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R Prefix Number Plate Release Coming Next Month

March 11, 2015

Nationla Numbers customers have the opportunity to own never-before-seen private number plates through the R prefix number plate release in April.

Previously unavailable R prefix number plates will hit the market for the very first time next month and Nationla Numbers is already taking orders.

The extended range will open almost 150,000 news options to customers unable to find themselves a registration or looking to add to their collection.

The extended range will be officially released on Wednesday 15th April 2015.

R Prefix Number Plates

R prefix number plates were originally made available for vehicles registered in August 1997.

Only a limited number of these registrations were originally released.

A prefix-style registration plate includes a year indicating letter (in this case “R”), followed by up to three numbers, a space, and a combination of three letters.

The original range saw the numbers 1-20, and thereafter any multiple of ten (e.g. 30, 300) and any repeated numbers (e.g. 33, 333).

The extended range will allow the numbers 21-31 (excluding 22 and 30, which would have already been issued), 121, 321 and 123.

Combinations can include any letter excluding I, Q and Z. This means there are 12,167 possible combinations available.

Along with the 11 new number combinations this means there will be up to 146,004 new R prefix number plates on the market.

Find Your Perfect Reg

The R prefix number plate release gives customers to chance to own a registration that they may not have been able to find previously.

Currently there are no number plates with “SUE”, “ANN”, “ROB”, or other names available except through private owners.

Customers are now able to get their hands on one for a lot cheaper than other registrations available.

Similarly a lot of popular initials, such as PJW, have also ran out over time as other drivers had bought them already, but customers will now have a second chance to pick one up themselves.

Stock is limited and subject to availability. Some registrations may have already been issued due to special circumstances or have already been auctioned off by DVLA.

How To Buy A New R Registration

To place an order on one of the brand new R prefix number plates you must first call Nationla Numbers.

The Sales Team are available 7 days a week on 01642 363738 and are taking orders now.

Alternatively go to to see the vast list of registrations available.


Irish Number Plates Make Their Auction Debut

February 6, 2015

DVLA’s next Live Auction will be the first to feature number plates from Northern Ireland.

Among those being offered is BAZ 84 and IFZ 9, with reserves of lb400 and lb500 respectively.

The auction will take place at Nottingham Belfry Hotel over three days starting Wednesday 25th February.

irish number plate example

Irish Number Plates

Number plates from Northern Ireland have the letters “I” and/or “Z”.

Irish number plates were previously issued by local DVA offices in Northern Ireland.

As of July 21st, all personalise number plate queries were passed from the main DVA office in Coleraine to DVLA Swansea.

This was part of the continued centralisation effort by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, which included the introduction of various digital platforms and the controversial scrapping of the tax disc.

Before this customers wanting a private number plate from Northern Ireland needed to do what was called a double transfer – this meant the registration would be first registered to an Irish vehicle before it could transferred to their vehicle. The same would happen in reverse for customers in Northern Ireland who wanted a DVLA registration.

The change in the transfer process means that it is a lot easier and cheaper for Northern Ireland drivers to buy and transfer an English registration, and vice versa.

DVLA Auction

The February auction will be the first Live Auction of the year.

Sometimes referred to as “Classic” auctions, Live Auctions sees the DVLA put several rare and valuable plates up for bid for the first time.

Registration marks that have never been issued, such as many of the suffix styles number plates and the withheld regs from the most recent 15 release.

There are 1,600 number plates available in the February auction, including numerous Irish number plates.

Reserves for the plates range from lb250.

25 O is the most expensive plate every sold at auction, selling at lb400,000.


Thief Tried to Steal Number Plates from Police Vehicle

November 1, 2014
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

A West Midlands thief was caught stealing number plates – from an unmarked police vehicle.

Traffic Police Tweeted: ‘Officers arrested one man having been observed to remove number plates from one of our unmarked vehicles!

‘Bad choice of car…our number plates, the cheek!’

Police spotted the 50-year-old unscrewing plates from the parked van, completely unaware that it was an unmarked police vehicle.

Officers arrested the man on suspicion of theft, finding a roll of bin liners and a concealed screwdriver on his person.

The thief was later bailed pending further enquiries and is due for questioning next month.


Number Plate Recognition Lead to Over 700 Arrests in Two Day

October 30, 2014
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Police using number plate recognition technology were able to make more than 700 arrests in a 48-hour period.

Number recognising speed cameras were used to spot vehicles of interest, including those belonging to known criminals from abroad.

