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Bizarre crash in Suffolk leaves car “embedded” in house

March 25, 2013
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

A vehicle has been left embedded into the brickwork of a house after a car crash in Suffolk.

The red Audi TT was launched into the house in the early hours of Sunday morning after it careered off the road and into a hedge.

The hedge is believed to have acted almost like a launching pad, sending the vehicle into the air and into the side of the house.

Neighbours described the collision as sounding like an explosion.

Keith Shales, a 66-year-old who lives nearby, said: “I reckon he must be about four feet off the ground, I’ve never seen anything like it,

“I’ve seen photos of cars going into people’s houses before but from the pavement, through the bushes and the cars behind it – it was like a launch pad – it must have been for him to get that high.”

No one inside the house was hurt in the accident, but the young driver was left with head injuries.

The family has been removed from the house while it is being inspected by structural engineers.

Some local residents have also been moved from the area due to a possible gas leak.

Sgt Bob Patterson, of Suffolk Police, said investigators had been at the scene to assess how the accident happened.

“At this early stage we could not speculate as to what has caused the crash,” he said.

A police spokesman said it was “far too early to say if the crash is weather related or not. This will all make up part of the investigation.”


HU11 CTY sells for lb36k at Leeds auction

March 21, 2013
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

HU11 CTY could be the highest earning plate at the currently on-going DVLA classic auction in Leeds.

Selling for lb36,000 on the hammer, the registration attracted a lot of interest from Hull City AFC fans for its close resemblance to their beloved club.

It was rumoured that representatives from the club were in attendance.

“There were two main bidders that drove up the price,” said Craig Priestly, the Nationla Numbers representative at the auction.

“A young man on a phone at the back of the room and an older gentleman at the front of the room with his wife. ”

It is speculated that the phone bidder could have been acting on behalf of Hull City Chairman Assem Allam, or other management from the football club.

The older man ended up being the highest bidder and was ecstatic with the purchase. Though he has opted to remain anonymous he is said to be a long-time fan of Hull City AFC.

“It was an extremely thrilling and exciting sale,” said DVLA event manager Jody Davies.

“There were a lot of people in the room when it came down to two people locking horns and when the gavel finally went down everybody clapped.”

The buyer of the number plate would have paid a total of lb46,736 in total after fees.

HU11 CTY has been by far the most expensive registration at the 3-day auction compared to F10 YDC and AS11 LEY which sold for lb15,600 and lb15,000 respectively. There is only one day remaining.


A Cold Night: Stranded motorists forced to sleep in cars

March 13, 2013
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers

Drivers left in the cold by continuing snow storms had no option but to sleep in their cars.

The freezing conditions left public transport in disarray, with many routes being delayed or cancelled.

Major roads, including the M23, A23 and A27, were rendered undrivable by four inches of snow.

Stranded drivers braced temperatures falling to –3C (27F) for up to 15 hours overnight until they were able to move again.

Even gritters and snowploughs were caught in backed-up traffic with queues up to 40 miles long.

The 60mph winds also left one 27-year-old male with serious injuries after a telegraph pole was brought down onto him.

Sussex Police and British Red Cross worked hard to help vulnerable motorists as well as more than 300 reported incidents elsewhere in the area.

Meanwhile, the AA responded to 7,500 breakdown callouts.

Failure to keep roads clear despite snow warnings has left many drivers frustrated and angry.

The chaos continues in the aftermath with continued delays to public transport, including air and rail journeys. Numerous schools across the country have also been closed.


Car smoking ban proposed by health minister

March 8, 2013
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers

Cars with child passengers should be a smoke-free zone, says public health minister Anna Soubry.

The Broxtowe MP justified this on the grounds of “child welfare”.

The idea had previously been put forward by several health groups, including the British Medical Association and Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, but was rejected by the government.

David Cameron is said to be “nervous” about calling for a car smoking ban, despite supporting bans in pubs and clubs.

Anna Soubry, the acting Parliamentary Under-Secretary of Health, said: “I would ban smoking in cars where children are present.

“I think it is something we should at least consider as government.”

Ms. Soubry has made it clear that these opinions are her own and not that of the current government.

A former smoker herself, Soubry is often characterised for being very outspoken.

While there does not seem to be any plans to implement this law the government has encouraged people not to smoke around children in the past.

More than one in five smokers are likely to light-up in front of children, according to a Department of Health survey last year.

Children are more vulnerable to second-hand smoke due to less developed lungs, airways and immune system, as well as a higher breathing rate.

Asthma, respiratory illness and meningitis have been attributed to second-hand smoke in the past.

Martin Dockrell of the campaign group Action on Smoking and Health said: “The minister can count on our support.

“A ban on smoking in cars is the right thing to do.”

Similar bans have been implemented around the world, including Canada, USA, Australia and South Africa.


Hundreds of jobs in danger at DVA, Coleraine

March 6, 2013
Posted in DVLA,DVLA News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Over 250 jobs could be lost in the centralisation of DVLA services.

The current plan to transfer key responsibilities to Swansea would result in job losses in Northern Ireland, it is feared.

Further job losses across the UK could also result from current intentions to move more systems to an online platform, endangering local offices.

It is suggested that the changes would make things simpler for the public while also being cheaper for the government to run, but East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has disputed this.

“The government are not targeting an under-performing agency to make savings as the DVLA is self-financing and produces a significant operating surplus,” he said.

“There are also other work opportunities which could be done more cost effectively in Coleraine.”

Centralisation plans hit a stumbling block when there were met with industrial action during 2012.

Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister Alex Attwood, who backed these strikes, is to hold talks with the UK Transport Department in an effort to protect the jobs at risk.

Attwood MP has previously said that he has been assured than no decision like this would be made without first consulting him.

A representative of the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance has referred to the centralisation as an axe that had been hanging over the Coleraine staff since 2011, and that Attwood would have a “tough job” persuading the government to go down a different road.