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Dateless Number Plate

June 1, 2010
Posted in Dateless Plates — Written by Helen

What is a dateless number plate?

A dateless number plate is what it says on the tin – it carries no immediately obvious year letter identifier.

Of course, if you arm yourself with the appropriate reference information, an enthusiast can place the year of issue to within months. For example, the dateless number plate RM 16 was originally issued to a 1924 motor-cycle. However, the general driving population would not realise this and so, if you assigned such a dateless number plate to your vehicle, it would not only look fantastic but also disguise the year of manufacture. Of course, the dateless number plates released via DVLA Auctions do the same job (e.g. 36 GJ, 66 HR, 32 TR) but carry no history with them as they have never been on vehicles before. Both these types of dateless number plates are often very expensive but remember we offer finance on most plates and these are well worth investing in (see article Number Plates for investment).

Another type of dateless number plate is known in the industry as a “cover” plate. A typical example would be something like 783 UXT, priced at around lb550. This dateless number plate covers up the year of manufacture and smartens up your vehicle for a very economical price – obviously, the mark has no relevance to your initials or name, but you can’t have everything. For more information go to Dateless Number Plates or Cherished Numbers.

We have been successfully dealing in all types of private plates for more than 25 years. Over this time, we have built up a comprehensive database including dateless number plates to suit all pockets and requirements. Obviously, we have many satisfied customers and have held a British Standard Institute Quality Award since 1997 so why not try us out? Challenge our number plates search – it will accept absolutely anything you type in, initials, names, words, dates etc.

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Dateless Registrations

Posted in Dateless Plates — Written by Helen

Dateless Registrations are those that carry no year identifying numbers or letters. Prior to the introduction of the suffix format of registrations in 1963 (those with a suffix letter that indicated the age of the vehicle), registrations did not identify the age of the vehicle they were assigned to.

These dateless registrations comprise 1, 2 or 3 letters followed by 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers – or vice versa. Because they date back to sometime between 1903 and 1963, they’re often hard to come by as most vehicles from this time will have long since been scrapped and the numbers taken with them. Fortunately some still survive as they’ve been transferred from vehicle to vehicle as time has passed, or can be sourced from true classic cars that have been restored to working order.

Because of their rarity and the fact that they’re very distinctive on vehicles – especially now registrations are all of a fixed 7 character length and these can be as short as just 2, they’re considered the cream of the personalised plate world, and can often command very high prices.

There’s really no risk involved in purchasing one, however, as the value of registrations such as these is always on the rise. It’s not a common occurrence for “new” dateless plates to be issued, and when they are they surface at auction on a very limited basis, so the pool of dateless reg never expands, it only gets smaller as the reg become more and more sought after and people are unwilling to part with them. As you’re looking at items that can be as much as over 100 years old, they’re effectively antiques and can prove a very sound investment.

Our speed demons section on number plates search is powerful. It shows you all the registrations that would fit onto a nice fast car such as a BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche. The jobs and hobbies section can also be seen at number plates search where you can find particular types of jobs such as Barrister, pilot, police, doctor, lawyer etc. However, use the section to design your own number plates. You may be looking for your name, a birthday, your initials or something funny. Anything.

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Dateless Registration

Posted in Dateless Plates — Written by Helen

Let’s give you a few examples of dateless registration. 111 DC is not truly a dateless plate because it was issued by the DVLA in June 1993 and was sold at lb4,400.

Where as something like DC 2 was an originally issued plate, whereabouts is unknown unless you happen to be a person who works for the DVLA.

DC’s are local numbers to ourselves therefore in the area, there is a lot of people driving around with DC on their vehicle.

For example DC 6037 belongs to John Jennison who lives in Pickering and I believe is still on a 1926 Douglas motorcycle! Another local plate is DC 6870 that belongs to Frank Hodgson in Yarm and is still on the original 1927 Galloway Doctor’s Coupe.

Finally DC 3710 belongs to Brian Pattison in Stockton-on-Tees and is again on a 1923 AJS motorbike and he also owns another local Durham number PT 5456 and again is on an original 1918 Triumph motorcycle.

Ever thought what are the most popular names in the country? Why not look at our number plates search to see if your name is there? Once you find your name, just click on the link and it will give you results for Kath, Smith, Brown etc. It’s an incredibly powerful search facility where you are able to design your own number plate to match your name or initials.

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Dateless Style Plates

Posted in Dateless Plates — Written by Helen

It’s a bit of a strange terminology Dateless Style Plates, but it really refers to the style of the plate and the fact that it’s dateless. It means it has no distinguishing year letter attached to it so it’s not easy to tell what year e.g.: DBJ 1 was issued. Where you can tell that A1 DBJ was issued in 1963?

Just for the record, DBJ 1 was actually issued in 1938 and it ran for 30 years and it was reversed to 1 DBJ in 1958.

So therefore, the DVLA who now issue all un-issued numbers can never release a DBJ dateless number as they have already been released into the marketplace 50 odd years ago.

If you want a dateless style plates, please visit they are seriously good investments and we do not invest in anything other than number plates now, having tried internet shares, normal stock shares, building societies.

