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Liberal Democrat Election Bus Gets Personalised Number Plate

April 28, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

The golden Liberal Democrat election campaign bus has been touring London recently, as the centre-left party looks to gather steam before the general election on May 6th.

The bus has been equipped with the personalised number plate ’32 WT’ and DVLA records show that this number plate was purchased in July 2007 for lb2,900.

It’s unclear if there is a hidden message being conveyed as numbers and initials as the date for the general election draws closer.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has boasted that they only need to win over a few hundred voters to beat Labour in the Hampsted and Kilburn, North London seat, and the election battle bus is helping them in their quest.

Clegg told Sky News “I just want to get on with the campaign” and under their slogan ‘change that works for you’, the election bus will be central in their plans to drive the message home.

The central focus for all three parties will be the economy as the country looks for revival from the recession, so finding a way to recover from the financial crisis without hitting public services or raising taxes will be the main ambition.

The Liberal Democrat leader believes that “only the Liberal Democrats have a plan to cut your taxes. If you want lower taxes you have only got one party to support.”

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