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Calls to Replace Number Plate Sight Test

July 31, 2010
Posted in DVLA News — Written by matthew.smith

Two major optical associations are piling the pressure on the UK government to introduce a more scientific approach when assessing drivers’ eyesight.

The Eye Health Alliance and Optical Confederation pressed MEP’s to implement improved sight testing standards for drivers following the meeting of EUROM 1, the European Federation of Precision Mechanical and Optical Industries.

Several attempts have already been made to regulate the testing of drivers throughout Europe, with physical and mental testing being included.

Basic eyesight requirements were set out in 2009, requiring drivers to meet minimum standards for visual fields and visual acuity.

The Optical Confederation is leading the appeal to extend the testing for professional drivers to be extended to include all drivers, replacing the number plate test. They are also working with other optical organisations throughout Europe to strengthen their position and pressure the European Commission and European Parliament into making changes.

According to a spokesperson at the Optical Confederation, “the number plate test is inadequate to assess a drivers’ vision for several reasons – it is outdated, it can be affected by environmental conditions on the day, it is inaccurate, has no scientific basis and it is not validated. This means that the results will not be consistent and cannot be repeated which makes it unfair to drivers.”

Not all organisations are supporting the calls for change.

A spokesperson at the Eye Health Alliance said, “not only is the number plate test ineffective and unfair but the current system places too much responsibility on the driver to self-report problems with their vision to the DVLA. Many drivers do not notice a gradual change in their eyesight and are therefore unaware that they fall below the legal eyesight requirement for driving.”

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EyeNet Launch International Automated Number Plate Recognition Standard

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

EyeNet Enforcement Systems have set in place an international automated license (ALPR) and number plate recognition standard copyright to provide guidance in the worldwide development of Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems.

Thomas Tarach, CEO of EyeNet Enforcement Systems explained, “one of the biggest problems we found our international customers face was untangling the different lists of technical features from the different providers of ANPR. For example, car park and access control operators were requiring reading plates at speeds of 160 MPH. Reading plates on cars traveling that fast is not a need that car park operators have. Companies are paying for expensive cameras and features they don’t need.”

The standard will provide companies with clear and simple guidelines, set out in levels of 1-5, depending on how complicated the system is. Level 1 relates to simple systems such as car park number plate readers which rely on single language, infra-red sensors. Level 5 readers will be able to read Chinese, Arabic, English and Thai language characters, with high level responsiveness from colour and infra-red cameras.

Imad Al Sayed, managing director of DDIT, believes “the strength of the EyeNet Standard is the flexibility to match high security needs with integrated technologies for powerful solutions. We have integrated Arabic and English ANPR with technologies including mobile data communications, live mobile video streaming, GPS, vehicle location wireless protocols from WIMAX to Tetra for Level 5 security. The EyeNet standard is a great tool to communicate these specifications globally.”

Kansas based ICOP Digital, Inc. were the first to integrate their software with EyeNet’s ANPR. ICOP President, Laura Owen, is firmly behind the coalition, stating “the EyeNet standard is a useful guide for customers to get the greatest value. The need for a standard to unify the technology was evident. The critical factor was to make it comprehensive yet simple. The EyeNet standard delivers a thorough, easy to use tool for choosing ANPR and integrated solutions such as in-car video.”

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Nationla Numbers Visit McLaren Technology Centre to see new McLaren MP4-12C

July 26, 2010
Posted in Car news — Written by Helen

McLaren MP4-12CNationla Numbers Chairman Eric Craggs visited the McLaren premises in Woking, Surrey, to preview their newest sports car, the stunning MP4-12C.

Eric and about 70 other dedicated motor enthusiasts were personally invited to the lb40 million McLaren Technology Centre (MTC), where they enjoyed a two-hour guided tour, a preview of the new McLaren MP4-12C, along with a champagne reception.

The MTC is stunning, and there are many reasons it’s not your everyday car factory. The building accurately reflects the professionalism and attitude of the McLaren brand. When viewed from above, the stunning building forms the yin-yang symbol. But you’d only get to see this if you flew in by private helicopter or jet!

Inside, the MTC is fanatically immaculate; pristine white walls and glistening aluminium, with an almost clinical feel. It features many of the wow-factor touches that feature on McLaren cars, such as gull-wing doors.

The ‘boulevard’ feature McLaren’s astounding trophy display, which is almost 50 metres long; along with millions of pounds’ worth of historic racing cars.

It’s safe to assume that this attention to detail comes from Ron Dennis, the executive chairman of McLaren, who started his career with the company as an F1 mechanic in the late Sixties.

The same care in design has been lovingly bestowed to the MP4-12C. Developed entirely in-house by McLaren, the car is likely to cost lb175,000. It has a 3.8-litre V8 twin-turbo engine with 600 BHP and around 443 lb/ft of torque. The car is reported to be able to accelerate from 0 to 124 mph in under 10 seconds. Braking from 62 mph to zero can be done in less than 30 metres. Find out more about the car here.

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False Number Plates Used In Petrol Theft

July 24, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A student from Keighley, West Yorkshire, has admitted to fitting false number plates to his car, filling up with petrol at Skipton Tesco, then driving off without paying.

