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lb400k 25 O Breaks Records

November 28, 2014
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A classic Ferrari dealer has broken DVLA auction records with a winning bid of lb400,000 on the number plate 25 O.

John Collins smashed the previous record of lb285,000, set in 2009 by the buyer of 1 D, Nabil Bishara.

Collins, who owns Talacrest, a Ferrari dealership out of Berkshire, referred to his purchase as “the ultimate plate for the ultimate car”.

‘I decided I really wanted the plate and I wasn’t going to stop bidding on it,’ said Collins, who also successfully bought 250 L and 500 FER at the auction in Wales.

‘Every time I put a bid in, the underbidder responded straight away. The plate could possibly have been the first lb1 million personalised registration!’

Despite starting with a reserve of lb4,000, 100 times less than the final bid, pre-auction postal bids immediately brought the starting price up to lb50,000.

Interest was high in the number plate, which referred to the 250 model Ferrari, and the price quickly jumped beyond lb300,000 before settling at lb400k.

The 250 models are amongst the most valuable in the world, and includes the lb10m Ferrari 250 GT SWB, lb20m Ferrari 250 TR and lb35m Ferrari 250 GTO.

‘It is a lot of money, but I was calm as I have been in auction situations before where I have bid more than $20 million on a car.

‘When the hammer went down I was really happy, it is a record for a DVLA registration plate.’

After fees, including 20% VAT, 8% buyer’s premium and lb80 DVLA transfer fee, Collins would have paid lb518,480 in total for the private number plate.

‘I am going to be putting it on a very special Ferrari 250 SWB which used to belong to Eric Clapton.

‘I also bought ‘250L’ which is going on a lb2.25 million Ferrari 250 Lusso and ‘500 FER’ which was a bargain at lb3,000.’


250 L Sells for Over lb100k

Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

A Ferrari dealer has splashed the cash on 250 L at the DVLA Auction in Wales.

The number plate went for lb100,500 on the hammer yesterday, lb130,328 after fees.

John Collins, from Ascot in Berkshire, is a collector of classic Ferraris and intends to use this registration plate on his 250 Lusso.

Only 351 examples of this vehicle were produced between 1963 and 1964.

Collins was also successfully bought the number plate 25 O later in the day, which broke all previous records at DVLA auctions, and 500 FER, which sold lb3,000.


Car Smoking Ban To Be Passed Next Month

November 24, 2014
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers

Smoking in vehicles carrying children is expected to become illegal as of next month.

Legislation introduced by the Health Ministry will make the offence punishable by fines up to lb10,000 and five points on a driving licence.

The new bill, to be ratified in December, applies to anyone smoking in a car with a child and not just parents.

Public health minister, Jane Ellison MP, said: “We want to protect children from harms associated with second-hand smoke and the government will proceed with the introduction of regulations to end smoking in private vehicles carrying children in England.”

Further fines of up to lb800 if cases go to court and up to lb10,000 for drivers who do not take “reasonable steps” to prevent others from smoking in vehicles with children.

Passive smoking has been linked with breathing problems in children, as well as asthma attacks and even sudden unexpected infant death.

300,000 children visit doctors in Britain every year with problems linked to second-hand smoke, according to a Department of Health survey.

The ban has highly favourable backing, but has some opponents.

“Smoking in cars with children has been in decline for years,” said Simon Clark, a spokesperson for smokers’ group Forest.

“A ban is excessive and unnecessary.”

MPs passed the law 376 votes to 107 and opinion polls that 80% of all adults and 65% of smokers back the proposal.


DVLA Teams Up with Local Tech Company

November 22, 2014
Posted in DVLA News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Swansea-based TechHub have signed up to a two-year IT partnership with DVLA.

It marks the first time since 1992 that DVLA will not have outsourced IT needs to a multinational company.

‘There is no question whatsoever that Britain generally, and Swansea in particular, is home to some of the most talented software developers in the world’ said DVLA’s Chief Executive, Oliver Morley.

‘It is our hope that this scheme will facilitate a dialogue between us.’

DVLA currently spends around lb100m every year on IT.

In 2009 DVLA extended its contract with US firm IBM until 2015/16, but received lots of criticism from the public as a result.

DVLA has said it aims to ‘develop stronger working relationships with local developers’.

The two-year agreement with TechHub is reportedly worth lb250,000.

Adam Curtis, co-founder of TechHub, said that this ‘strengthens Swansea’s status as Wales’ tech city’.


‘Poo-Powered’ Bus Makes Big Splash

November 21, 2014
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers





The UK’s first waste-powered “Bio-Bus” will run between Bristol and Bath.

Biomethane gas farmed from human and food waste will fuel the eco-friendly vehicle.

Mohammed Saddiq, General Manager of GENeco, which runs the local sewage treatment plant where the gas is gathered, said: ‘Gas-powered vehicles have an important role to play in improving air quality in UK cities.’

‘The Bio-Bus goes further than that and is actually powered by people living in the local area, including quite possibly those on the bus itself.’

The bus will be used as a shuttle service, taking passengers from Bristol Airport to Bath City Centre.

One tank of gas takes about the yearly waste of five people and will allow the vehicle to travel up to 300km (186 miles).

‘The bus also clearly shows that human poo and our wasted food are valuable resources,’ said Chief Executive of the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association, Charlotte Morton.

