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Number Plates Used as Weapons During Break-Up!

July 31, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A court in Manchester heard how a woman who’d suffered heartbreak after breaking-up with her husband to be, resorted to a drunken, car-wrecking rampage.

Debbie Harrison, 31, took her anger out in a Manchester car park on two BMW’s, of which one was almost new, and an MG, after drinking 10 pints of lager.

The court heard how Ms Harrison had torn the number plates from two parked vehicles and used them as weapons to cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Prosecuting in the case, Gareth Hughes told the magistrates court how Ms Harrison had ripped a wing mirror off one car, damaged to other cars, spat on all of the cars and even bent back windscreen wipers during her rage.

“I was upset and angry – I am very sorry and embarrassed,” Ms Harrison told the court.

Chairman of the court, Bruce Westwood stated: “These are very serious offences and custody was an option. The fact that you were drunk is no excuse whatsoever.”

Ms Harrison pleaded guilty to the three counts of criminal damage and handed 12 months supervision and made to attend a women’s programme and seek support from the alcohol team.

In addition, she was given a lb435 charge for the damage caused during the incident.

Defending for the case, Damian Zelazowski revealed how Ms Harrison has “drowned her sorrows” in bars after she’d returned her engagement ring to her boyfriend.

“It had been a whirlwind romance. It was intense and she saw it as her future,” explained Mr Zelazowski.

“And when the engagement ended after a row over his behaviour towards her she was heartbroken and went drinking with a friend.

The court heard Harrison who had two previous convictions for drunk and disorderly, had a problem with binge drinking.

“She has expressed genuine remorse and wishes to apologise for her outrageous behaviour.”

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Leyton Joins Fight Against Number Plate Theft

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Waltham Forest Police have joined forces with Halfords in an attempt to combat the ever increasing amount of number plate thefts.

The campaign to stamp out the trend which involves removing number plates from parked cars was the focus point for the recent crime prevention day in Layton.

Local motorists who visit Halfords Autocentres will be offered the opportunity to have tamper proof screws fixed to their number plates, completely free.

The borough has seen an upsurge in number plate thefts in the past year, with 720 taking place throughout the borough; a rise from 705 the year before.

Approximately 1000 vehicles have been fitted with tamper proof screws since January.

Steve Wisbey, Commander for Waltham Forest Police Borough, believes steps are being taken in the right direction.

“This borough is making a concerted effort this year to reduce the number of people who are victims of this type of crime,” he explained.

“We are trying to tackle the problem of number plate theft head on.

“Working in partnership with businesses such as Halfords Autocentres and BP is a huge step towards achieving this.”

Following last week’s launch, leaflets and vouchers have been made readily available from BP forecourts in Layton for anybody who is interested.

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Entrepreneur Sells Number Plates for Charity

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

An entrepreneur is looking to auction off some of his prized personalised registrations in hope of raising enough money to get a disabled girl the medical treatment she needs.

Suranna Gleeson suffers from cerebral palsy diplegia, causing her to experience episodes of uncontrollable muscle spasms.

Dave Bonner, 48, purchased the number plates from the DVLA and now hopes that by auctioning them off it will help Suranna to get the medical treatment.

Parents of Suranna, Mark and Kerry, have been working hard to raise the lb50,000 needed to get their daughter the necessary medical attention and pioneering surgery, only available in the United States of America.

“All proceeds from the sale of the plates will go towards helping Suranna have this operation. Her story really pulled at my heartstrings,” explained Mr Bonner.

The number plates that Mr Bonner will be auctioning have a distinct football theme, including AP05SEY, intended to read ‘a poshey’, MC11 FAC, celebrating Manchester City’s first FA Cup win in 35 years, and RE0 8ABE, referring to Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand.

Suranna would be able to walk unaided fallowing the operation; something she isn’t currently capable of doing.

With her parents working as hard as they can to get Suranna the help she needs, mother Kerry stated: “Suranna can’t walk without the use of her walker and she has to wear splints.

“When she doesn’t have her walker her only means of mobility is to crawl.

“This operation would give her a better chance in life so she can do exactly what her peers do.”

The procedure, known as ‘dorsal rhizotomy’, cuts the nerve endings away from the spine would be performed in Missouri, and will allow Suranna to straighten her legs and eventually walk.

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Cars Seized in Manchester Police Crackdown

July 18, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A police crackdown in Greater Manchester has seen five people arrested and over 30 uninsured cars taken off the roads.

Over 60 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras were employed in the massive operation, helping to instantly identify serious criminals, unsafe drivers and unsafe vehicles.

The operation also saw over 150 police officers involved over and 8 hour period.

The ANPR cameras automatically scan the number plates of the vehicles that pass by, instantly checking them against information stored on the Police National Computer (PNC) and other databases, providing a rapid alert when police attention is necessary.