43 police forces from around England and Wales are taking part in Operation Trivium, which aims to crackdown on foreign criminals in the UK.

Over the two days police stopped 2,304 cars, arresting 729 individuals and handing out a further 958 fines and cautions.

Many of the criminals were wanted in their home countries for fraud, robbery, assault, drug smuggling, domestic abuse and human trafficking.

Traffic officers were told to pull over any vehicle matching one of the 3,500 number plates associated with the suspects.

Motorists driving without licence, tax or insurance were also caught under the Operation.


Dangerous Driver Used False Number Plates

October 24, 2014
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Motorbike crash survivor had been driving with fake number plates since 2011, a court heard.

Kelvin Babbage is lucky to be alive after a horrific collision left nearly every bone in his body broken.

The biker pleased guilty to dangerous driving and perverting the course of justice at Gloucester Crown Court.

Janine Wood of the Prosecution said Babbage had two sets of false number plates for the Yamaha, which he used between July 2011 and June 2013 to disguise his identity.

The 40-year-old collided with a Vauxhall Zafira in Tewksbury last year, leaving him confined to a wheelchair, but he surprised doctors by walking again five months later.

Joe Maloney, Defending, said of Babbage: ‘He did a stupid thing … Everything about it was a lesson not to drive dangerously.

‘Despite his horrific injuries he has been able to get a job.’

Vanessa Gardner was driving the Zafira with her child as the only passenger. Luckily neither of them were injured by the crash by Ms Gardner was left with flashbacks from the accident.

Judge William Hart said the crash was caused by Babbage’s use of speed and lack of attention.

He told Babbage: ‘The collision was horrific and you suffered injuries which must have come as close to being fatal as they could have done.

‘The lady whose car you collided with was entirely blameless and it is clear the enormous trauma she must have suffered.

‘Unsurprisingly she has had flashbacks of that awful moment.’

Babbage has been suspended from driving for two years and will have to take an extended driving before being allowed back on the road, but he will be spared jail time for now.


DVLA under fire due to ‘atrocious’ handling of cherished number transfers

September 18, 2013


The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency have been criticised over the centralised handling of personalised number plate transfers by members of the motoring industry.

Concerns were voiced after the DVLA had revealed in-depth plans on the continued centralisation and digitalisation of its services.

The National Franchise Dealers Association released a statement saying:

‘The NFDA, supported by key personnel from Marshalls and Lookers, attended a meeting with the DVLA to update of services transferred to the Post Office and the changes to AFRL centralisation, but we pressed hard for comment on the atrocious central handing of cherished number transfers.

Swansea admitted they had grossly underestimated the amount of document checking and rectifying mistakes on the cherished number applications that had been carried out at local DVLA offices prior to them being stopped from handing [Cherished Transfers]‘

DLVA have previously quoted 6 working days turnaround time for the transfer of number plates, but in practice this time has been known to extend to 3 weeks on average, and sometimes more, due to what they have referred to as “post room delays”.

Transfers can still be done at local offices for a short time period.

Centralised Transfers

Plans to close local DVLA offices by the end of 2013 came ahead of on-going efforts to centralise services to the main Swansea office, while also attempting to bring many services to an online platform.

Office closures with take place throughout October and November with the final offices shutting shop by December on Friday the 13th.

Employees dealing with number plate transfers at Swansea have been increase to 140 to handle the workload, with currently stands at around 2900 transfers per day.

New staff receive 5 weeks training, but due to the number of administrative mistakes ongoing quality checking has been required.

It is expected that the workload will come down by the end of the year as staff become more efficient and work carried over from local offices dies down, though this will only be temporary due to the release of the 14 year registrations in March.

The Future

Government plans have revealed that the centralised handling of all number plate transfers by post will eventually make way to an entirely digital procedure.

DVLA aims to implement an online system to handle the retention of vehicle registrations. Once this is in place, a second system allowing drivers to assign private registrations to their vehicles will also be put into place.

Work on this action is likely to start by the end of 2014, though the DVLA warns that extensive testing of the online application means the public may not see it until 2016.

In the meantime, number plate retentions, assignments and transfers will all be dealt with by Swansea via postal applications.

Number plate abuser jailed

June 3, 2013
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

A 58-year old, who harassed a neighbour with abusive number plates, has received a 1-year prison sentence.

Barrie Barker, a grandfather from Barnsley, parked car with registrations reading ‘R5 OUL’ and ‘GRA 55R’ in front of the house of a feuding neighbour.

