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Dundee Police to Investigate Carjacking

August 29, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Dundee Police Force is looking into a reported carjacking after a man broke into an elderly couple’s car – whilst they were still driving it!

The carjacker was reported to have leapt into the path of the couple’s maroon Volvo as it waited at a junction at 6:30pm on Wednesday.

Onlookers reported that the man clung to the rear door as it accelerated away from the junction, managing to prize it open and climb inside.

Witnesses described how he’d been stood in the middle of the road with another man, forcing drivers to swerve around them.

Police were informed when a woman on a bus noticed the abnormal behaviour and reported it as a carjacking.

The investigation will now take place, with police looking at automatic number-plate recognition technology (ANPR) and CCTV footage.

Police are trying to track down all owners of maroon Volvo saloon’s, hoping to speak with the elderly couple.

Some believe that the incident could have been an alcohol-related prank by the men.

“At this time there is no evidence to suggest that any ‘carjacking’ has taken place. We have no reports of stolen cars, missing persons or abandoned vehicles found,” a police spokeswoman said.

“However, we are keen for the elderly couple seen driving the Volvo to get in touch. We need to make sure they are safe and well and that nothing untoward has happened to them.

“We would also like to hear from any motorists in the area who may have seen the two men on the carriageway. Officers are reviewing both public and private CCTV footage in a bid to identify the elderly couple and two men involved.”

The witness described one of the men as approximately 5”6’, early 20s, slight build and short dark hair.

The police spokewoman continued by stating: “Anyone who remembers seeing either of the two men in the area, or has information that may assist officers with enquiries, should get in touch with Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222.

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Qatar Set to Issue New Number Plates

Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by matthew.smith

Qatar’s Traffic Department director, Brig Gen Mohamed Saad al-Kharji, has revealed that new number plates are set to adorn vehicles, with the country’s name embossed in English.

Al-Kharji explained: “Plans for the new number plates are going ahead. We are waiting for the material to arrive in Qatar.”

Qatar has seen a huge surge in vehicles on its roads, with approimately 10,000 extra vehicles every month.

New rules also state that tinted windows can only be added to the rear side windows of cars after paying a small fee, as all other windows will hamper security and safety.

Al-Kharji is keen to reveal that drivers with large, unpaid fines and those without registrations are on the Traffic Department’s radar.

He explained: “Our system automatically alerts us when a driver has reached all the points on the licence or has incurred fines running into thousands. We then send this to our patrol teams who trace the vehicle in question and ask them to clear the records.”

The Traffic Department director explained that insurance companies that refuse to offer vehicle insurance may face a fine of QR10,000.

“In such cases, a person can go to the nearest police station and file a complaint and action will be taken. These things now result in fines for the providers,” he added.

Driving related expenditures are on the up in Qatar, with third party insurance premiums and driving renewal prices recently raised.

Al-Kharji stated: “Insurance premiums in Qatar were one of the lowest compared to other countries in the GCC.”

He also defended the inclusion of theory classes being included at driving schools.

“Driving schools have been given one year to implement these changes, as we realise they must hire qualified trainers, IT trainers, computers and other associated items,” al-Kharji revealed.

He continued: “We remain in consultation with the industry and the provision for 15 hours could be changed to 10 hours. It is an evolution after all.

“Booklets in English and Arabic on traffic laws will be made available soon to motorists in the country.”

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Villagers to Track Speeding Motorists

Posted in Number Plates — Written by matthew.smith

Residents of Consett, County Durham, are set to monitor speeding drivers in a new neighbourhood watch initiative.

The revolutionary scheme will give the villagers the power to monitor speeding drivers by using speed detectors.

Village residents will be asked if they want to participate, and if so, volunteer to stand by the roadside with the speed detection equipment and monitor the speed of passing vehicles.

If any motorists are found to be travelling through the village at excessive speeds, a description and the vehicle registration are noted and passed to the police.

Police revealed that they would not fine or take the drivers to court, but send warning letters to make them more aware of their wrongdoings.

The scheme is set to be employed next month, and if it’s deemed to be successful, will be deployed throughout the country in a bid to cut speeding offences.

The speed detection equipment will be operated from a mobile camera van and police will provide the locals with training.

Residents will have the power to choose which roads will be targeted.

The idea was first born out of a meeting between Durham police, Durham County Council and residents from local villages.

Working for the Area Action Partnership (AAP) in the Durham Valley, Corinne Walton believes the project will “hopefully make life on our local roads safer”.

She continued: “Speeding traffic was identified as a priority by residents because they live in a very rural area where some motorists drive at excessive speeds on open stretches of road.”

“This is a big issue for residents and it will be them who will operate the new equipment, making a note of the vehicle’s registration number and the speed it was travelling.

“This information will then be given to police who have the ability to send out warning letters to drivers.”

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Time’s Up for ‘Cowboy’ Scrap Dealers

August 21, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

‘Cowboy’ scrap metal dealers are being told that their time is up thanks to a determined British MEP.

Up until recently, millions of cars were allowed to be scrapped without being de-registered.

Things are set to change, however, with the help of Liberal Democrat MEP, Chris Davies.

