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Nationla Numbers Articles

Number Plates for Sale

February 13, 2010

You are reading this article, so there’s a good chance you might be one of the thousands of people every year who search for number plates for sale.

Maybe the new registration is for you, your spouse/partner, child; or in honour of your favourite football team, car make/model, or a namesake to your loyal dog or cat. It could be that you are thinking of investing in a personalised number plate.

Whatever the reason, you should know by now that where number plates for sale are concerned, choice is never a limiting factor!

So, where do you start looking for number plates for sale? How do you find the personalised registration that’s perfect for you?

The easiest way to find number plates for sale is by searching on our web site.

With Nationla Numbers, you can either buy directly from us, Our Stock registrations, or through sellers of private number plates who advertise on our web site.

We offer millions of DVLA number plates, that is, those that are owned by DVLA, along with other dealers’ registrations.

Our Number Plate Auction service takes the hassle out of buying registrations at auction.

Or, if you have an iPhone, we have an excellent new Number Plate Search app that lets you search whenever and wherever you choose.

Nationla Numbers have 25 years’ experience dealing with transfers. We take care of transfers on your behalf, leaving you free to enjoy the spoils of, say, watching your favourite football team, or taking your car out into the country roads.

Despite our cutting edge technology we also very much like to talk on the phone! We would be very happy to search for number plates for you – just call us on .

Personalised Registrations Come to the iPhone

February 12, 2010
Posted in iPhone Search App,Number Plates — Written by Helen

iPhone appLast month we launched our new personalised registration search app for iPhone. The app joins many car-related apps already out there that promise to make driving, buying, and running a car as simple as possible. According to Apple, half of the most downloaded iPhone apps in the UK in 2009 were car related.

It’s safe to say that the mobile revolution has touched almost all of us – and there seems to be an app for everything to do with cars, motorbikes, and driving. The time has never been better to do fun, exciting and time-saving car related tasks on your phone!

So why not give our number plate search app a try? It’s totally free to all iPhone users, and links to our database of over 30 million number plates, all of which are directly accessible from the palm of your hand. You can browse, search, and enquire on number plates 24 hours a day from wherever you are.

iPhone app search

If you know what you’re looking for, try a search for your name, car, or anything else. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can browse 30 categories, from rude, funny, football, cheap, car and Irish number plates.

100 best matches to your search are clearly displayed and easy to read. When previewing a registration, you can see exactly how it will look on a car.

Check out our Number Plates for iPhone page to get more information about this handy little app, or download the App directly, free of charge, from the iTunes Store.

Nationla Numbers Offer DVLA Online Auction Bidding Service

February 11, 2010
Posted in Auctions,DVLA,Nationla Numbers News — Written by Helen

Nationla Numbers are offering a free online DVLA auction bidding service to those wishing to purchase personalised number plates online through the DVLA’s online auction service. The online service complements our well-established offline auction service; both aim to make using the DVLA‘s auction services easier.

Buying number plates at auction can often be a daunting task and requires time and dedication to observe and react as bidding unfolds. Nationla Numbers like to take the hassle out of buying number plates. At our offline auction service, we bid on registrations for customers. Our online service works in exactly the same way – we will purchase the registration on your behalf, while you relax and put your feet up!

This new service is the first of its kind to be offered to number plate buyers. Nationla Numbers Chairman, Eric Craggs, says:

“This excellent online auction service gives our number plate customers the same fantastic opportunities as offline auction buyers. Tell us what plate you are interested in and let us do the legwork for you – don’t miss out on this opportunity to buy your perfect registration at auction.”

DVLA’s online auction service allows buyers to bid on number plates in a similar way to the popular auction web site eBay.

Number plates are given a Reserve Price which is where the bidding starts. From there, a bidder submits their Maximum Bid, which cannot be seen by other bidders. The value of the Current Bid can be seen with the registration at all times throughout the auction process.

Proxy bidding allows competitive bidding on Lots, where the system increases bids on behalf of the bidder up to the value of their Maximum Bid. Users receive notification that they have been outbid so that they can increase their bid. However bids cannot be removed from the system once they have been placed.

One of the most interesting features of the service is that, for popular lots, the end time of the bidding is allowed to “slide”, meaning that the bid time is extended where there is lots of competition to bid on a plate.

Call us today on to see how we can help, or for more information read our auction testimonials from satisfied customers, or learn more about DVLA auctions.

DVLA Logbook Thefts Lead to lb13m Vehicle Scam

February 1, 2010
Posted in Car news,DVLA News — Written by Helen

A BBC investigation has uncovered a scam that has led to the theft of 11,000 vehicle identities from the DVLA (formerly the DVLC).

Blank paper logbooks that never made it to the shredder found their way into the hands of criminals, who have used the missing logbooks to steal 13 million pounds worth of car identities.

The thefts took place over the last two years; however 130,000 blank books are still missing. The blank documents have been used to forge paperwork for cars so that stolen cars can be sold on as legitimate vehicles. Unfortunately, customers who have bought a forged car in these circumstances are left with nothing – no car, no refund.

This is not the first time documents have leaked from the DVLA. The BBC reported on tens of thousands of documents that went missing in 2003 in similar circumstances.

Noel Shanahan, Chief Executive of DVLA, said: “we do sympathise with the situation that people have found themselves in, in finding that they have bought a car which turned out to be stolen”.

Clearly, the DVLA sympathises with the situation of customers’ who have bought a cloned car, saying that they have done all they can. But this statement is likely to be cold-comfort to those stung by the scam.

The Government body puts the incident down to a criminal act that will be dealt with by a Police investigation, which is now underway. Disturbingly, the Police have reported that the mistake could leave its mark for over 100 years.

Visit the DVLA’s web site to view serial numbers of the forged documents.