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Eye Sight Considered For Improving Road Safety

November 28, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Quality of eye sight was being given serious consideration during the British Insurers Motor Conference.

Industry professionals were looking at a range of options when trying to improve the way in which young people approach road safety and improving road safety in the future.

Jon Sellors, the group head of thought leadership at RSA, instigated talks supporting the improvement of eyesight to benefit road safety.

One of Mr Sellors’ main concerns was focused on how you are only tested on eyesight when you take your driving examination, then again when you are 70 years old.

Mr Sellors backed up his concerns with data from research which showed that, out of 2,000 people questioned, 21% confessed to struggling to read road signs.

One in five of those questioned had not had an eye test in the past two years.

“No one knows for certain how many people are on our roads effectively driving blind,” explained Mr Sellors.

“It is obvious that the current regime that we have for testing driver’s eyesight is woefully inadequate.”

Mr Sellors even suggested that the standard ‘number plate reading test’ should be “scrapped” and replaced with a thorough test by an optician before a licence can be given.

In addition to this, he believes that anyone who renews their licence should have to prove that they have had an eye test within the past two years as a part of the renewal process.

“We are acutely aware that nothing will happen without widespread support,” he added.

“However, 89% of MP’s when questioned agreed that people with poor eyesight are a danger to themselves and other road users.

“Furthermore over half of those MP’s agreed that an eye test should be part of the driving license renewal process and would also support legislation to increase the provision for eyesight testing when people take a driving test.”

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera Questions for Police Inspector

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

The police chief for Knutsford believes that installing more Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras will help to catch the ‘bad guys’.

During the October meeting, councillors directed a series of questions at Inspector Steve Griffiths based around the implementation of ANPR systems in the local area in a bid to reduce crime.

Some councillors voiced their concern at the possibility of having their information recorded by the camera.

The mobile ANPR system was shown to the town Mayor, councillor Stewart Gardiner and the Guardian.

During the 4 hours, over 5,000 vehicles had their number plates read and seven drivers were pulled over by police in the 40 minutes Clr Gardiner and the Guardian were there.

However, at a cost of lb7,000, it is unclear who will fund the purchase of the ANPR system, although Insp Griffiths hopes the town council will apply for a grant on behalf of the police.

“We have about 90 crimes a month but my main issue is people coming in from other areas to commit crime,” explained Insp Griffiths.

“These cameras have been used at Crown Court to get murderers and we want to use it to get the bad guys.

“I took it to the Knutsford Local Area Partnership to ask for advice and, as a policeman, they advised me to ask you.”

Insp Griffiths insisted that if the driver was a law abiding citizen, then nothing would be done with their information, as all the information accessed has already been provided to the DVLA by the driver.

Funding for the ANPR system will be discussed at the December meeting.

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AL11 SON and 14 O to Star at DVLA’s Next Personalised Registration Auction!

Posted in DVLA News — Written by matthew.smith

For those looking for an extra special gift this Christmas, look no further than the upcoming DVLA Personalised Registrations Auction!

With 1,500 number plates set to go under the hammer, you can be sure of finding the perfect personalised registration for you.

The next DVLA personalised registration auction is the last of six held during 2011.

Those named Alison will be in for a treat if they can place a winning bid when ‘AL11 SON’ goes up for bidding.

The three-day event will commence on Wednesday 30th November and end on Friday 2nd December.

The DVLA’s Personalised Registrations Events Manager, Jody Davies, believes the event will be a great success: “Our final auction of the year has again been timed to ensure our successful bidders will be able to turn around the relevant paperwork in time to place their registration on their chosen vehicle.

“The perfect Christmas surprise.

“As our figures show, a huge number of personalised registrations are bought as gifts, and what better personal gift for someone than their own private registration, one they’re able to keep for life!”

With over a third of the personalised registrations bought from the DVLA passed on as gifts, there’s no better time to find a fantastic number plate at a low price.

AL11 SON will be highly anticipated with a reserve price of just lb3,000, while 14 O looks set to go way above its reserve price of lb10,000.

There are many others to choose from, including: ALF 4X (lb450), ASW 41N (lb450), BAG 80Y (lb400), 1970 DB (lb2,500), ELL 51E (lb400), FER 458X (lb400), FSM 117H (lb400), GYM 805S (lb400), HES 600D (lb400), HU57 LER (lb1,000), JLS 13 (lb1,800), KRY 848Y (lb400), MR51 GNS (lb500), NE11 LLS (lb2,000), 36 OO (lb3,000), 11 OOO (lb4,000), RO11 AND (lb4,000), UTD 574R (lb400), VD51 NGH (lb1,000).

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Law Change Sought by Traffic Accident Victim’s Mother

November 13, 2011
Posted in DVLA — Written by matthew.smith

A change in the law is being sought by the mother of a teenage girl, tragically killed in a road accident.