During the crackdown, 87 vehicles were intercepted, with 31 cars seized for being driven without insurance.

Three people were arrested for possessing cannabis with intent to supply, two people were arrested for driving whilst disqualified, with one of the two also driving under the influence of alcohol.

In addition, there were cautions for three people who posessed cannabis, a fixed-penalty notice for one person and a summons for another.

“Many criminals rely on vehicles to commit crime and by denying them use of the roads we are better placed to prevent and detect crime,” explained Superintendent Craig Thompson of the Greater Manchester Police’s Specialist Operations Branch.

“We know there is a strong link between illegal use of motor vehicles and other types of serious crime and ANPR cameras are an invaluable tool in our fight against committed criminals and organised crime groups,” he added.

“The message to those who flout the rules of the road or who use our highways in the pursuit of crime is simple – we will use all the equipment available to us to identify you and bring you to justice.”

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Anti-CCTV Groups Tackle Royston ANPR Cameras

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Anti-CCTV groups are gearing up to take on plans to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras in the Hertfordshire town of Royston.

The scheme will see number plate recognition cameras installed in important locations to catch driving offenders and other, more serious criminals

However, Privacy International, No CCTV and Big Brother Watch are all concerned about the severe invasion of pubic privacy.

Several civil liberties groups have already contacted the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), concerned about the legality of the operation.

“Retaining this information for up to two years constitutes a gross invasion of the public’s civil liberties,” explained Big Brother Watch’s Daniel Hamilton.

“We believe the public have a right to go about their daily business without central government essentially logging every single journey they make.

“This kind of system isn’t about preventing crime, it’s about building up a database which can be used at a later stage,”

Inspector Andy Piper, Hertfordshire Police’s ANPR manager, revealed that the ANPR cameras are supported and financed by local businesses and Royston Town Council, and an “invaluable tool” in tackling crime.

“We work closely with the ICO to ensure we adhere to national guidelines around ANPR,” explained Insp. Andy Piper.

“We use ANPR to target criminals and unsafe drivers, not law-abiding motorists, and have caught hundreds of burglars, robbers, uninsured drivers, drug dealers and other serious criminals.

“For law-abiding drivers, the numberplate details are kept, under strict guidelines, for two years before being deleted.

“We won’t access this information unless the registration is linked to crime, disorder or an unsafe vehicle.”

Insp. Piper believes that Royston is a “location of importance on the borders of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, with people from those counties and from Bedfordshire also travelling through the area”.

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Dept of Transport Close to Motor Insurance Inquiry Response

Posted in DVLA — Written by matthew.smith

The Department of Transport’s (DoT’s) road safety minister has announced that a response to last year’s inquiry into motor insurance premiums is imminent.

Conservative MP for Hemel Hempstead, Mike Penning, revealed that the DoT’s response had been delayed somewhat, as the inquiry conducted by the transport select committee was a “complex area”.

Although Mr Penning was quick to reject any beliefs that the new inquiry would affect their aims to respond to the first inquiry.

The Transport Select Committee had vowed to re-evaluate the case, as motor insurance premiums were rising with concerns over referral fees.

Speaking about the first inquiry, Mr Penning explained: “We are committed to tackling the rising cost of insurance and are treating this response to the select committee’s useful report as a priority.”

According to Mr Penning, several government bodies were involved in the report and the Department of Transport would “ensure we provide a comprehensive response”.

“We will be responding shortly but in the meantime we are continuing work on addressing this important issue.

“We are working on how insurers could confirm details such as a driver’s motoring offence record with the DVLA to deal with those drivers who fail to fully disclose endorsements when applying for insurance.”

Some of the Transport Select Committee’s recommendations included taking a serious look at fraud, personal injury claims, young drivers and uninsured drivers.

Their report also suggested that insurers, brokers and aggregators work together to combat fraud in a proactive manner.

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Afghans Say No to Number Plates Containing 39

July 7, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Afghanistan’s motorists have given vehicle licensing officials a headache by choosing to avoid all number plates that contain the number 39.

Unusually, Afghans see the number 39 as a number of great shame and Kabul’s police department has reported that new plates are stacking up with car prices and sales considerable affected.

The aversion is thought to have arisen from a pimp using the number 39 on his number plate, but others believe it to be from an old way of calculating numbers.

Despite the unclear reasoning, the avoidance of all registrations containing the number 39 has spread throughout the country and is growing day by day.

Ahmad Ghafor, a taxi driver in Kabul has experienced the problems that come with owning a number plate containing 39.

“I am gutted that my car has a 39 number plate. I have had enough of people’s taunts,” he explained.

“It gets worse when I have women customers in the car.

