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California Considers Using Number Plates for Adverts

June 30, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Adverts seem to be everywhere, but Californian lawmakers have been asked to look into the possibility of adding adverts to number plates.

The innovative idea is being backed as a great way to improve tax revenue, with the digital number plate effectively becoming a miniature billboard.

If the feasibility study gives the go ahead to manufacture digital number plates for California’s motor vehicles, some of the state’s $19bn deficit could be cleared.

Officials have suggested that the technological advancement could be used for a range of other things, too, such as advising motorists on hazardous road conditions as they happen and even flashing the message ‘violation’ when the registration has expired.

However, not everybody is thrilled by the idea. Some have criticised that the adverts would just add to the billboards, message boards and warning signs which already clutter the roadside.

There are others who fear that the signs could be hijacked to display negative things. The system would need to be wireless and therefore require a state-wide wireless network. This could prove to be vulnerable to hackers, with rude messages or images at the forefront of peoples worries.

If the plan is approved it would allow the adverts to only be shown when the vehicle has been stopped for over four seconds. The registration would still be visible, but appear smaller and in one of the corners of the number plate. Once the vehicle regained movement, the advert would immediately disappear and the registration number would return.

The technology has been unanimously approved by a senate vote in May and is due to be reviewed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Number Plate Cameras Log 200 Journeys Per UK Motorist

June 21, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

The UK government’s vehicle number plate recording system has approximately recorded the last 200 journeys by every vehicle owner in the country.

The revelation comes following the release of data obtained by the Automatic Number Plate Recognition database (ANPR), which comprises a network of 4,000 cameras.

The database, which contains 7.6 billion records, is updated with 14 million number plate images per day. This equates to every one of the 38 million UK motorists being logged by approximately 200 images.

In the 1990’s, the system was deployed as a means of monitoring traffic but former home secretary, Jacqui Smith, relaxed the rights to the information in 2008.

This will come as a great shock to those looking to protect their privacy as this data may be passed on to governments throughout Europe and even America.

The once innocent traffic aid has since been used to to detect uninsured drivers, fighting terrorism and untaxed and stolen vehicles.

Once collected, the data can remain on record for up to five years which will cause further concern for those who are worried about their details getting into the wrong hands.

There are thousands of number plates up for sale at the next DVLA auction, which will take place at the Heritage Motor Centre, Warwickshire on 4th, 5th, 6th August 2010.

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Autozone Gets Number Plate Production License

June 18, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Tanzanian engineering firm Autozone Ltd have been granted sole rights to manufacture registration number plates for the country’s motor vehicles and trailers.

This is the first time that the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) has granted a mark of quality licence to the local business and the standard of professionalism demonstrated by the TBS has not gone unnoticed by Autozone.

Director of Autozone, Eng. Shabbir Khataw heaped praise upon the officials at the TBS for the high standards and fantastic cooperation, enabling a fast and thorough turnaround.

The license was granted under TBS standards TZS300:2009, with Mr Khataw commented on how pleasing it is to see the government agency for standards being pioneered by fellow engineers, stating, “we will strictly comply with the TBS standards during the whole preparations of the plate numbers.”

The regulations mainly pertain to the size and font of letters, distance between letters and numbers and the overall dimensions.

The number plates are equipped with security features with their company trademark, and according to Mr Khataw, customers can expect a fast and quality service.

Autozone have already set up agencies in nine regions of Tanzania, including Kilimanjaro, Mbeya, Arusha and Tanga.

Director at the TBS, Eng. Charles Ekelege has commended companies who have opted to include the TBS mark on their products.

Mr Ekelege boasted how “the mark is recognized worldwide and it is therefore a ticket to access the international market. What remains now is for you to tell the market that your product is of guaranteed quality.”

Manufacturers will have to keep up the high standards, as all products that are granted the TBS mark of quality will be subjected to random inspections and tests to ensure that high quality is consistent.

The DVLA will be hosting a number plate auction on 4th, 5th and 6th August 2010 at Heritage Motor Centre, Warwickshire, where thousands of number plates will be going under the hammer at bargain prices.

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Driver Fined for Scooby Doo Number Plate

June 11, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

The driver of an M-reg Subaru Impreza has been landed with a hefty fine for having a Scooby Doo logo on his number plate.

