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Promote Your Brand with Number Plates

September 9, 2010

Nationla Numbers Chairman, Eric Craggs, visits Edinburgh each year to enjoy the art, events and festivals at the Fringe.

In case you missed the coverage, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is one of the biggest arts festivals in the world, taking place every August for three weeks in Scotland’s capital city.

This year Eric saw this awesome number plate on a van in George Street. The company are signage and neon specialists. Of course, being signage specialists, it looks like they did a great job on their own van (which is a fine endorsement in itself!).

But the number plate really helps the van stand out. Take a look:

Signs number plate on van

It is useful to add that the van doesn’t have two number plates as it first appears (I don’t think the DVLA would like that!). The explanation is that the number plate on the left is the actual number plate: S1 GNS, which reads “Signs”.

The registration on the right is not a valid plate, but does help to get the message across, reading “Neons”.

If the company wanted a good Neons number plate, they could go for N3 EON, N19 ONS or NE59 ONS. These registrations start from as little as lb188.00, which is a small investment when you consider how much value can be gained.

The value comes from the amount of people who potentially see the vehicle. The Edinburgh festival attracts thousands of people each year, who fill the streets to come together and experience what’s on offer. It provides a fantastic opportunity to use your vehicle as a mobile street advertisement for your business!

All you need do is park in the street, and enjoy passive brand exposure. Maybe you could enjoy the festival yourself while you’re there. And of course, there are thousands of other events around the UK each year to take advantage of.

It is also possible to target your audience by visiting events you know customers like yours will attend. For instance if your business sells football equipment, park your vehicle outside a football stadium on a match day where you know football fans will be. You’ll also need a great footie registration such as F00 77E! This is just one example of how number plates can be used by businesses.

If you are interested in buying a number plate for use in your business, Contact Us today, or find out more by reading these related articles:

Your number plate is a brilliant opportunity to promote your brand, so make the most of it today!

Businesses Using Personalised Registrations

January 13, 2010

Yesterday we discussed why your business needs personalised registrations. Today we provide some examples of how businesses are using personalised number plates to increase exposure to their company or brand.

TAP 4S Barioja Spanish Tapas Restaurant

Spanish tapas bar Barioja uses a company vehicle for making short trips locally, collecting supplies and dropping off employees in the popular Historic Old Town in the centre of Edinburgh.

The car’s personalised registration: TAP 4S (“tapas”) – along with the signage, form an instantly recognisable combination that is both memorable and descriptive.

The car is seen by customers when it travels to and from destinations, and is also seen when parked outside the restaurant. The car travels where it can be seen by both visitors to and residents of Edinburgh.

Because of the car and its personalised registration, more people become aware of the Barioja tapas bar and the restaurant’s brand becomes more widely known.

Company vehicle showing registration TAP 4S

YE55 GAS Yes Gas Plumbing and Heating

Without a doubt, plumbing and heating company Yes Gas have a name which is memorable and catchy – and the perfect size for a personalised number plate!

From the photo it’s easy to see how good the YE55 GAS number plate looks on their van.

This company van can be seen parked outside customer’s houses and driving to and from jobs in and around the Middlesbrough and Stockton areas, which is good publicity for a company that services its local area.

The number plate helps to reinforce the company name and image. Hopefully when customers think of gas they think of Yes Gas!

Van displaying registration YE55 GAS

We will post more examples of number plates being used by businesses as and when we encounter them. Or send your own examples to us via our contact us page!

Why your Business Needs Personalised Registrations

January 12, 2010

Number plates for businesses really stand outDo you use a vehicle in your business? Businesses, both large, national companies and smaller, local firms benefit from personalising their company vehicles with private registrations.

Many businesses use personalised number plates to publicise their company image and message to people who see the vehicle. When coupled with the right branding, a personalised number plate that relates directly to your business really makes an impact.

Number plates are instantly recognisable, and you can base your number plate on your business or product name, or even your industry. And because number plates can be shorter than some company names, and follow a specific format, they can act as an aide-mémoire to customers on the go.

It is also fun to see business vehicles with personalised registrations – it shows that your business is light-hearted, fun, and proud to shout its name!

If your business already has a strong brand (brand name, logo, vehicle signage, etc) then a personalised number plate is another useful part of the branding toolkit that will help ensure your customers do not forget your name, or the product or service that you offer.

Conversely, if your business has no branding yet, then a personalised number plate might be the only thing that your customers do remember about your business!

The time has never been better to increase your company visibility, so if you are considering choosing personalised number plates for your commercial vehicle, why not take a look on our web site for ideas? Our search matches names, numbers; in fact anything you want to search for.

Tomorrow we will post examples of how businesses are using personalised number plates to increase exposure to their company or brand.

And don’t forget that businesses can offset the plate cost against tax liabilities and VAT registered businesses can buy registrations and claim the VAT back from the cost of the plate. Don’t hesitate in getting in touch!