“Other drivers signal to me or blow their horn saying ‘shall we pay you to drop these ladies to my place?'”

Mr Ghafor has even attempted to sell his car to rid himself of the problems that now accompany it, but nobody wants to buy it.

Some motorists have had their number plates professionally altered to remove the 39.

Major problems began when the five digit plates switched over from beginning with 38 to 39.

Fawad Heravi, a local car dealer explained: “You wouldn’t dare to drive a car containing number plate 39 on roads in Herat.”

“You’d simply accept you’d be called a pimp and followed by other road users.”

Prices have been massively affected according to Qais Yasini, another car dealer in the north of Afghanistan.

“Can you believe that I sold a car for $7,000 because of this 39 number plate? Its actual price was $12,000,” he revealed.

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DVLA Parking Trouble in Swansea

Posted in DVLA News — Written by matthew.smith

Vehicle parking problems are at an all-time high around DVLA’s Clase site and may be about to get a lot worse.

From 4 July, a new rule came into force, denying contractors the right to park on site and forcing them to park at the Felindre Park and Ride and take the bus to the DVLA’s site.

Some local residents already fear that instead of using the Park and Ride service, nearby streets will be used for parking in.

Sian James, MP for Swansea East has put pen to paper and expressed her concerns in a letter to the DVLA’s chief executive Simon Tse.

In her letter, Mrs James explained: “I understand the kind of pressures facing managers.

“The DVLA is a valued local employer and economic base for the city.

“But it also needs to be a good neighbour to the surrounding community.”

“I very much hope that the safeguards explained to me are implemented and I will be monitoring events closely.”

Anger has already been expressed by one local resident last year, when over 20 DVLA employees parked in Tenth Avenue had their car tyres slashed.

Concern appears to be growing, with Mynyddbach Councillor Byron Owen stating: “I understand the kind of pressures facing managers.

“The DVLA is a valued local employer and economic base for the city.

“But it also needs to be a good neighbour to the surrounding community.”

“I very much hope that the safeguards explained to me are implemented and I will be monitoring events closely.”

In response to the growing discontentment, a DVLA spokesperson announced: “From 4 July, all DVLA contractors must use the park and ride facility at Felindre.

“Those contractors who car share will still be allowed to park onsite.

“The Felindre facility is well established and is already used by a large number of contractors, as is our car sharing scheme.

“We don’t envisage any impact on local residents as a result of these changes, but we will continue to work with the local authorities and the police to make sure we do all we can to alleviate any parking problems caused by DVLA staff or our contractors.”

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Lancashire Driver Remains on Road After 30 Points

Posted in DVLA News — Written by matthew.smith

An East Lancashire motorist who amassed 30 points on his driving licence but evaded disqualification from driving.

Although a shocking statistic, the driver is just one of 165 people from East Lancashire with 12 or more points on their licence, but still allowed to drive on the road.

Unless the motorist can prove that disqualification would cause exceptional hardship, 12 points is the level at which an automatic ban is issued.

The motorist, from Blackburn, is also one of 61 people with 12 points or more and still permitted to drive.

A fellow motorist in nearby Nelson has also collected 22 points with two other drivers from Clitheroe and Rossendale, each on 21 points.

One road safety charity has already described the statistics as “appalling,” demanding that more bans should be enforced.

Jack Straw, MP for Blackburn, found it difficult to understand how somebody with 30 penalty points could retain their licence.

Speaking on behalf of road safety charity Brake, Caroline Perry said: “It’s appalling that so many people are being allowed to drive with more than 12 points on their licence.

“By breaking the law these drivers have shown a wilful disregard for the safety of other road users.

“All drivers have a responsibility to keep others on the roads safe and these people have shown that on numerous occasions they refuse to take this responsibility seriously.

“Allowing them to continue driving is sending out a message to other drivers that it is acceptable to continually break the law.

“We would urge the Government to help stamp this out and provide justice for those families whose lives have been devastated by dangerous drivers.”

In an attempt to clear up the confusion, Chris Hunt-Cooke, chairman of the road traffic committee for The Magistrates’ Association said:“Drivers who collect 12 or more points on their licence within three years will be told to attend court because they are liable to be disqualified for a minimum period of six months.

“They may possibly escape this if they can convince the court that disqualification would cause exceptional hardship, either to themselves or other people.

“All disqualification is liable to cause some inconvenience, so the hardship has to be exceptional if it is to influence the court.

“Courts are liable to take more account of hardship to other people, because they are suffering through the fault of someone else.

“For example if someone has a very small business, employing just a few people, and is the only person who can go out and get sales, his employees may lose their jobs if he cannot drive.

“The court might consider that to be exceptional hardship, but would look at what other alternatives might be available before deciding.

“Can he take taxis or can someone else drive him around for example.”

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