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Police Crackdown on Level Crossing Misuse

September 25, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Police are set to use a purpose-built van fitted with nine cameras to deter m0torists from dangerously misusing level crossings.

Following a successful trial period in south-east England, the vehicle is due to be introduced in Scotland.

The van will be equipped with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras and linked to a computer systems, providing instant vehicle and driver information and rapid prosecutions.

Central Station in Glasgow was the location at which the van was launched by Network Rail and the British Transport Police (BTP).

There have been over 1,100 offences made at Scottish level crossings over the last three years, with 40 trespassing offences.

“Drivers and pedestrians who deliberately ignore traffic signals not only put their own and other people’s lives at risk, but they also commit a criminal offence and are doing so in increasing numbers,“ revealed Kenny MacAskill, Justice Secretary.

“This government therefore welcomes the significant increase that this new vehicle will bring to British Transport Police’s detection capabilities and the contribution this new vehicle will bring in creating a safer Scotland.”

Ch Supt Ellie Bird, BTP’s area commander for Scotland, believes that the vans will vastly improve safety for the public.

“Our concern, with Network Rail, is that there are a number of people who are failing to conform to the legal requirements when using the crossings,” she explained.

“This is not only potentially dangerous to the individuals in the vehicle, but can have absolutely catastrophic consequences for the driver of the train and all of those passengers that are on that train.”

Network Rail have helped to fund three vans so far, with each costing lb60,000.

“Driver misuse of level crossings is one of the biggest external risks to rail safety,” explained David Simpson, route managing director for Scotland.

“We regularly see drivers ignoring warning lights at crossings or attempting to beat barriers as they come down – resulting in damage to our infrastructure and delays to train services.”

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Pressure Mounts to Sell Bolton Mayor’s Number Plate

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

The Mayor of Bolton is coming under growing pressure to sell his highly sought after number plate to help save the town’s libraries.

The suggestion to sell the number plate came from a member of the public last week and was immediately rejected by Bolton Council chief executive Sean Harriss on the grounds of strict government spending rules.

During the meeting at Bolton Central Library, it was stated that betting giants William Hill would pay upwards of lb500,000 for the registration number.

However, according to Mr Harriss, laws were preventing the council from spending any money obtained from selling the plate on public services, forcing the council to use the funds elsewhere.

A similar situation occurs when council-owned art is sold.

“Even if Bolton sold WH1, it couldn’t use the money to run libraries,” explained Mr Harriss.

“There is a difference between capital and revenue expenditure.

“We can’t use that money to run services, that’s the way the law works.”

Mr Harriss was not alone in rejecting the idea.

Cllr John Walsh, Bolton’s Tory chief, believes that the number plate is too important for Bolton’s heritage.

“It was an interesting suggestion and provoked some debate, but I think we should hang on to things like that,” stated Cllr Walsh after the meeting.

“It was given to the town by William Hesketh Lever, Lord Leverhulme, and he had that number because WH1 was the closest he could get to WHL, and he left his mark on the town with that number plate.

“Half-a-million pounds was mentioned at the meeting, but there is no number plate selling for anything close to that.”

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DE11 BOY Number Plate Set For DVLA Auction

Posted in DVLA News — Written by matthew.smith

The latest of the DVLA’s hugely popular number plate auctions is almost upon us and some eagerly anticipated registration numbers are due to go under the hammer.

With 1,500 number plates going into the auction room over the three day event, there are some registrations that really stand out from the crowd.

Only Fools and Horses enthusiasts will almost certainly be locked in a bidding battle when DE11 BOY goes up for auction.

The lb3,000 reserve price placed on the highly sought after DE11 BOY registration is expected to be far exceed when the number plate enters the auction on day one.

But the London theme doesn’t stop there! EA57 END will be extremely popular amongst those who wish to show their pride for their east end heritage.

Also entering the auction on day one, the EA57 END plate has been given a very low reserve price of just lb1,000.

The next DVLA auction is set to place on 28th, 29th and 30th of September at Down Hall, Bishop Stortford, Herts.

Despite attracting a lot of interest, DE11 BOY and EA57 END are due to be outshone by the star of the show; 36 O.

Despite the relatively high reserve price of lb10,000, 36 O is widely expected to far exceed that.

Speaking about the event, the DVLA’s Personalised Registrations’ Marketing Manager, Damian Lawson, said: “These two plates are proving hugely popular with immense interest from potential buyers already surrounding them.

“DE11 BOY stems from our hugely successful 11-series of registrations released for sale last year and while it is unsuitable to sit on a Reliant three-wheeler, it would look terrific on any car registered on our roads from March 1st this year.”

Those interested in, or employed in Law may be interested in LAW 80Y with a reserve of lb500, or LAW 805s with a reserve of lb400.

