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Driver with 48 points on license fined lb1,300

May 19, 2014
Posted in DVLA — Written by Nationla Numbers

A Ferrari owner who clocked up 48 points on his driving license has been fined over lb1,300.

The fine came after the driver made a false statement to his insurance company declaring he held a full license.

Abdul Salam, 31, from Oldham originally had had licence revoked in September 2009 but obtained insurance in 2012 despite still be disqualified.


Police stopped Salam after noticing he was driving without a seatbelt, which lead to the police officer discovering his appalling record.

Under the current law a driver is disqualified if they accumulate 12 points in a 3 year period.

A failure to communicate driving offences between the courts and the DVLA may have lead to the oversight, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

A DVLA spokesperson said ‘DVLA’s role is to record the information provided by the courts … The courts are able to use their discretion to decide whether or not to disqualify a driver.’

Self-employed businessman, Salam, pleaded guilty to the charge of making a false statement to obtain insurance but also claimed he did not know about the penalty points or the status of his licence when applying.

Defence argued to Oldham Magistrates’ Court that while the statements were false, Salam did not know them to be false at the time.

The court also heard that Salam’s car was later seized by Greater Manchester Police under Operation Wolverine, which targets unlicensed and uninsured drivers. Salam paid over lb13,000 to reclaim the car.


“Eyesore” car removed after six years

May 13, 2014
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers

Residents in a Berkshire cul-de-sac are celebrating after “eyesore” car is finally removed.

The rotting purple Rover has been parking in the small estate for over six years.

A campaigne to remove the vehicle was started by the residents but the vehicle could not be touched due to being parked on private land.

Slough Borough Council eventually removed the vehicle at the beginning of May following a complaint by a local estate agent.

‘One of my neighbours said to their letting agent that they are not going to sign a new lease unless [the council] remove the car’ said Tony Beauchamp, who moved into the road a few months before the car was abandoned. ‘… within 24 hours there is a 15 day removal notice on it.

‘I am pleased that it is gone but we tried the DVLA, the council, the police and civil courts and when someone said that they are going to lose some money, they get something done about it.’

An enforcement noticed telling the owner to move the car was issued on April 10th, but the condition it had been left in meant the council had to intervene, said a spokesperson of Slough Borough Council.

‘This car was a total eyesore, had been the subject of anti-social behaviour and was left in an area inconsiderate to local residents,’ said Ian Blake, part of the neighbourhood enforcement team.

‘It had been the subject of many complaints to both us and the police from people who had to look at it out their windows, manoeuvre round it and deal with the consequences of broken windows, flapping plastic coverings and mechanical disintegration.’


DVLA warned for social media misuse

May 6, 2014
Posted in DVLA News — Written by Nationla Numbers

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have received an official warning after 26 counts of social media misuse.

22 informal warnings and 4 written warnings were issued to the Swansea-based branch of government in 2013.

DVLA have called the instances “extremely rare”.

Inappropriate Tweets and pictures were amongst the complaints put forward against the agency, which employs approximately 5,000 staff.

Data protection violations have also been called upon after 19 infractions, including incorrect information and information fed to third parties, last year.

“Although instances of staff using social media inappropriately are extremely rare, any incidents are always investigated and could result in disciplinary action,” said a DVLA Spokesperson.

“All staff are aware of the current guidance in place and are reminded of the rules on a regular basis”.