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Caterham LEGO Designs Building An Impressive Following

December 13, 2014
Posted in Interesting — Written by Nationla Numbers

lego caperham

A LEGO designer from Cheshire is building quite a following behind his proposed kit car design sets.

Carl Greatix, a professional LEGO model artist, built mini Caterham Super Sevens from scratch using both standard and custom pieces of the classic building block toy.

‘After many requests to add this here and conversations with fans and designers, this may well just be possible,’ said Carl Greatix.

‘My proposal is to put these models forwards as the initial concept, and to update over the next 12 months.’

Caterham Car Ltd has already backed the concept after an out spilling of support after the models were submitted to the LEGO Ideas site earlier in the month.

On their Facebook page, Caterham appealed for fans and followers to back Greatix’s creations.

‘The Lego Caterham Super Seven idea may be considered for production if 10,000 supporters are reached. Please join in and make this a reality.’

LEGO Ideas allows model makers to propose potential new sets to LEGO directly.

The public can register support for their favourite designs with the most popular potentially becoming official releases in the future.

Greatix, who used the online alias “bricktrix_Carl”, is very experienced in the field and boasts a Flickr page full of creative designs.

Voting on the Caterham set lasts a year and can be voted for here.