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Have Android? Try our Free Number Plate Search App!

October 27, 2010
Posted in Android Search App,Number Plates — Written by Helen

Do you have an Android Smartphone? We have done it yet again with another first in the number plate industry – a number plate search app for Android Smartphones.

You can download it completely free of charge from the Android Market. Just search for ‘number plates’.

Just like our iPhone number plate search app and Facebook number plate search app, the new Android app allows you to search for your ideal number plate any time and any place. It’s a fun and fast way to find personalised registrations on the move.

Eric Craggs, Chairman of Nationla Numbers said, “We have always strived to make our vast database available to everyone, wherever they are. Launching a new app to cater for Android users is a new way to bring number plates to the most popular mobile devices”.

Just like our other apps, the new Android app makes use of Nationla Numbers massive database of over 30 million personalised registrations, and is updated in real time to ensure the freshest registrations are available.

You can literally search for anything: your name, initials, or any number can be searched for; with a search taking less than five seconds. You can also browse up to 30 categories of number plates, such as Cheap, Funny, Car, Football, Irish, and Rude; with number plates available from 1903 through to the present day.

How it Works

  • Tap on the number plate to start a new search
  • You can enter anything: your name, initials, car, pet, etc
  • Or choose a category for some fantastic suggestions
  • A list of suggested number plates will be displayed along with prices
  • Choose a number plate to view or enquire
  • Don’t forget you can tap ‘Call Us’ at any time to speak to a friendly sales advisor

How to Download the App
Visit the Android Market on your phone and search for ‘number plates’, or see our Android App page.

Searching for number plates on the Android app