This means of scrapping cars has caused environmentalists to complain that action should have been taken sooner, with used tyres dumped in the countryside and wasteland, and thousands tonnes of brake fluid and oil being poured into the sewers.

The current law allows scrap dealers to act as the owner when they scrap cars, and hence escape depollution requirements set out by EU law.

Following the recent action taken by European MP Chris Davies, the DVLA have moved to alter the V5C registration forms.

Mr Davies has spent the past five years working closely with environmental companies to understand what needs changing.

“The figures suggest that up to a million cars have been taken apart and scrapped on peoples’ driveways in the last 5 years. This is clearly absurd, but it’s been an uphill task to persuade the DVLA to make the changes required,” he said.

“Rogue scrap dealers advertising for old cars need to be put of business. They are not paying tax, they harm the environment, and they undercut legitimate vehicle dismantlers.”

The DVLA believe that the knock on effect may result in up to 400,000 cars evading registration.

Mr Davies is keen to see scrap dealers provide a document of destruction to those who trade-in their vehicles.

“A Certificate of Destruction is essential. It ensures that the car is deregistered and properly depolluted,” he said.

“The EU end-of-life directive is a good environment law intended to ensure that the millions of cars disposed of each year are treated properly. The time is long overdue for Britain to apply it across the board.”

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Spanish Declare War on Speeding Tourists

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Tourists in Spain will need to think twice before speeding, as officials lay out plans for a network of high-speed number plate recognition cameras along the Costas.

The cameras will automatically detect the number plates of speeding foreign vehicles and send the details by Wi-Fi to near-by police cars.

New rules legislate that any foreign drivers caught speeding will be given immediate fines of lb500.

Until recently, Spanish police had to track down the addresses of speeding foreign motorists after the incident, leading many fines to go unpaid.

Now, if a motorist refuses to pay the fine on the spot, they risk having their car seized.

Approximately half the vehicles along the Costas are driven by tourists, with the cameras employing satellite technology to keep on top of speeding motorists.

Popular tourist resorts Alicante and Murcia are two destinations on the hitlist for the clampdown.

A spokesman for the Direccion General de Trafico (DGT), Spain’s ‘DVLA‘, looked to explain the decisions: “Except in rare circumstances, non-residents caught speeding on cameras never receive their fines because we’ve nowhere to send them.

“It’s a problem across the EU, not just in Spain.

‘This is not a witch-hunt against British or foreign drivers. Nor are we targeting specific nationalities.

“Excess speed is a contributing factor in a third of all fatal accidents, and so lives may be saved with these new measures.”

“Negotiations are taking place at EU level to try to introduce a system whereby people who drink-drive or speed are punished wherever in Europe they commit their offence.”

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Justice for Number Plate Fraudster

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A Staffordshire man has received some long awaited justice, ten years after falling victim to a number plate conman.

Residing in Wychnor, Burton, Mark Sadler paid lb6,000 for a pair of number plates displaying the registration ‘M4RKS’, blissfully unaware he would never get to use them.

Just before he set off for a new life in Tenerife, Mark Seabridge, 46, had bragged to friends about how he’d scammed somebody out of lb6,000.

Prosecuting on behalf of Mr Sadler, Anthony Johnston told Stafford Crown Court how Mr Seabridge had effectively conned Mr Sadler out of the money, as he only traded the number plates, and not the rights to the registration number.

With the intention of adorning his motorbike with the newly acquired number plate, Mr Sadler sent his documentation off, only to have it rejected and returned; the number plate had been purchased by somebody else at auction.

Sadler failed in his subsequent attempts to contact Seabridge, with Seabridge’s partner explaining that the money had been spent on living expenses abroad.

Working on behalf of the defence, Amanda O’Mara told how Seabridge had lost his restaurant business in Tenerife and returned to the UK.

Upon his return in 2006, Seabridge was arrested to act as a prosecution witness in a trial. He subsequently skipped bail and went missing again until his recent arrest.

Seabridge was charged with obtaining money by deception and handed a 12-week, suspended prison sentence, and ordered to complete 250 hours community service.

Overseeing the case, Judge Mark Eades declared: “This was a case of blatant fraud on Mr Sadler.

“You regarded it as a con to get money to feather your nest in Tenerife.

“If I was Mr Sadler, I would feel extremely aggrieved.”

Judge Eades continued to explain that Mr Seabridge was lucky to be standing before the court now when the sentences are more lenient, as opposed to at the time of the offence.

He continued: “If you had come up for sentence in 1999, the notion of getting a four-week sentence would have been laughed at.”

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Driver With ‘666’ Registration Cleared of Careless Motoring

August 15, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A 65-year-old guest-house owner was forced to deny being a Hell’s Angel; all because her number plate contained ‘666’ in the registration.

The shock accusation followed a complaint by two cyclists that Sally Phelps had driven without caution.

According to one of the cyclists, you could “feel the heat” of the black Volvo with its ‘666’ registration as it passed by.

However, Mrs Phelps left the courtroom in Portree, Skye, an innocent woman; aided by her lawyer’s accusation that the cyclists took offence to the unholy number plate.

