbed ‘Valencia’, due to the location of the Spanish factory that produced engines for the car in Almussafes, Valencia.

The car was also produced in the UK and Germany, but the name definitely seems to originate from Spanish roots, and was personally chosen by Henry Ford above all other suggested names.

The Fiesta name has prevailed for 30 years, despite several major overhauls of the car engine and design. But it almost was not so.

Head honchos at Ford recently toyed with the idea of changing the name. According to Autocar, “nearly as many people inside the company voted to drop the Fiesta name from the new supermini, as wanted to keep it”.

Late Ford FiestaThe Fiesta has come a long way since the 1970s. Since then, 12 million Fiesta’s have been made. What Car? awarded the Fiesta Car of the Year 2009, and voted it Best Supermini, as well. The Fiesta Mark VII marks several generations of an extraordinarily long vehicle model history.

Nationla Numbers have some great Fiesta number plates:

F13 STA is the best possible match to the name Fiesta. F16 STA is almost as good. FEG 1Y looks and sounds just like ‘Feggy’! You could also go for F7 ORD.

Or try a search for names, numbers, or anything you like on our web site. We’d be happy to speak to you about personalised registrations, call us on .

Government Vehicle Scrappage Scheme Nearing End

January 18, 2010
Posted in Car news — Written by Helen

Toyota AvensisThe Government’s scrappage scheme, which helps fund purchases of newer and more efficient vehicles, is now 75% used up according to figures released on Friday by the Department for Business. If the fund is used up by February this year, the scheme will come to its natural end.

The scheme offers purchasers a lb2,000 discount when replacing old and inefficient vehicles with newer, more eco-friendly vehicles. It seems to have been a success because 318,628 new vehicle orders have been accepted since its inception in April 2009. The scheme was extended last year to allow newer vehicles (V-reg cars and eight-year-old vans) to qualify.

The fund still contains enough money to subsidise another 82,000 new vehicle orders, so if you’ve been considering taking advantage of the scheme, take action now to ensure you can still benefit from the savings.

Of the 38 vehicle manufacturers signed up to the scheme, Toyota is offering a similar incentive. Their new ‘Swappage’ scheme allows purchasers of selected Toyota models to swap their seven to 10 year old vehicle, i.e. W-reg and 52-reg number plates, for a lb2,000 saving on an eligible new Toyota Yaris, Toyota Auris or Toyota Avensis.

The vehicle for trading must be DVLA registered, insured, and have a valid MoT certificate. The registered keeper of the vehicle must have owned the vehicle for the last 12 consecutive months.

A greater incentive is offered to customers who choose the Toyota Avensis because it is built in Derbyshire, UK. For this swap there is an additional lb500 available on T2 models and lb750 on TR and T4 models.

Other car manufacturers such as Chevrolet and Mercedes-Benz are offering similar swappage schemes that extend beyond the Government deadline.

For fantastic personalised registrations to suit Toyota or any other vehicle make or model, try a number plate search on our web site, or call us today on .

Detroit Motor Show: Cadillac XTS

January 15, 2010
Posted in Car news,Number Plates — Written by Helen

Cadillac XTS Platinum ConceptMore news from the Detroit motor show – Cadillac has revealed their new XTS car – the company’s “flagship premium saloon”, and there will be a right-hand drive version!

The Cadillac XTS Platinum will be released in the US in 2012. Cadillac describes the vehicle as “built for efficiency, luxury and connectivity”.

The car is a plug-in hybrid, meaning that it can travel on electric power for short distances, before falling back on a conventional engine for power. On longer journeys, the XTS’ V6, 345bhp, 3.6-litre direct injection engine kicks in.

According to Cadillac, the XTS literally ‘reads the road’ using Magnetic Ride Control, allowing it to adjust suspension damping in a millisecond, giving improved body control. Sounds great for all the snow we’re having!

The interior design of the new XTS borrows from “contemporary forms and themes” and uses Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) displays. OLED dashboard displays draw less power and are thinner and lighter than convention displays, improving the power efficiency of the car.

The rear passenger seats contain the car’s “connectivity feature” – in the Cadillac CTS this took the form of a 40-gig hard-drive entertainment system, which should entertain kids and friends alike on long trips.

XTS is a three-letter acronym that fits perfectly into many number plate formats. A search for XTS number plates on our web site brings back 61 suitable number plates! Amongst the best are the prefix registrations C1 XTS and C4 XTS, and dateless registration 800 XTS.

From Cadillac to Yugo, we have number plates for all vehicle makes and models. Try a search on our web site to find number plates for your vehicle.

Toyota FT-CH Appeals to 8-Bit Generation

January 14, 2010
Posted in Car news,Number Plates — Written by Helen

The North American Motor Show in Detroit runs from January 16th to 24th this month. With more than 700 vehicles on display, and 700,000 people expected to attend, the show is North America’s largest and most prestigious automotive showcase.

2009 was a tough year for the motor industry. The cars at the show reflect manufacturers’ awareness of consumers’ requirements for economy, environment, and longevity, whilst remaining fun and lively.

Toyota FT-CH concept carThe Toyota FT-CH concept car, unveiled at this years show, is an interesting hybrid car that promises to be cheaper to run than the current Toyota Prius. If the car makes it to the production line, it may be released under the Prius moniker.

