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McLaren F1 Careful Owner

April 16, 2013
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers

An undriven McLaren F1 has been found for sale in Japan.

The classified ad details the car’s odometer as showing “0”, meaning the owner has never got behind the wheel despite owning it for 17 years.

The rare supercar has never even been registered since being bought in 1996, and would come with original documentation upon purchase.

The owner, described as a car collector, has reportedly kept the vehicle perfectly maintained while it has been stored in a climate-controlled unit.

Only 106 of the famous sport cars were manufactured between 1992 and 1998, making it one of the most sought-after motors in the world.

While no price has been specified, other McLaren F1s have been sold through auction at upwards of lb5million. It is speculated that the unused, mint-condition, “as-new” car will be able to fetch much more.

Private number plate, F 1, could be the perfect match for the supercar.

However, the owner F 1 has reportedly turned down offers of lb5million previously, making it potentially the most expensive number plate in the world and perhaps even more expensive than the McLaren F1 itself.


30 Points and still on the road

April 3, 2013
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

Three Essex drivers are still on the road, despite having more than 30 points on their driving licences between them.

The shocking figures revealed by the DVLA show the drivers, from Southend, Colchester and Romford respectively, each have more than 12 penalty points, double the legal limit.

Motorists would normally find themselves facing a driving ban of up to two years if they go beyond the legal threshold, but drivers able to demonstrate “exceptional hardship” in being banned would be able to retain their licence.