Mrs Phelps was questioned by Fiscal Stewart Maciver: “Are you a devil worshipper or a fan of the heavy metal group Iron Maiden, who brought out the song Number Of The Beast?” To which she answered: “No.”

It soon came to light that the plate had been bought for Mrs Phelps by her husband, currently living in a care home, who had chosen the plate for its reference to the islands name.

Horrified by the connection, Mrs Phelps explained: “I had no idea my car number had connections with the devil.

“When my husband bought it several years ago it was for the SKY part. The 666 bit came with it.”

Both women denied that it was because Mrs Phelps’ registration contained “the devil’s number,” and that they had only reported the incident as the car had passed dangerously close to their bicycles, making them unsteady.

Working on behalf of Mrs Phelps, Soliciter Duncan Burd held the Bible before one of the women, and postulated: “Both of you have concocted this allegation due to the number and its association with the devil.”

“Mrs MacDonald confessed she is religious and knew the significance of the 666 number, as did her companion.

“Revelations 13:18 says ‘Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a man. His number is 666.’

“This is where the mythology of this number combination started. The passage tells that 666 symbolises Satan or the Antichrist.

“The two cyclists were annoyed at the devil’s car going past them so decided to report her to the police.”

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Number Plate Thefts Linked to Shop Raids

August 14, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A small town located in South Devon is experiencing a series of unprecedented “smash-and-grab raids” and number plate thefts.

At a rate of approximately 1 number plate per day, thefts have occurred from 12 cars so far, in various areas of Salcombe.

Until recently, the events weren’t being linked, but following a raid that resulted in a shop losing over lb5000, police are re-evaluating the situation.

A hammer was used to break through a shop window in order to gain access to dozens of pairs of designer sunglasses, with an onlooker making note of the Volvo and recording the registration number.

After investigation, the number plate was found to belong to a different make of car.

On the same night, various other cars in the area were targeted; sometimes both the front and rear plate were taken and sometimes just the rear plate.

Approximately three days later, another almost identical robbery took place on a jewellery shop in Salcombe, resulting in the theft of ear-rings, chains, and rings, to the value of thousands of pounds.

Local police have set extra patrols in the area affected in an attempt to bring an end to the relentless attack.

A police spokesman recently commented that there was probably a link between the first and second robberies and also between the first robbery and number plate thefts.

He continued: “If this is some jape by a resident or a visitor it has gone too far. Contact us now and we can sort it out.”

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Sweden Rejects ‘Demonic’ Number Plate

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Sweden’s transport authority rejected proposals from one citizen this week, for a less-than-angelic number plate.

40-year-old Annsofie Tedfors was keen to use a combination of numbers and letters to form the word ‘Lucifer’ on her number plate.

The Swedish transport authority were keen to avoid any complaints due to the number plate’s devilish nature.

“The combination of letters that you have asked for could be interpreted as offensive,” a representative for the Swedish transport authority said.

The request will follow a long list of other registrations that have been rejected by the organisation, which includes “Sexyboy,” “Badazz” and “Vodka.”

Miss Tedfors told the daily national newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, that when choosing a name it was due to it being original and memorable, as opposed to its demonic connotations.

Speaking to the paper, she explained how she had once owned a cat and a business named “Lucifer” and “just wanted to pick a memorable name.”

However, Miss Tedfors shouldn’t feel too discriminated against, as according to Swedish law, personalised number plates cannot be “offensive or disturbing” in any way.

All proposed personalised number plates must be considered by the authorities on a case-by-case basis.

Sweden currently has over 15,800 personalised number plates in circulation, each issued with a duration of 10 years and prices starting at 6,000 Swedish Kroners (approximately lb520).

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Vehicles Seized in Police Operation

August 8, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A multi-agency police operation has been hailed as a “great success” following the seizure of 25 cars and nine arrests.

Police operated throughout the Suffolk area on 3rd August under the codename ‘Operation Utah’.

Teams from Lowestoft, Ipswich, and thee other departments, joined forces with the DVLA, HM Revenue and Customs, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, and the UK Border Agency.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology was employed throughout Suffolk on key roads, alerting the police when law breaking vehicles passed.

Vehicles suspected of breaking the law were escorted to a specially cordoned area in central Ipswich, where specialist police were on hand to search the cars for drugs, wanted persons, counterfeit and stolen items, and wanted persons.

Suffolk Constabulary’s Chief Inspector Adrian Dawson said the day had been a great success for all those involved in the operation.

“We were looking at anything to do with crime – when stopping a vehicle, you don’t know what you’re going to find,” he said.

“It was a very successful day. We made nine arrests for various offences, including theft, disqualified driving, drink-driving and we gave one caution for possession of cannabis.

“We also seized 25 vehicles, the two main reasons for this were having no insurance or driving licence.”

Vehicles were stopped at Haverhill and Mildenhall, with 76 vehicles stopped during the afternoon at the operational base in Ipswich.

Chief Insp. Adrian Dawson continued: “A few people have had their pride and joy seized. The message is that we are here, we are targeting crime and people who commit these offences will have their vehicles taken from them.”

Operation Utah is part of a multi-regional crackdown on law breaking vehicles, with Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire also taking part.

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