It is very clear that if you know what you are doing then your investment should be in number plates, these types of dateless style plates.

Have you found what you are looking for? Do you need a bit of help? Then please look at our other Number Plate Search options. This gives you a chance to think a bit more laterally when deciding what to buy. We are very proud of our record of customer satisfaction. Over our 25 years in business we must have dealt with over 1 million customers. Why not look at a fraction of our Testimonials?

Dateless Reg Plates

Posted in Dateless Plates — Written by Helen

Dateless reg plates are very popular for disguising the age of your vehicle. If you have a vehicle that is in good condition but is maybe getting on in years, why let your neighbours know how old it is?

We sell dateless reg plates in the form of:

  • Cheap Northern Ireland plates starting from around lb99.
  • Cover plates which are typically three letters with three numbers either way around. Prices start from around lb400.
  • Cherished plates which are priced from around lb1000 up to lb50,000+ depending on the desirability of the reg plate. These plates can usually be considered to be an investment.

For more information, try our articles Number Plates for investment and Cherished Number Plates.

Dateless reg plates stand out from the crowd as they have no year identifying letter. The great advantage is that they can be assigned to a vehicle of any age. Ever thought of designing your own number plates? Why don’t you visit this page and you will find popular search categories such as your initials or the 99 most popular names in the country. There is also a listing of A-Z single letters, which are of course extremely desirable and therefore expensive. You can browse vehicle makes and models of all types of cars in the world. We would like to draw your attention to our number plates section where you can look for football registrations including Premier League teams, Division One, the Scottish League, any sport registration that interests you as well as speed demons for the fast cars.

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Try searching for number plates containing initials, names, anything you like.

Dateless Plate

Posted in Dateless Plates — Written by Helen

What is a dateless plate?

A dateless plate is a bit like a dateless fashion item – in other words, it is difficult to predict the date of issue of the original mark. By definition, a dateless plate which has been previously issued to an actual vehicle must be pre-1962. (1962-3 were the years when the suffix year-letter identifier began to be used). For more information, try our article Number Plate formats explained or Dateless Number Plates.

The proviso of “issued to an actual vehicle” is important because DVLA now issue this kind of dateless plate at auction. These registrations are taken from previously unissued series for example, amongst Nationla Numbers stock is the dateless plate: 61 AA. Other examples of dateless plates are 54 AR, 59 BS and 61 CB. All these are issued on certificates of entitlement but don’t have the history of a dateless plate like RM 16 originally issued on a very rare 1924 Beardsmore motorcycle (see Cherished Numbers for more information if you are interested).

How much will I pay for a dateless plate?

For the sort of dateless plate quoted above, you will expect to pay in excess of lb4000. However, there are dateless plates on the market with three numbers and three letters (usually containing a V, X or Y) which sell for about lb500 or lb600. A typical example of such a dateless plate would be NYV 766.

Again, these registration marks are pre-1962 (almost 50 years ago) and are sometimes referred to as “cover plates” since they effectively disguise the year of manufacture. However, as previously mentioned, this kind of dateless plate is also issued through DVLA auctions. The Act of Parliament by which DVLC re-named itself as DVLA, allowed the Agency to raise money for the Treasury by selling off previously unissued registration plates.
So, to summarise, if you want a dateless plate, the price range is approximately from lb500 to the sky is the limit.

How do I find a dateless plate?

Simply type in the letters or numbers you are looking for into our search box and view the results – you could search on “price” because often a dateless plate is quite expensive and will appear at or near the top of the list. Alternatively, you could telephone our friendly sales team, stating that you are interested in a dateless plate. Another point worth mentioning here is that we offer finance options on many of our advertised plates – so, if the dateless plate you have set your heart on is too expensive for your present budget, don’t give up. Start your search today.

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Interested in number plates? We’ve got something for every pocket. Try searching now.

Dateless Reg

Posted in Dateless Plates — Written by Helen

You can assign Dateless Reg to any roadworthy vehicle. Unlike prefix, suffix or the new style plates, the age of the vehicle is irrelevant to the ability to assign the reg to it. With reg that DO have age identifiers, the golden rule is that you CANNOT make your vehicle look any younger than it is. So, for example, if you had a P reg vehicle manufactured in 1996, you could not assign the registration AB06 BOB to it, as this registration would give the appearance that the vehicle was registered in 2006 – some ten years later. You can, however, make your vehicle look as old as you want – so you could assign any reg issued prior to the P reg to your car (e.g. D1 BOB – which would have been originally issued in 1986, some ten years before your car was on the road).

Because it’s not possible (without some considerable legwork) to determine when a dateless reg would originally have been issued, you can apply it to any vehicle – disguising its true age. This same rule applies to Irish registrations which are also without age identifiers. Have you found what you are looking for? Do you need a bit of help? Then please look at our other Number Plate Search options. This gives you a chance to think a bit more laterally when deciding what to buy. We are very proud of our record of customer satisfaction. Over our 25 years in business we must have dealt with over 1 million customers. Why not look at a fraction of our Testimonials?