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22 Illegal Vehicles Seized in Peterborough

September 26, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Police were forced to remove 22 vehicles from the roads of Cambridgeshire after they were found to be ‘illegal’.

The operation involved the latest advancements in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology.

The system automatically and instantly checks registration numbers against a database of wanted and uninsured vehicles, informing the police of any law breakers.

The vehicles were seized on 24th September after being found to be breaking the law in one way or another.

Some vehicles were found to be uninsured with others harbouring serious defects.

However, it wasn’t just the transport that was found to be unlawful.

Five arrests were made due to the driver being responsible for theft, possession of drugs with intent to supply, driving under the influence of excessive alcohol and driving whilst disqualified.

One person was taken into custody following the issue of an international arrest warrant.

The operation saw over 100 police officers in force throughout Peterborough, scanning car parks for uninsured and wanted vehicles.

Police are impressed with the ANPR system, allowing for instant and rapid response and helping to rid the streets of unlawful vehicles.

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‘Worst Ever Driver’ Get’s Three More Points

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A motorist in Britain can be officially declared the ‘worst ever driver’ after adding 3 more points to his tally of 66.

Over the course of two years, John Collins, 27, managed to accumulate the record number of points, leaving many people wondering how he passed in the first place.

Normally living with family in Lancashire, Mr Collins is a traveller whose driving licence had been cleared of all points when he was disqualified from driving for 12 months.

The most recent issuance of points came at the expense of towing an over-sized trailer, which needed to be recorded in a special category on his driving licence; a category he didn’t have.

Mr Collins’ family had attempted to pass the abnormal amount of points off as several cases of ‘mistaken identity’.

According to his father, John had sold cars on several occasions, but due to his illiteracy, was unable to complete the necessary forms to include the new owner’s details.

His father even revealed that Mr Collins’ total may be higher than first thought.

“He had 27 to start with – then they took some off,” he said.

“That left him with 15. But they gave him another 60 so that makes 75.”

Following the addition of 3 more points, Mr Collins failed to appear in court, resulting in a fine of lb175, lb85 costs and lb15 in victim surcharge.

It is thought that Mr Collins could keep his licence after accumulating so many points, as the details hadn’t reached the DVLA.

It is thought that around 11,000 other motorists are in a similar position.

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Uninsured West Yorkshire Motorists Face Police Crackdown

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

West Yorkshire Police Force has declared war on uninsured drivers as part of a recent campaign to make the streets of Bradford safer.

During the most recent wave, nine cars were seized, thanks to technology at the forefront of the operation.

The action took place over two days and saw police equipped by the roadside with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.

This innovative technology actively scans the number plates of every vehicle that passes by, constantly updating the police with real-time information.

If an uninsured driver or a vehicle that is linked to crime passes by, police will instantly receive a message alerting them.

A number of other arrests were made, including driving whilst over the legal limit for alcohol consumption and the possession of drugs.

Fixed Penalty Notices were passed to nine drivers for speeding and two drivers for using mobile phones without hands-free devices whilst driving.

North Bradford Neighbourhood Policing Team’s Inspector Steve Greenbank was delighted with the results of the operation.

“We are very pleased with the result of our operations,” he said.

“They saw us seize one car on Allerton Road so quickly it happened before we had even finished setting up.

“Drivers need to be aware that we are not prepared to tolerate uninsured driving and we are doing something about it, increasingly with the help of very sophisticated new tools.”

Inspector Greenbank believes that anyone who thinks they can get away with driving uninsured or using a mobile phone without a hands-free kit needs to think again.

He concluded: “Driving while using a mobile phone which is not hands-free can be highly dangerous and anyone caught will face a lb60 fine and points on their licence.”

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UK Police Looking for Motorists to ‘Snitch’ on Bad Drivers

September 19, 2010
Posted in Number Plates — Written by matthew.smith

Police are looking for motorists to inform them of bad drivers on UK roads.

Those seen to be guilty of making too much noise or driving inconsiderately will be reported to the police under the new scheme.

Some people are deeply concerned by the idea, fearing that those who hold vendettas against others may take advantage of the scheme.

Complaints will be logged in a police database and checked against the DVLA database.

Those who are reported twice within twelve months will face action by the police as ‘repeat offenders’, even though they haven’t been caught breaking the law.

Guilty parties may receive a letter in the post or a visit from a police officer.

Accusations will be made through an online system, and the pilot scheme in Sussex has already seen over 20,000 reports, with over 2,500 drivers sent ‘letters of advice’.