Jackie McCord is calling for the licences to be withheld from unfit drivers following the death of her 16-year-old daughter, Cassie.

Cassie passed away after she was struck by a car driven by a pensioner, just days after police had warned them not to drive.

Mrs McCord is now seeking a change in the law, to give police the power to immediately withhold the licence of anyone who they deem unfit to be driving on the road.

A petition has even been set up in support of the action, with 3,000 people already signing to show their backing.

If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, a debate will be forced in the house of commons.

Speaking on the subject, Mrs McCord stated: “If the police had had the power to withhold the driver’s licence after his first crash, my daughter would still be alive.

“He was clearly unfit to be on the road and we should have measures in place so that we don’t have to wait for the worst to happen before revoking a licence.

“Cassie’s death has devastated our family but we are determined that something positive comes out of the tragedy.

“What is particularly heartbreaking about her death is that had the law been different, the police would have been able to prevent this from happening.”

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1,500 more unique number plates will go under the hammer at the Dormy House Hotel, Broadway, Worcestershire, during the next DVLA three-day event.

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Serial Petrol Thief Given Community Service

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A student who stole hundreds of pounds worth of petrol from a number of petrol stations in the West Midlands has been ordered to undertake community service.

Umair Khan of Bordesley, central Birmingham, confessed to stealing petrol in lb50 to lb60 amounts from several petrol stations earlier in the year.

Plain-clothed officers managed to apprehend Mr Khan whilst in the act of leaving a Sainsbury’s petrol station without paying.

Solihull Police officers were acting as part of a special police operation, specifically targeting petrol thieves in the area.

Police used Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to instantly identify that Mr Khan’s black Ford Focus was displaying number plates registered to a blue Mercedes-Benz.

One number plate was also recovered from the back seat, with several others removed from the boot of the car.

Initially accused of 13 separate incidents of stealing fuel, totalling nearly lb700, Mr Khan denied all charges.

Prosecutors dropped eight charges, with Khan pleading guilty to five accounts of theft.

In addition, Mr Khan also pleaded guilty to four charges of handling stolen number plates.

Farooq Sheikh directed Operation Kadence, a crackdown on petrol theft in the Solihull area, and stated: “Solihull has seen a significant fall in the number of fuel thefts as a result of the operation; anybody considering driving off without paying needs to be aware that, in addition to CCTV cameras, police officers may well be watching.

“People can be quite dismissive of fuel theft, believing it’s largely a victimless crime.

“However, the reality is these offences are often committed by people who’ve stolen number plates from other cars or even stolen vehicles – so offenders have a negative impact on the wider community and tend to be linked to other criminality.

“There are CCTV cameras in almost every petrol station now so offenders stand a good chance of being recognised and identified, plus of course we’ll have an excellent description of their vehicle.

“It’s a very risky business.”

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Number Plate Action in Sussex

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A group of officers from Petworth’s Neighbourhood Policing Team has unveiled its new operation, aimed at tackling vehicle crime in West Sussex.

Armed with modern technology in the form of an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system, officers were able to instantly check registration numbers against a range of computer databases.

With such rapid access to a wealth of information, officers were able to immediately determine if a vehicle had no insurance, was wanted by police or had been stolen.

During the week-long operation, over 4,000 number plates were read by the ANPR system, in and around the Petworth area.

Speaking about the success of the operation, police community support officer Jenn Morley explained: “ANPR operations are a successful intelligence led, crime fighting and road safety tool.

“This operation was a great success, it involved Petworth NPT and officers from the roads policing unit working together to tackle criminals as they move around the Petworth area.

“Throughout the week several vehicles of interest were stopped by officers including vehicles that have previously been seen in the vicinity of crime.

“Six people were dealt with for driving on a road with no insurance and numerous dealt with for not having a valid MOT.

“Criminals should be aware that there are very few places they can hide.

“ANPR targets criminals who are not only of interest to us, but those who may be of interest to other forces across the country.

“Petworth NPT will continue to run these operations as a pro-active approach to target crimes and criminals that impact on our communities.”

Police are immediately alerted if there’s an issue with a vehicle.

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12 Series Number Plates Offer Great Combinations

November 10, 2011
Posted in DVLA News,Number Plate News — Written by Helen

At Nationla Numbers, we always get excited about new number plate releases. Especially when they offer our customers many extra choices for private number plates.

And the next release of 12 series number plates promises to do just that.

So if you’re looking for a number plate for your name, initials, car, sport, or anything else, why not try our fantastic 12 series number plate search, and see what the new 12 series registrations have to offer?

The number 12 in the number plate can look a lot like the letters R, I, and Z, which makes the 12 series a great choice for spelling longer names and surnames containing these letters.

Take a look at some of these great combinations:


About 7.5 million 12 series number plates will be released by DVLA on 5th December 2011. Prices have not yet been confirmed by DVLA but we will publish them on our site as soon as they become available.