Tom Edwards of Wolverhampton was ordered to pay a fine of lb240 when he was found guilty of displaying the 3-inch-high image on his number plate.

The offending picture was spotted by a police officer on duty during September of 2009.

Mr Edwards was clearly shocked and frustrated after being ordered to pay such a high fine. “This is madness. I am very annoyed at the way I have been treated. This is totally unfair,” he exclaimed.

“I only owned the car for a few months. The Scooby logo was three inches by two inches. It was on when I bought it and the signs did not obscure the registration number.”

The police officer on duty gave Mr Edwards a warning and two weeks to remove the image, then provide evidence to the nearest police station that the removal had been made.

Edwards failed to adhere to these orders and was summoned to court as a result, but failed to make an appearance. He was subsequently fined lb190 with an additional lb50 in costs.

He explained, “I changed the plates after being told to do so and fitted them myself. They cost lb16 and then I got a stamped note from a garage confirming they were legal. This cost another lb4.

“I left it at the police station when I produced my insurance, MoT and driving licence within the required 14 day period. I assumed that was the end of the matter but more than four months later I was summonsed.

“I phoned the court on Monday to say that I was unwell and the person I spoke to said ‘fine, I will tell them.’ I was not expecting the case to be dealt with in my absence.”

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Punishments for Elaborate Number Plates

June 10, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Vehicle owners in India have been warned to keep their number plates plain and simple or face big penalties.

If any vehicles do display a fancy or elaborate number plate, it will be deemed to be breaking regulations and face a fine of between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000; approximately lb30 to lb75.

The Motor Vehicle Act clearly states that two-wheelers and cars must have the numbers and letters in black on a white background, or on a yellow background if it’s a commercial vehicle.

Traffic police commissioner, Mr C. V. Anand, has expressed that the issue is much more serious than just fining for aesthetics.

The use of unusual or ornate fonts can make the lettering on the number plates unreadable by surveillance cameras.

Mr Anand explained, “this is a very serious violation of the law, so we have decided to launch a drive against number plate violations. Fancy lettering is not permitted. Other names, pictures, artwork should not be displayed.”

The aim of this clamp down on non-conformist number plates is primarily security based. “Wrong number plates mislead investigative agencies. Heavy penalty will be imposed on defaulters. In case of false number plates the vehicles will be seized and a criminal case will be registered. The driving licence also will be cancelled by the RTA,” said Mr Anand.

The Road Traffic Police are advising drivers in India to always have their driving licence and RC book, especially as police will be extra vigilant following this enforcement.

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‘ESS 3X’ Number Plate Auctioned for lb6,520

June 4, 2010
Posted in Auctions — Written by matthew.smith

The DVLA personalised registration auction at Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire, got off to a roaring start, with the number plate ‘ESS 3X’ selling for a “bargain” price of just lb6,520.

The winning bidder chose to retain anonymity, but is understood to be a mystery businessman from Chelmsford, who would have spent a further lb15,000 to win his “perfect plate”.

The winning bid was placed at lb5,100, but an additional Assignment Fee and VAT Buyers’ Premium increased the final price to lb6,520.

The DVLA Auction took place over 3 days, from the 2nd to the 4th of June and raised over lb1.2m by the end of the first day, with all proceeds going to the treasury.

The mystery winning bidder spoke of his delight at winning the number plate for such a low price.

He revealed, “I’m absolutely delighted. I’ve bought numerous registrations from the DVLA over the years and I expected to pay a lot more than lb6,520 for this one – in fact I had another lb15,000 to spend!”

Another success story from the day was the number place ‘1 EPS’, raising almost lb20,000.

There are plenty more opportunities available to get the perfect number plate for a low price at one of the future DVLA number plate auctions.

The DVLA plan to hold several other number plate auctions throughout the rest of the year, at the Heritage Motor Centre, Warwickshire on 4th, 5th and 6th August 2010, Rudding Park on 5th, 6th and 7th October 2010, and Ardencote Manor Hotel and Country Club, Warwick on 1st, 2nd and 3rd December 2010.