Police have defended the scheme, stating that it protects the public, although some have likened it to the German Stasi; a regime known for their encouragement of informing on others.

Subject to its success, the scheme may be employed throughout the country.

Campaign director of Big Brother Watch, Dylan Sharpe is deeply concerned by the idea, revealing that the “whole process is based on unfounded accusations by untrained and possibly prejudiced members of the public.”

He continued: “This scheme is wide-open to abuse; ranging from people with minor grudges against neighbours to busybody drivers who think they know what constitutes bad driving.

“It is the worst example of citizen snooping and clearly doesn’t work. Sussex Police would be advised to stop spending taxpayer’s money promoting this intrusive scheme”

A newsletter called Vibe is promoting the scheme at the taxpayer’s expense.

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Cars Seized from Garage Forecourts in DVLA Crackdown on Untaxed Vehicles

Posted in DVLA — Written by matthew.smith

Garage owners and motor traders are set to take on the DVLA after vehicles were seized during a campaign against untaxed vehicles parked on private properties.

The incident took place on the garage forecourts in Exeter as enforcement teams working on behalf of the DVLA took possession of the offending vehicles and transported them by lorry to a pound in Plymouth.

The DVLA gave the responsibility of vehicle acquisition to a company named NSL.

When quizzed as to the reason for seizing the vehicles, NSL explained that the vehicles were neither declared as ‘off-road’ or in the possession of a dealer; a requirement for non-taxpaying vehicles.

However, it is not uncommon for workers in the motor trade to avoid the declaration that a vehicle is in the possession of a dealer, as the paperwork is so extensive that the vehicle is often sold by the time it’s complete.

Many believe the DVLA should be more lenient at a time of economic struggle.

One motor trader explained how he had to drive to the pound in Plymouth and show them his trade plates before they released two of his vehicles.

“I have written to the DVLA explaining that the vehicles were properly declared ‘in trade’ and parked on private property,” he revealed.

“It took me six hours of phone calls and hassle to get them released, and I had to drive 82 miles when there’s a DVLA office within 40 yards of my office.”

Arthur Poole, owner at another vehicle trading company, AGP Motors, had to move one vehicle to a more secure premises.

He said: “They were there with a lorry when I arrived at 9am. A neighbour had blocked the access but they told us they were taking it and there was nothing we could do about it.”

“I run an MOT testing centre so customers can quite legally bring their cars here with no MOT or tax.

“How am I supposed to operate a business if the DVLA might then threaten to take customers’ vehicles away?

“There is no way I am paying the release fee.”

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Essex Police in Illegal Number Plate Crackdown

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Motorists in Essex are set to be at the centre of a police crackdown on illegal number plates throughout the county.

The campaign is the brainchild of motoring body the DVLA, and will focus on drivers who have affixed illegal number plates to their vehicles and manufacturers of such number plates.

Police have made it clear that motorists who alter or manipulate their number plates by adding non-regulation spacing, bolts, fonts, graphics, or non-standard letter sizing, will be breaking the law and punished for their offence.

In recent years it has been common for drivers to apply ‘foreign-style’ number plates to their vehicles, containing italic fonts, textured or patterned backgrounds, or even offensive wording.

Police are keen to address these problems by tackling them head-on.

Those found to have offending number plates on their cars will receive a fixed penalty notice of lb60.

If drivers are found to be using false number plates, they can expect to receive a fine up to lb1000.

Casualty reduction manager Adam Pipe believes the identification response time is of great importance to the police.

“The main problem with misrepresented number plates is that we cannot quickly identify a car or its owner if it is stolen or used in crime,” he said.

“We use automatic number plate technology extensively to keeps the roads safe and trace poorly-maintained vehicles, dangerous drivers or track the movements of vehicles which are stolen or are being used by criminals.

“There can be a delay while ANPR works out the correct identity of an altered number plate and that delay could lead to offenders getting away or stolen cars not being traced.

“Officers will be paying close attention to altered plates and if you have one it’s only a matter of time before we will be having words with you.”

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Banned Driver Jailed After Tricking DVLA

September 12, 2010
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A woman from Carlton, North Yorkshire, has been imprisoned after duping the DVLA into revoking her driving ban.

Kalpna Copeland, 37, a serial drink driver, sent an email to the DVLA, posing as a court official and requesting for the ban to be lifted.

Rob Galley, prosecuting in the case, told York Crown Court that Copeland had been banned after being caught drink driving for the third time in six years.

