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Court dispute leads to legal fees six times the value of the number plate

March 31, 2014


The number plate JM 2 has been returned to its owner after and a long and costly court battle.

Sir John Madejski, chairman of Reading Football Club, mounted legal fees of lb300,000 to get his private registration back.

The number plate, which was originally released in December 1931, has been independently valued at lb50,000.

Dispute over the cherished registration started in 2010 when Sir John Madejski sold a Jaguar XJ220 – which displayed the registration – in an auction. He insists that the registration mark was not included in his deal with the auctions, Coys of Kensington.

Car enthusiast, Malcolm Harrison, paid lb130,000 at auction for the Jaguar. Malcolm and his son, Jack, claim they increased their maximum bid by lb30,000 believing the registration was included.

In the eyes of the DVLA it is the registered keeper of the vehicle that has control over the attached number plate. By becoming the registered owner before the number was retained, Malcolm became the legal owner. It was at this point that Mr Harrison retained the number plate in his own name.

The case was ruled on last year when Judge Donald Hamilton of Reading County Court ruled that: ‘No reasonable buyer could have concluded that the mark was included in the sale’.

Sir John was to be paid lb30,000 in damages for the value of the registration less the lb20,000 Mr Harrison had spent on the vehicle’s MOT.

Harrison did appeal the decision but this was dismissed as neither the auction brochure or website suggested the JM 2 reg mark was included with the vehicle.


DVLA Swansea to adopt NI Drivers

March 19, 2014
Posted in DVLA News — Written by Nationla Numbers

DVLA Swansea will soon serve motorists in Northern Ireland.

From July 2014, Northern Ireland drivers will benefit from the same services under the DVLA as the rest of the UK.

It is the next move in the continued centralisation effort of vehicle services headed by Roads Minister, Stephen Hammond.

“Motorists in Northern Ireland have not been able to access many of the vehicle registration and licensing services that are taken for granted in the rest of the UK,” said Stephen Hammond.

“These changes will address this and will mean that for the first time, Northern Ireland motorists will have greater choice and flexibility or where, when and how they use these services.”

The changes will mean that for the first time motorists in Northern Ireland will be able to tax vehicles online and have access to Post Office services.

Replacing the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA), it is estimated that the reforms will amount to lb12 million in savings.

DVA will retain driver licensing responsibilities.


End of an Era – No more tax discs as of October

March 17, 2014
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

Tax discs will no longer be issued after October this year, says DVLA.

As of October 1st, 2014, The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will no longer require drivers to display car tax discs.

Physical tax discs are to be replaced by a digital system. This electronic database to be complete well before October, meaning the DVLA will no longer need to send any next tax discs to motorists.

Tax discs already issued may be removed following October, even if they have not yet expired.

All tax information along with driver history will be available on an electronic register, allowing officials such as traffic police to check records.

According to the DVLA, the process of taxing your vehicle and renewing tax will be made a lot easier. It is expected that administration costs will be cut due to the changes.


eBay sells one car every minute

March 5, 2014
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers

One car is sold per minute in the UK by Internet retailer, eBay, according to eBay Advertising.

“As consumers become more comfortable buying big ticket items online, we’ve seen our motors market continue to grow,” said Phuong Nguyen, the UK Head of eBay Advertising.

The findings show the increasing importance of online retailers in the UK, as well as the newfound significance to the automotive market.

Purchasing vehicles online is most common amongst those aged 30-34.

March has also showed as the busiest month, likely due to new car registrations being issued on March 1st – such as the current 14 number plates.

“It’s not just about being able to buy online,” Phuong Nguyen continued. “Consumers are also looking to research, browse and be inspired on their desktops, tablets and mobiles before arriving at their local dealership.”

“Smart car brands understand this and are offering customers the opportunity to engage with them at a time and place which suits them, confident that a strong digital presence will help drive sales on and offline.”

Other trends found include the purchasing for styling kits during the summer months with a part sold every 20 seconds to boy-racers pimping their ride. Tires and lighting accessories become more popular in the Winter months to prepare for the ice and snow.

Range Rover, Land Rover, Mini, BMW and Mercedes are shown to be the most popular brands search for by eBay customers.


BMW i3 named as UK Car of the Year

March 3, 2014
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers

The first-ever UK Car of the Year Awards has given the top price to the BMW i3.

The i3 beat out the Range Rover Sport, Audi A3, Citroen C4 Grand Picasso and the Porsche Cayman, also picking up the gong for Best Supermini in the process.

A panel of 27 reputable motoring journalists voted to decide the winners of the 11 contested categories alongside the overall Car of the Year Award. Almost half voted for the BMW i3.

“Alternative vehicles have made a big impression on UK car buyers in recent years, and the i3 takes things to the next level,” said John Challen, Managing Director of UK Car of the Year Awards, and Editor of

“It might be a new direction for BMW, but the i3 successfully retains the driving characteristics from BMW’s more established models.”

bmw i3 car of the year

Uwe Dreher, BMW UK Marketing Director, said: “For the BMW i3 to be voted as the first-ever UK Car of the Year is real testament to the years of research and development that have gone into making BMW’s first electric production car.

“The BMW i3 has pushed the boundaries in every way from sustainable production, to its unique construction and revolutionary ownership proposition. The judging panel clearly recognised this and we are delighted to be given such an independent accolade.”

Runner-up to the BMW i3 for the UK Car of the Year 2014 prize was the Ford Fiesta ST, which won the Best Performance Car category.

Joint third place went to the Skoda Octavia Estate and Jaguar F-TYPE, which topped the Best Estate and Best Open Top Car categories respectively.

Elsewhere the Audi A3 picked up the Best Small Hatch prize. The Best Executive Car went to the BMW 5 Series. The Range Rover Sport collected the Best 4×4 award. The Best Luxury Car was announced as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The Porsche Cayman and the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso were awarded the Best Coupe and Best MPV awards respectively.