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Intelligent Number Plates Postponed in South Africa

June 3, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

South African motorists expected an Intelligent Number Plate (INP) system to be introduced in April 2010, but plans hit the buffers and it was forced to be postponed until October.

It is now unclear whether the Department of Roads and Transport (DRT) will meet this deadline.

Minister for Roads and Transport, Bheki Nkosi, relayed fears by sticking to this deadline in his 2009/2010 financial year speech.

“In October, the department will launch the intelligent number plate system,” Mr Nkosi said. “The department has set aside R25 million for this project in this financial year. The process has gone past the drafting of regulations where motorists in the province participated in giving their inputs and comments, which have shaped the entire process thus far.”

When the change comes into force throughout South Africa, all number plates will be made from aluminium and have an RFID tag with a unique identification code written into a 2D bar code.

This unique code will contain a secure electronic mark and be used in the encryption of the tag.

The code will provide information to verify the numbers on the plate, the vehicle to which it was issued, and if they were supplied by a registered manufacturer. The new system will also automatically generate details of any previous driving offences.

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Registration Plate UK

Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

It does what it says on the tin, registration plate UK mean buying plates in the UK.

For example a UK plate, refers to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The strange thing is, that Northern Ireland is separate from Britain for the simple fact the rules governing Britain plates and Northern Ireland plates are different.

The DVLA and the equivalent DVLNI in Ireland are working together to try and integrate this system into one.

The stupid thing is if you buy a DVLA number plate from Swansea, and a person in Northern Ireland wants it on their car, we have the ridiculous system where it must first be registered on a vehicle in Britain.

I hear you say, only the Irish can think of that, but in actual fact, it is the British who think like this.

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Registration Plates UK

Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

We normally refer to registration plates UK as plates that are issued in the UK. There are plates that are issued outside the UK in different formats. Our format has led to a massive growth in selling and buying of plates as they can lend themselves to look like names.

Such as T1 LLY, or W1 LLY or B1 LLY and all of these have recently gone through auctions in the last 15 years and fetched incredible amounts of money.

Let’s take another example of an original cherished number plate.

EC 1 used to belong to AC Windows and Doors in Romford and they also used to own a lot of other plates. 1 EC was issued to a Diplomat in the East Caribbean Commission, London W8. EC 2 belongs to a Mr. J. Potter in Kirby Stephen and it’s on a 5 horse power 1899 Marshall, Steam engine which is very interesting in itself as the original registration only started in 1903.

Mr Craggs, Chairman of www.nationlanumbers.co.uk has been to see this vehicle and tried to buy it. Mr. Craggs owns EC 5 which was the first plate ever issued from Kendal County Council in 1903.

He would like to buy EC 2, which is owned by the Potter brothers but they will not sell. They have a lovely collection of original vehicles with the original numbers on.

So registration plates UK do carry a lot of history and interest, unlike a lot of other countries.

We pride ourselves in trying to achieve a very well run business. To this end we decided that we would try to achieve an award that is recognised by industry throughout Europe. We prepared to try and gain the quality award BSI 9001 2000. Nationla Numbers managed to do this at its first attempt. The Chairman, Eric Craggs, had previously worked as a manager at ICI for 30 years and had been involved in trying to get businesses within ICI to get this award. We have had the award for six years. For the last two years, BSI has required us to conduct a formal customer survey – we are the only company within the DVLA number plate business to do so.

Please look at our Testimonials to see what they think. You may think that a lot of web sites just make up their feedback, a lot do, but we are actually audited by a British Standard Quality Expert to verify that our customer comments are genuine.

Registration Style Reg

Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

Registration style reg is a bit of a mouthful to say but it refers to cherished number plates in the UK.

Let’s assume you live in the Gateshead area of the country where whippets and leeks are grown. You can always denote prefix or a suffix plate by something with A C N. Of these three characters, the last two are the important two. So A C N, it is the C N that comes from Newcastle upon Tyne. So, I hear you ask, “Which other ones come from that area?”

Maybe I don’t, but close to Gateshead is a place close to South Shields so that is C U.

You can see there isn’t a great deal of logic to the letters, the new format plates which start for example NU51 and three random numbers is different. The N at the beginning denotes North and NU is allocated to Newcastle area, which is eminently sensible.

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