She was subsequently jailed for 120 days but failed to learn from her mistakes.

Shortly after her release, she sent two emails to the DVLA, claiming to be “Sam Goozee,” a clerk at York Magistrates Court.

In the emails, she advised that the ban “no longer applied.”

Despite being sent from an ordinary Yahoo email address and not a secure government email address, an employee at the DVLA believed the information and lifted the ban.

However, following a review of the information provided, the DVLA informed the police and refused to return her license.

Police traced the emails to Copeland’s brother’s address; the property she had been lodging at since her release from prison.

Following her actions, Copeland pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by false representation and was jailed for six months.

Recorder, Tony Kelbrick declared: “Society must be able to rely on the integrity of the court system.

“It must be able to rely on the fact the courts punish those who offend with the punishment which they deserve and the disqualification you received was clearly deserved.

“People must know that if they do what you did, they will be punished and it will be a sentence of imprisonment.”

The DVLA has defended its actions during the case stating: “The DVLA has robust processes in place to identify and prevent criminal abuse of the driving licence system.

“Where there is any doubt over the integrity of the information it receives the Agency will conduct a full investigation and depending on the findings appropriate action will be taken.”

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‘Spy’ Lollipop Ladies to Expose Bad Drivers

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Lollipop ladies and men are taking part in a scheme to expose reckless drivers with the aid of hidden cameras.

Such schemes have already been tested in England and Scotland with success, and are now being introduced outside of schools in Wales.

Officials have already had to defend the scheme as an important way to protect both schoolchildren and traffic wardens, following criticisms that it’s “sad and disappointing.”

The plans set out for Flintshire will see several lollipop sticks modified to include a hidden camera with the wardens given specialised training.

Should any careless or dangerous take place in the presence of these lollipop sticks, the footage could be used as evidence in a prosecution.

The cameras are specially designed to start recording when the lollipop stick touches the ground. The traffic attendant should then point the camera (fixed and hidden within the lollipop) towards the offending vehicle’s number plate.

The scheme has been granted approval for Wales after a string motorists refusing to stop and assaults on school crossing assistants; some being hospitalised after being run over.

Law stipulates that the lollipop sign should be treated in the same way as a red traffic light, and failure to stop could result in a 3 points on a driving license and up to lb1000 fine.

Councillor Tony Sharps believes that the scheme is “a damn good idea” that such bad drivers are to be held accountable.

He continued: “any disgruntled, impatient or bad-tempered drivers will be caught on film.

“I would have thought (the wardens) are acting in the interests of the safety of our children, which is a very good thing.

“If people were a little bit more well mannered and a bit more courteous to one another these sorts of things wouldn’t be need.

“So whilst you’ve got this anti-social behaviour by these irresponsible motorists, unfortunately these new systems have to be put into place.”

“It is bye bye Mr Speed Camera and hello to the lollicam to look after our children.”

However, Edmund King, president of the AA isn’t so sure.

“It’s pretty sad and disappointing in this day and age that it’s even considered necessary that a lollipop person helping children cross the road should need to offer extra protection,” he revealed.

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Midlands Petrol Station Thefts Double

Posted in Number Plates — Written by matthew.smith

The incidents involving theft of petrol from filling stations in the Midlands has doubled in 12 months, according to new data.

It is thought that high priced fuel has forced many drivers to steal from the forecourts.

Between April and August 2010, 2,331 petrol thefts took place, compared with 1,135 thefts for the same period in 2009.

The figures, obtained through a Freedom of Information request, were recorded be West Midlands Police and cover the West Midlands area.

Chief Inspector Matthew Markham believes high fuel prices play a “major part” in the surge of thefts.

Police are working closely with garage owners and fuel companies to find ways of curbing the thefts, with increased levels of both high visibility and undercover policing.

“People who think they can fill up and go without paying will be arrested for the offence, which has previously carried substantial jail sentences,” Cheif Inspector Markham warned.

“Drivers who think they can get away with it should consider the technology that now exists.

“Most garages now have CCTV and the force’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is an added powerful deterrent.”

Many criminals are taking measures to avoid recognition by these advanced technologies.

According to police chiefs, a large amount of thefts take place with fake number plates from stolen cars in an attempt to avoid detection.

Dudley police officers are trying to bring this development to an end by adding tamper proof screws to number plates.

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Unique Facebook App Helps Users Find Personalised Registrations

September 10, 2010
Posted in Facebook App,Number Plates — Written by Helen

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