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Widower ‘Furious’ To Receive Motoring Fine for Deceased Wife

September 15, 2011
Posted in DVLA News — Written by matthew.smith

A widower has revealed his fury at receiving a letter stating that his wife, who died four years ago, had been summoned to court and fined by the DVLA.

Barry Bartin, of Tamworth, Staffordshire, received a lb175 fine from the magistrates court addressed to his late wife Evelyn for failing to notify the DVLA of her car’s new owner.

Mr Bartin believed that the car was scrapped in 2009 after his wife lost her battle with breast cancer.

“Initially, when I saw the fine I was in shock. I thought, I cannot believe this, for this to happen four years down the line after her death.

“I have got wonderful memories of her and she never did anything wrong in her life.

“I don’t understand how this could have happened. I’ve informed all the relevant people of her death, but somehow this terrible mistake still happened.

“They said she hadn’t notified the DVLA of the car’s new owner in February – but as far as I’m aware I sent the car to be crushed two years ago. I just want to clear Evelyn’s name.”

This is not the first time Mr Bartin received a fine directed at his late wife after receiving a parking fine last year.

“I contacted the DVLA and explained the car had been crushed.

Then a few weeks ago she received another letter – saying she was being fined for failing to tell the DVLA that there had been a change in vehicle owner.

“I rang the court and they said it was the fault of the DVLA, so I contacted the DVLA and sent them a copy of my wife’s death certificate.”

Mr Bartin was irate after reading in his local newspaper that Evelyn had been fined by magistrates with lb60 charged in court costs.

“The authorities are relying on incorrect computer records. This should be brought to light and the DVLA should get its act together,” explained Mr Bartin.

“I was told by the authorities that my car had been crushed but now it seems someone is driving around in it.

“What if this person kills someone on the road, or goes through a speed camera?

“There’s a very good chance the police will come around and try to arrest my wife, or arrest me, just because their computer tells them to.

“This has caused a lot of distress and it’s all over a car I did not think existed.”

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Mayor Pressured to Sell lb10,000 Number Plate

September 14, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

The Mayor of Sunderland is coming under increasing pressure to sell her lb10,000 personalised registration number plates on her chauffeur-driven Mercedes.

The number plate OGR 1 has been owned by the city council since the 1930’s and tradition has seen it regularly attached to the mayoral car.

Wearside Tories have urged the city council to sell the number plate amid a time of financial turbulence and government cuts.

Councillor Robert Oliver, the group’s leader, has had the registration valued at lb10,000.

“Three letters and the number 1 is one of the most valuable cherished number plates,” explained a number plate valuation expert.

“Which would be desirable to someone with those initials.

“Many councils mayoral cars have personalised registration plates, but really, do we need them?

“If they’re worth anything, they should be sold and the money used for something else.

“Councils should be leaving no stone unturned when looking for savings.”

The registration has no particular meaning, but should be retained by the council, according to Councillor Mel Speding.

“This registration plate – OGR 1 – is a unique piece of Sunderland’s history as one of the first number plates to be issued here and it might date back to the 1930s,” revealed Coun. Speding.

“It’s a source of great civic pride as it reflects the office of the first citizen of Sunderland.

“Given this, and I understand the Mayor of Newcastle has a similar style of plate, I think most people would want to see and know that this part of our history and heritage stays with us.”

Whichever course of action the council chooses to take, opinions look set to remain divided down the middle.

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West Yorkshire Police Tackle Number Plate Thefts

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

West Yorkshire Police are directing their attention towards a rapidly growing number plate theft problem in Bradford.

In the last six months, hundreds of number plate have been stolen from cars parked in Bradford, with West Yorkshire Police confirming that more than 300 number plates have been taken from vehicles in the Bradford South division since April 1.

Following the news, Neighbourhood Policing Teams within the division are planning to hold events in which anti-theft screws can be attached to number plates, free of charge.

The equipment is to be funded by the Proceeds of Crime Act; an monetary fund financed by the gains of criminal activity.

Over 30% of thefts from motor vehicles in Bradford this year were number plates, according to Mark McManus, Bradford South’s Chief Inspector.

“Although we are doing all we can to catch those responsible, prevention is often better than cure,” explained Chief Inspector McManus.

“When number plates are stolen, they can be used on other vehicles to change their identity in order to commit other offences, such as making off from garage forecourts and stealing fuel.

“I am therefore calling on motorists to help us combat this issue and to prevent themselves falling a victim.

“These devices could potentially save you a lot of time and effort, so please take advantage of these free anti-theft screws, which will only take a few minutes to fit.

“To those who think committing this crime for a tank of fuel is worth it, I urge them to consider the cost. It can result in a hefty fine and imprisonment.”