The deed landed Barker an ASBO. Further violations lead to a 4-month sentence, and now a year-old one.

Neighbour Barry Roddis, 72, had been left ill by the nine years of abuse from Barker.

The dispute started when residents of the usually peaceful cul-de-sac in Lundwood, Barnsley, nominated Roddis to confront Barker for fixing up cars in the driveway.

‘He was at it all the time; we couldn’t go out in the street. I have had to have psychiatric treatment. I was suicidal, it was that bad,’ said Barry Roddis. ‘We couldn’t even take our dog for a walk.’

The court heard that Mr Roddis had suffered a nervous breakdown due to the abuse, forcing him to step down from his position of magistrate.

Roddis and his wife, Phyllis, 71, even installed CCTV cameras to help gather evidence on Barker.

Most recently, Barker had stalked the Roddis’, smashed their garden fence, blocked their driveway, and yelled verbal abuse at them.

‘I’m not surprised he has been sent to jail,’ Roddis continued. ‘The police told us to report everything so we did. Anyone else who is suffering this kind of behaviour should report everything, don’t just give up.

‘I’ve noticed a difference since he was jailed, it’s been a lot quieter.’

Members of Barker’s family refused to stand in court and his solicitor was unable to comment.


Former L16 DEM candidate sells private reg

May 16, 2013
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Former Liberal Democrat politician and recent Labour convert, Andrew Duffield, has put his private number plate up for sale.

Andrew Duffield bought L16 DEM, which reads “LIB DEM”, in 1993 when the L-reg plates were released.

Duffield has removed the number plate from his vehicle “for obvious reasons”, and currently stores it on a retention certificate until a buyer is found.

‘I’m using standard plates and certainly won’t be displaying L16 DEM now!’ He said.

After growing “increasingly angered” by the coalition government failing to “protect the poor and disadvantaged”, Andrew decided to leave the Lib Dems.

Now with Labour, the teacher is on the market for a replacement number plate.

‘I have located LA80 OUR – but unfortunately that won’t become available until 2030 … so I’m now looking out for PRO6 RES.’

Andrew Duffield hopes to stand as MP for Hexham in the next general election.


MSP Insulted by Council Number Plates

June 13, 2012
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

It is “insulting” that Scottish councils retain ownership of many private number plates, says Green Party MSP Patrick Harvie.

Many councils are struggling in the current economy, MSP Harvie sees the license plates as an unnecessary luxury that can be sold to raise funds.

Number plates like S 0 and S 10, currently owned by Edinburgh council, are believed to be very valuable and could fetch a lot of money at auction.

“It is extraordinary that they wouldn’t at least look at what price they’d get when times are tough,” said Patrick Harvie, MSP for Glasgow.

Most of the number plates are handed down from old district councils. For some it is a matter of tradition and civic pride that the number plates are kept where they are.

Many of the 23 highlighted number plates are worth in access of lb50,000, but some are speculated to be worth as much as lb500,000.

Similar requests to sell off the assets were brought forward in 2010 and again earlier this year, once again lead by the Scottish Green Party.

Steve Burgess, Green party councillor for Southside/Newington, said: “With council funding being cut and public facilities being closed down, now is the right time to sell off the council’s truly useless assets and raise much needed funds.

“Any council hoarding a number plate worth half a million pounds has got its priorities wrong.”

Police & Halfords Tag Team Against Registration Thieves

June 11, 2012

Loughborough police will attempt to tackle number plate crime with the help of the local Halfords.

“Since the start of the year we have had 23 incidents where vehicle registration plates have been stolen”, said PCSO Anthony Brewin, who is overseeing the initiative.

“Number plate thefts continue to be a problem nationally and have increased in recent years. This is partly due to an increase in the use of speed cameras, rise in petrol costs and charges for use of certain roads.”

Stolen or cloned registrations have been used in the past to disguise stolen vehicles, petrol theft, speeding and illegal parking.

Drivers can prevent number plate theft with tamper-proof screws, these will be offered as part of a free-fitting service.

“We realise that the theft of number plates can be a huge inconvenience to motorists”, says Steve Taylor of the Loughborough branch, “we are delighted to be working with Loughborough Police to help prevent this happening in future.”

Halfords are commended by the Loughborough police force for their assistance. The national retailer is even bringing in additional staff to help with the programme.

“We are really pleased that the local branch of Halfords have agreed to help us reduce crime in this area” said PCSO Anthony Brewin.