‘Food which is unsuitable for human consumption should be separately collected and recycled through anaerobic digestion into green gas and biofertilisers, not wasted in landfill sites or incinerators.’

75 million cubic metres of sewage and 35,000 tonnes of food waste is treated at the Bristol sewage works every year. This could be converted in 17 million cubic metres of biomethane, which is enough to power 8,500 homes annually.


DVLA Error Nearly Lands Classic Owner into Court

November 20, 2014
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

1936 Austin Steven Opal classic car

A classic car owner will avoid court after being omitted from the Motor Insurance Database.

David Dabbs, from Cambridgeshire, imported the vehicle from the USA earlier in the year but was faced with a fine and possible court action after a computer error showed he had not held insurance.

However evidence showed that DVLA had issued the vehicle an up-to-date tax disc, which he could have only obtained by having valid insurance.

David believes the problem could have been avoided had a human being handled the registration of imported vehicles, rather than computers.

‘I’m 70 and hadn’t even heard of the [Motor Insurance Database] before, so to be issued with a fixed penalty notice took me by surprise,’ David Dabbs said.

‘Despite numerous replies, I was told I still owed lb100 and that court proceedings would follow. Should I have paid the fine? Not in my book, because it would have amounted to admitting a crime I hadn’t committed.’

The fine and court appearance were dropped after evidence of the insurance, which was done in January, were provided.

A DVLA Spokesperson said: ‘We have already written to confirm that we have closed the case following further information provided.’

Reportedly David also had not received a V5/C logbook after it had been lost in the post.

David spotted the vehicle, a 1936 Austin Steven Opal, in Pennsylvania almost fifteen years ago.

After leaving he details with the owner he was contacted in 2013 when they had it for sale.

He successfully imported the classic car in January. He provided insurance to the DVLA in order to register the vehicle with an age-related registration and a valid tax disc.


Anti-DVLA Parking Ban Proposed By Local Community

November 19, 2014
Posted in DVLA — Written by Nationla Numbers

A Swansea community at war with Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency workers could bring in a one-hour parking ban.

Residents of Heol Pentrefelin have been offered the ban to combat DVLA staff parking in front of their homes.

The ban would cover 24 estate roads in the area and would mean parking on the street between 10AM and 11AM on weekends would be outlawed.

As these are typically within the working hours of DVLA Swansea, staff would be unable to avoid a ticket if they park in front of local housing.

The proposal is currently under a 10-day consultation ran by County Councillor Gareth Sullivan. Residents are encouraged to voice any concerns they have by then.

“Letters have gone out and people have been asked to indicate whether they want to support the idea or not,” said Gareth Sullivan.

“Where people have concerns I have asked them to put them down on the letter.”

The number of vehicles left parked on the street sometimes prevents buses from passing.

Residents and DVLA staff have reportedly been hostile to each other for more than a decade, however some believe that the suggested ban might go too far and drive the DVLA out of Swansea completely, costing the area jobs.


MP Wants More Jobs in Coleraine After DVA Loss

November 17, 2014
Posted in DVLA News — Written by Nationla Numbers

An SDLP MP has encouraged the Northern Ireland Assembly to bring more jobs to Coleraine following the loss of the DVA vehicle licencing.

Mark Durkan MP, the Minister of the Environment, has been providing employment to many of the former employees of the DVA following a loss of 210 jobs earlier in the year.

The DVA (Driver & Vehicle Agency) ran vehicle licensing in Northern Ireland up until July when the service was transferred to the DVLA in Swansea.

“DVA in Coleraine was important to the health of the local economy,” said Mark Durkan.

“There are 210 DVA staff based in Coleraine, who previously carried out this work. Of that number 86 have been redeployed to alternative permanent posts, 107 have been allocated temporary work in the Coleraine area, with the remainder allocated temporary work elsewhere or on maternity/sickness absence.”

The DVLA have recently indicated that they were receiving “unprecedented demand” following the removal of physical tax discs.

Motorists have also reported large queues on phone lines and a slow website due to heavy traffic.

Durkan has stated that he is determined to bring as many jobs to Coleraine as possible.

“I have encouraged Executive colleagues to allocate further work to the area to support the local economy,” the Minister of the Environment said.


DVLA Issues Warning Over Fraudster Emails

November 15, 2014
Posted in DVLA,DVLA News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Motorists are warned not to open fraudulent emails asking for driving licence details.

The emails appear as if they were sent by the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency and ask the receiver to verify driving licence information.

Scammers can use the information to steal identities or even access bank accounts.

It is suggested that criminals could be using the emails to take advantage of those confused by recent DVLA changes.

Recipients should ignore emails and should not enter any of these details on any website other than an official .gov site.

The alert comes 4 weeks after drastic changes were made to the tax disc system which caused confusion around the country.


Qatar Registration Sells for lb35m

November 14, 2014
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

A personalised number plate has been sold for lb35m in a recent auction.

Local sources refer to the registration as a “fancy number plate”, reading simply 333355.

It was one of 19 registration marks on offer in an auction announced by the Interior Ministry, eventually selling for 200 million riyals (approx lb35m/EUR48/$55m).

Bidding wars over car number plates and phone numbers are not uncommon in the Arab world. Earlier this year the phone number, 777 7777, attracted over 60 bidders in the United Arab Emirate before eventually selling for 7.9 million dirham (lb1.4m/EUR1.8m/$2.2m).