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Fascinating Personalised Registration Owner Statistics Released

September 3, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Personalised registrations are sure to divide opinion, but not in a small area of Dorset, where the residents can’t get enough!

In a new survey by insurers Elephant, the small residential area of Sandbanks, just off Poole in Dorset, is shown to be one of the UK’s personalised registration hotbeds.

With 13 per cent of residents owning a personalised registration, Sandbanks ranks second to the 14 per cent of Inverclyde’s residents, based just west of Glasgow.

The interesting statistics don’t stop there!

Bentley Continental drivers are most likely to own a personalised registration, with 36% displaying one, followed by Ferrari 360 and Aston Martin DB7 drivers, where 35% of drivers displaying one.

At the other end of the scale, Suzuki Liana drivers are least likely to sport a personalised number plate.

According to Elephant’s managing director Brian Martin, there were some surprises when analysing the results from the survey.

“It’s not just people with high-powered occupations living in swanky postcode areas, who own them,” explained Mr Martin.

“Occupations at the top of the list include farriers, newsagents and construction machinery operators and many of the postcode areas with the highest percentage are in rural areas, lots of them in Scotland.”

With prices starting at lb245, number plates will be a luxury accessory for those that can afford one.

Company chairmen top the list of personalised number plates, with 16% owning one, closely followed by 12% of bank directors and 11% of property developers.

Elephant haven’t revealed those at the bottom, but two years ago, newspaper photographers and croupiers were the least likely to own one, with Thetford in Norfolk the place you would least expect to see one.

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Dangerous Drivers Still on the Road

Posted in DVLA News — Written by matthew.smith

Official statistics show that over 130 Suffolk drivers remain on the road with 12 points or more on their licence.

One driver in the Ipswich area had even totalled over 21 points on his licence.

Drivers are liable to be banned from driving for amounting 12 penalty points on their licence within a three-year period.

However, the driver may be let off if they can prove that the ban would cause “exceptional hardship” to them, their family or their employees.

Official statistics have shown that a large number of drivers in the Ipswich area are allowed to continue to drive with 12 points or more.

The miscommunication between the DVLA and the courts may be a cause for the high number, according to Graham Higgins, chairman of Suffolk Magistrates’ Association.

“Drivers cannot use the exceptional hardship argument more than once in three years,” explained Mr Higgins.

“Most will put forward all the arguments they can muster when they first appear.

“It seems likely that most, if not all of those recorded with a very high number of points, have failed to be disqualified as a consequence of some breakdown in communication in the system.

“Investigation nationally showed that for at least some of the drivers, failures to properly record points on their driver record led to an inaccurate record being available online to the court from DVLA, as many drivers mislay, fail or are unable to produce the paper part of their driving licence in court and the court relies on that DVLA record.

“If the DVLA information is inaccurate it may be that the driver escapes being dealt with as a ‘totter’.

“The Magistrates’ Association was naturally concerned about the situation and wrote to the responsible minister, who asked the various bodies to work to improve their communications.

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Number Plate Thefts on the Rise

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Thefts of number plates are on the rise again, with soaring petrol prices believed to be the reason behind it.

Approximately 250 number plates have been stolen over the past 12 months in Bolton, Lancashire.

Of the 250 number plates that have been stolen, 55 were used by criminals to disguise their car’s ownership following a petrol station getaway, after they filled up with petrol and failed to pay.

Official figures show that petrol thefts amount to lb15.5 million every year; a figure that is continuing to rise.

Petrol thieves have targeted the Shell garage on Kay Street, Bolton, on several occasions.

According to the garage’s manager, Irfan Ibrahim, the thieves will fill up large tanks on the back seats of the cars, then drive away with stolen number plates attached.

“They come and check you out — they know what time it’s going to be busy and what time it’s quiet and then they come and get you,” explained Mr Ibrahim.

“One of my staff was in tears when she realised what had happened.

“For them it’s easy, but it makes life hard for us.

“We want to work hard and make money the right way, but these people are damaging the business and damaging our relationship with our customers.”

People can help to prevent number plate thefts by fixing tamper-proof screws.

Julie Woodhouse, Bolton Crime reduction adviser said: “Stolen plates are often fitted on to other vehicles to conceal the identity of the driver when they are used to commit petrol theft.

“They can also be used to evade traffic offences such as speeding fines, parking tickets or congestion charges and can be used to sell stolen vehicles.”

If you find that your number plates have been stolen, it’s important that you contact police immediately.

“Don’t just regard it as a piece of vandalism — if you don’t report it, you’re likely to have police turn up at your door and say they have evidence that you’ve been involved in a drive-off theft,” an AA spokesman stated.

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