Shakeeb Akram, 18, was summoned to appear before Skipton Magistrates Court to account for his criminal actions and abnormal display of character, which had put his plans to study law or accounting at university in jepardy.

Akram was first spotted changing his number plates on May 3 by a passer-by, who reported the suspiscious behaviour to the police.

He then drove his Black Vauxhall Corsa to the petrol station and filled up with lb25.01 of petrol, before driving away. The attendent on duty reported his number plate to the police and Akram was stopped soon after.

Caroline Midgley of the prosecution revealed that the correct number plates were found following a thorough search of the car, and how Akram had told police that the car belonged to his parents.

Akram pleaded guilty to leaving without paying and fraudulant use of a number plate. Following his admission, he was given a 12 month conditional discharge, forced to pay lb85 in costs and lb25.01 compensation to Tesco.

Sajad Chaudhury, working in his defence, told how he had no explanation for what he had done, but he was deeply sorry. “As a result of his actions, he has put a big obstacle in the path of his career, only he can explain why he decided to do this, he is very embarrassed and very remorseful.”

The magistrates concluded by giving their thanks to the witness involved.

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Staffordshire Police Target Number Plate Theives

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Staffordshire Police Force are keen to put an end to a string of number plate thefts.

The latest reports of number plate thefts come from the Burntwood and Lichfield areas where 18 have been reported stolen, although Burton, Tamworth and Utoxeter have also been targetted in recent months.

Inspector Ashley Farrington commented:

“We are not exactly sure what is behind the increase in these thefts but they do cause an enormous amount of worry and concern to the vehicle owners involved.

“We know that some stolen registration plates are used in crime, but the number is relatively low and does not explain the underlying reasons behind the amount of plates reported stolen.”

The thefts appear to be highly unusual, as the unique nature of registration numbers can be tracked when they pass automated machines across the British road network.

This is leading theorists to believe that the number plates are taken to be displayed in houses as trophies.

Inspector Farrington added:

“We want to put an end to these thefts and are appealing for help from drivers and members of the public. We are seeking as much information as possible to enable us to piece together a clear picture of what is happening so we can take the appropriate action.

“If necessary, we will make arrests and take people to court because although stealing a number plate from a car may seem trivial, it can damage the vehicle and put owners through unnecessary expense.”

Those with information relating to the recent number plate thefts are politely requested to contact their local police station or call crimestoppers.

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Internet Assisting New Zealand Car Theives

July 11, 2010
Posted in Number Plates — Written by matthew.smith

Car thieves are using motor vehicle sales websites to assist them in tracking down and stealing highly desirable vehicles.

New Zealand based criminals are using online catalogues as a means of finding sought-after cars, viewing their location and number plates, taking crime to a new, more sophisticated level.

By collecting all the information they need, the carjackers can organise and plan their strategy, maximising the financial return.

In a report conducted by the New Zealand Herald, the thieves note the numbers of the vehicles they are interested in, then purchase name and address information from publically available sources for a few dollars.

Local police have found that high-performance Japanese cars, such as Suburus and Nissan Skylines are at the top of the hit-list.

Trade Me is one of the websites used by the criminals, with an average of 57,000 vehicles being listed month.

Despite trust and safety manager Chris Budge claiming that Trust Me take big steps to ensure members’ privacy, they are incapable of preventing criminals getting hold of registration details if they are included in sales pictures.

Budge confessed that “there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do,” with post offices suppling vehicle owner information for just $2.25.

Changes are set to be made on November 1, when those who want vehicle owner information will have to apply to the New Zealand Transport Authority.

Assistant Privacy Commissioner, Katrine Evans, stated: “We have been working towards these changes for some time and are really pleased to see they will be coming into effect.”

Safety advisers have suggested that those who are selling their vehicles should cover up the number plate when taking sales photographs and accompanying those who want a test drive.

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Northern Ireland to Get lb13m Number Plate System

July 1, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Northern Ireland police have been given the go ahead to launch a lb13m number plate surveillance system, with the aim of tracking smugglers and terrorists as they travel the country’s roads.

The funding will go towards an Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) system which will give police a huge helping hand in keeping tabs on suspects and fighting a range of crimes.

MPs were advised that the finances were short due to a “very tight fiscal round,” with Secretary of State Owen Paterson lobbying the Treasury.

Shadow Northern Ireland Minister Paul Goggins along with the DUP, both welcomed the announcements.

Northern Ireland Minister Hugo Swire stating that “while funding for the PSNI is, rightly, a matter for the devolved administration, the Government is committed to ensuring it has the resources available to deal with the security situation.

“That is why access to the Reserve is available to meet any exceptional security pressures relating to policing and justice.

“This money will help the Chief Constable counter those determined to use violence to try to bring down the peace process.”

anpr number plate


DUP MP Ian Paisley offered his opinion on the developments, claiming that “the threat of dissident republican terrorism must be taken on and defeated. The police should have at their disposal all necessary tools that can aid them in the battle against those who would seek to plunge Northern Ireland back into bloodshed and chaos.

“That includes special number plate recognition technology.

“The border between this part of the UK has been used down through the years by terrorists and illegal traders to their advantage.

“In the case of terrorists, they creep across the border commit their evil acts and then flee to the Republic where it is more difficult for our own police to locate and then extradite them to give account for their actions.”

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