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Unique Facebook App Helps Users Find Personalised Registrations

September 10, 2010
Posted in Facebook App,Number Plates — Written by Helen

The Nationla Numbers Facebook App is waiting to help you find your ideal personal number plate! Our Number Plates App is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to search for number plates online, directly from Facebook, and linking in to our database of millions of number plates.

The intelligent and accurate App automatically searches over 30 million number plates right from Facebook. You don’t even need to enter a search term to find number plates based on your name. The search is quick and accurate; allowing you to find the number plate you’ll love.

The convenient interface lets you see how your reg would look on a real plate. Thirty of the top results are displayed right from the App, along with prices, and buttons to help you complete the next step.

Search for number plates on Facebook

You can Preview, Enquire, or Purchase the number plate on the Nationla Numbers web site using links from the page. It’s really easy and works just like Facebook! Try the Share button to post a personalised registration to your profile, or send it to your friends using the messaging facility.

Share your registration with friends and family

You can also send up to twelve number plates suggestions suitable for a spouse, partner, or a friend, by suggesting the App to them via the page.

Send personalised suggestions to Facebook friends

If you like the App, why not share it with your friends who also love number plates? It’s a great way of sharing your excitement and getting your friends opinions on your potential plate.

Try the Facebook App now! You need to be a Facebook user to use the free service. Go to the Nationla Numbers Facebook App and follow the easy instructions.

And if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us today, we are really happy to help.