It is hoped that the FT-CH will appeal to younger car buyers. The car’s designers were inspired by the “8-bit genre” which was popularised in the 1980’s by the introduction of home games consoles which used 8-bit microprocessors. Since the 1980’s, an 8-bit music and art scene has developed which is clear in the design of the car, which looks edgy, fun, and brightly coloured.

Style-conscious owners love matching number plates to stylise their cars, so something like 8 BYT would be a perfect dateless number plate investment; TT08 BYT is a great new-style plate that would suit the car well.

Cheap prefix plates include T80 BYT, T88 BYT, T800 BYT, and T888 BYT, all from lb220!

Call us today on or visit our web site for great ideas on matching names and numbers to registrations.

Businesses Using Personalised Registrations

January 13, 2010

Yesterday we discussed why your business needs personalised registrations. Today we provide some examples of how businesses are using personalised number plates to increase exposure to their company or brand.

TAP 4S Barioja Spanish Tapas Restaurant

Spanish tapas bar Barioja uses a company vehicle for making short trips locally, collecting supplies and dropping off employees in the popular Historic Old Town in the centre of Edinburgh.

The car’s personalised registration: TAP 4S (“tapas”) – along with the signage, form an instantly recognisable combination that is both memorable and descriptive.

The car is seen by customers when it travels to and from destinations, and is also seen when parked outside the restaurant. The car travels where it can be seen by both visitors to and residents of Edinburgh.

Because of the car and its personalised registration, more people become aware of the Barioja tapas bar and the restaurant’s brand becomes more widely known.

Company vehicle showing registration TAP 4S

YE55 GAS Yes Gas Plumbing and Heating

Without a doubt, plumbing and heating company Yes Gas have a name which is memorable and catchy – and the perfect size for a personalised number plate!

From the photo it’s easy to see how good the YE55 GAS number plate looks on their van.

This company van can be seen parked outside customer’s houses and driving to and from jobs in and around the Middlesbrough and Stockton areas, which is good publicity for a company that services its local area.

The number plate helps to reinforce the company name and image. Hopefully when customers think of gas they think of Yes Gas!

Van displaying registration YE55 GAS

We will post more examples of number plates being used by businesses as and when we encounter them. Or send your own examples to us via our contact us page!

Why your Business Needs Personalised Registrations

January 12, 2010

Number plates for businesses really stand outDo you use a vehicle in your business? Businesses, both large, national companies and smaller, local firms benefit from personalising their company vehicles with private registrations.

Many businesses use personalised number plates to publicise their company image and message to people who see the vehicle. When coupled with the right branding, a personalised number plate that relates directly to your business really makes an impact.

Number plates are instantly recognisable, and you can base your number plate on your business or product name, or even your industry. And because number plates can be shorter than some company names, and follow a specific format, they can act as an aide-mémoire to customers on the go.

It is also fun to see business vehicles with personalised registrations – it shows that your business is light-hearted, fun, and proud to shout its name!

If your business already has a strong brand (brand name, logo, vehicle signage, etc) then a personalised number plate is another useful part of the branding toolkit that will help ensure your customers do not forget your name, or the product or service that you offer.

Conversely, if your business has no branding yet, then a personalised number plate might be the only thing that your customers do remember about your business!

The time has never been better to increase your company visibility, so if you are considering choosing personalised number plates for your commercial vehicle, why not take a look on our web site for ideas? Our search matches names, numbers; in fact anything you want to search for.

Tomorrow we will post examples of how businesses are using personalised number plates to increase exposure to their company or brand.

And don’t forget that businesses can offset the plate cost against tax liabilities and VAT registered businesses can buy registrations and claim the VAT back from the cost of the plate. Don’t hesitate in getting in touch!

Australia “Pinks” Number Plates for Charity

January 11, 2010
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Helen

An Australian campaign to raise money for charity by selling pink personalised number plates has been a real success in New South Wales (NSW). This month, the organisers announced that they will extend the campaign until the end of June.

The campaign aims to raise money to help support people with breast cancer in rural and regional Australia, and so far has raised $91,000. The money is raised through the sale of the pink number plates – 4,300 of them have been purchased by NSW residents since April 2009.

The RTA (the Australian governing body for roads, vehicles and licensing; similar to the UK’s DVLA) donates $15 to the McGrath Foundation from each set of customised pink number plates sold.

The organisers hope that, as well as raising money, the recognisable pink number plates will help to raise “breast awareness” amongst young women.

The pink plates offer road users’ a change from usual number plate styles – there are four styles of pink number plate available, including ‘hot pink’ (a bright pink plate with white characters) and ‘lipstick pink’ (a pale pink plate with black characters).

Chris McGrath with his pink number plate

As founder of the McGrath Foundation, Glenn McGrath was the first person in NSW to fit the pink personalised number plates to his car. He started the McGrath Foundation following the initial recovery of his wife, Jane, from breast cancer.

McGrath said: “I congratulate the RTA for taking a positive step to raise breast awareness and for its support of the McGrath Foundation. My licence plate identifies who I am, so I’m proud to have the hot pink plates on my Hummer – that way, there’s no question I support the McGrath Foundation and its aims.”

What a great idea! The campaign illustrates an exciting way in which number plates can be personalised for a variety of purposes. And whilst we can’t offer you a pink number plate, we can certainly help you to find a number plate that will stand out! Try a search on our web site, or call us on .