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About the 12 Series of Number Plates
Any new vehicles registered on or after March 1st, 2012 will feature a 12 series number plate.

The great thing is, you don’t need a new car to take advantage. If you don’t intend to buy a new vehicle next year, you can buy a 12 number on a certificate which allows you to “store” it, and makes it convenient to give the registration as a gift. This is a fantastic way to secure your ideal plate to ensure nobody else buys it first!

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Number Plate Recognition Aids Investigation Into Shooting

November 6, 2011
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems, along with other modern technologies, are being used by police to piece together the events leading up to the attempted murder of a father-of-eight.

Vital in day-to-day crime detection and prevention, ANPR, CCTV and mobile phone data are collectively assisting police in their efforts to understand what happened in the days and hours leading up to the shooting of Mohammed Afsar.

The five men involved in the masked-shooting, all from Birmingham, are to stand on trial for conspiracy to murder.

David Howker, prosecuting in the case, told Stafford Crown Court how the men were caught on CCTV on several occasions on the day of the attempted murder.

“Depending on which side you are on, the people involved were either lucky or unlucky enough to be caught several times on CCTV,” explained Mr Howker.

“Not only were they caught on Mr Afsar’s own CCTV at his home, but they were also filmed at the place in Hamilton Road, just around the corner, where they decided to meet before the shooting.

“CCTV was in position at two key sites.”

Mr Howker added that police used ANPR technology to show how the vehicles linked with the defendants had been driven from Birmingham to Stoke-on-Trent on the night of June 2, morning of June 3 and morning of June 4.

Mobile phone records also showed the defendants had made identical journeys on these days, too.

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1,500 number plates are set to go under the hammer at the next three-day-event, held at Dormy House Hotel, Broadway, Worcestershire, 30th November, 1st and 2nd December.

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lb7,000 Number Plate Recognition Camera Set for Deployment

Posted in Number Plate News — Written by matthew.smith

A number plate recognition camera is set to be deployed in front of Knutsford’s police station in the hope of catching more criminals.

The town council in Knutsford was handed a proposal by Inspector Steve Griffiths of Knutsford Police station during a meeting.

Inspector Griffiths recommended an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to be implemented in front of the building.

However, the cost of the number plate recognition system would be lb7,000; a price that the police force would not fund, but hoped a community group would raise money for the plan.

Once implemented, the number plate recognition system would alert police to any suspicious vehicles that pass.

Deputy Mayor Clr Vivien Davies revealed that a similar system was employed in nearby Wilmslow that was funded by the community.

Opinions on the matter were divided.

Councillors Gary Lasham and Tony Dean were strongly against the proposal.

“I don’t like the idea and the fact that the police can’t apply for it, I’m not sure we are happy being in the middle, it smells wrong,” Clr Dean explained.

“I support any matter that can reduce car crime, however the system that has been proposed would not reduce car crime in Knutsford,” stated Clr Peter Coan.

“If someone wants to do a smash and grab they will just come in another way.”

Not everybody was against the idea, however.

“This is about serious crime and not catching the local speeders,” Clr Peter Raynes stated.

“It is about getting the people from Liverpool and Stoke who come into town and steal to order.

“It would not be used for trivial offences.”

Clr Simon Hutchence added: “My permission hasn’t been sought as I’m going down the street and I’m not a baddie so not going to come a cropper but why should I be filmed walking down the street and it kept on file?”

A further meeting will be held in November with the police chief invited to discuss the matter further.

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Forgetful Driver Facing Prison

Posted in DVLA News — Written by matthew.smith

A court heard how a man drove whilst disqualified because he merely “forgot” about his ban.

Simon Wheeler, 39, of Worcester found himself convicted of dangerous driving in 1999 and ordered to take an extended re-test if he wanted to lift his disqualification.

The court heard how Mr Wheeler had yet to take the extended re-test and as such, remains disqualified from driving.

On October 18, police caught Mr Wheeler driving a Vauxhall Corsa and pleaded guilty to driving without insurance.

Further to this, in 1992 and 1993, he was banned for driving whilst disqualified and without insurance.

Prosecuting on the case, Mr Liam Finch criticised: “You can see the extent of this man’s refusal to accept rulings of the court about driving whilst disqualified and without insurance.”

Defending, Mark Sheward revealed to the court that Mr Wheeler had suffered a brain injury in 2010 following a car accident.

“His memory is so bad that he doesn’t remember things. He keeps driving because he forgets he is banned.”

The DVLA had accidentally sent Mr Wheeler a licence in 2010 following an application from Mr Wheeler.

“If you get a licence from the DVLA, you think to yourself, ‘they know what they are doing and I can drive’,” Mr Sheward added.

Derek Styles, Chairman of the bench, concluded with comments: “Remember, you are disqualified from driving.

“The more you do this, the less likely you will retain your freedom.

“This court was considering custody but we won’t tie the hands of the next bench. They will make their own decision.”

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