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“Leisure” Number Plate Sells for lb22.5k

May 13, 2015
Posted in Auctions,DVLA,Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

The registration plate LE15 URE has sold above expectations at the DVLA auction in Chesterfield.

Bidders teased up the price of the number plate from a humble lb700 reserve before the hammer eventually came down at lb22,500.

In total the new owner would have paid lb29,240 in total – just shy of lb30,000.

The registration, which reads as the word “Leisure”, would have been ideal for companies in the leisure and tourism industry in particular.

In the end the plate was picked up by the owner of the family run Leisure Parks Ltd, which owns six luxurious holiday parks in North Yorkshire and Cumbria.


KR15 HAN and KR15 HNA Sold For Over lb250k

Posted in Auctions,DVLA,Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

DVLA were chipper in Chesterfield after two cherished registrations were sold for over lb250,000.

Two number plates that appear as popular Asian names have fetched lb180,000 and lb76,000 from auction respectively.

KR15 HNA and KR15 HAN proved very popular on the second day of a three day DVLA auction taking place in Chesterfield.

“We knew the number plates would be very popular, but they have exceeded expectations” said Eric Craggs of the CNDA (Cherished Number Dealer Association).

“It is a reflection on the quality of both the registration marks and how unique they are.”

Many keen collectors mad been waiting for the release of these registrations since they were withdrawn from general sale in December last year, along with other 15-registration plates.

Nationla Numbers had received almost 80 enquiries about the KR15 HNA registration, and almost 30 for KR15 HAN, but disappointed customers were told the registration would be going up for auction.

KR15 HAN, which looks like than name “Krishan”, was to first to go up for bid, eventually reaching lb76,000 on the hammer – the buyer would pay lb98,576 in total.

Immediately following was KR15 HNA – “Krishna” is the name of a deity in Hinduism – which sold for an amazing lb180,000, or lb233,360 after fees.


Faisal number plate sells for lb35,000

February 25, 2015
Posted in Auctions,Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

The number plate FA15 ALS, reading as “Faisal’s”, sold today for an impressive lb35,000.

FA15 ALS is a 15-registration valid for vehicles registered in March 2015, four days from now.

It was the only registration from the FA15AL series that was withheld. Others, including FA15 ALR and FA15 ALB, were sold in December.

‘lb35,000 is a huge price for the registration,’ said Craig Priestly of Nationla Numbers.

‘Considering Nationla Numbers owns other Faisal number plate available at a lot less, the buyer must have really wanted the plate.”

Nationla Numbers currently has FA15 ALB available for lb12,999, FA15 ALC for lb12,999, FA15 ALJ for lb12,999, FA15 ALP for lb12,999 and FA15 ALR for lb12,999.

‘If you have an initial B, C, J, P or R all these plates would be ideal,’ continued Craig.

Nationla Numbers also owns FA12 SEL and FA13 SEL, both available for lb6,999, and FA61 ZAL for sale at lb7,999.


Irish Number Plates Make Their Auction Debut

February 6, 2015

DVLA’s next Live Auction will be the first to feature number plates from Northern Ireland.

Among those being offered is BAZ 84 and IFZ 9, with reserves of lb400 and lb500 respectively.

The auction will take place at Nottingham Belfry Hotel over three days starting Wednesday 25th February.

irish number plate example

Irish Number Plates

Number plates from Northern Ireland have the letters “I” and/or “Z”.

Irish number plates were previously issued by local DVA offices in Northern Ireland.

As of July 21st, all personalise number plate queries were passed from the main DVA office in Coleraine to DVLA Swansea.

This was part of the continued centralisation effort by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, which included the introduction of various digital platforms and the controversial scrapping of the tax disc.

Before this customers wanting a private number plate from Northern Ireland needed to do what was called a double transfer – this meant the registration would be first registered to an Irish vehicle before it could transferred to their vehicle. The same would happen in reverse for customers in Northern Ireland who wanted a DVLA registration.

The change in the transfer process means that it is a lot easier and cheaper for Northern Ireland drivers to buy and transfer an English registration, and vice versa.

DVLA Auction

The February auction will be the first Live Auction of the year.

Sometimes referred to as “Classic” auctions, Live Auctions sees the DVLA put several rare and valuable plates up for bid for the first time.

Registration marks that have never been issued, such as many of the suffix styles number plates and the withheld regs from the most recent 15 release.

There are 1,600 number plates available in the February auction, including numerous Irish number plates.

Reserves for the plates range from lb250.

25 O is the most expensive plate every sold at auction, selling at lb400,000.


Supercars Rented to Arab Visitors

January 23, 2015
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

There is a “growing market” of customers from the Middle East renting supercars in London.

Arab visitors who come to London for “Supercar Season” have started hiring supercars from local businesses instead of flying in their own.

Signature Car Hire owns the UK’s largest fleet of luxury vehicles. The London company’s Chief Executive and Founder, Dee Bhatia, says his client list includes royals from Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

“They are discerning clients who know exactly what they want. We have been known to buy a car specifically because a VIP client requested it,” Bhatia said.

“Supercar Season” refers to the Summer months when Tourists from the Arabian Gulf flood London, usually with their supercars. Locals from Knightsbridge and Mayfair have complained about the noisy cars, as well as potentially dangerous driving.

Some companies would even buy vehicles for their fleet if a client had asked for it specifically.

supercars for rent in london

Another rental company, Supercar Experiences, is also receiving an influx of Asian customers around this time a year. For example, the Lamborghini Aventador LP700, one of the most expensive supercars in the world, is available for lb1,995 per day,

“We’ve had the princes, the sheikhs, the billionaires,” said Nik Hardwick, Managing Director of Supercar Experiences. “They’ve all got cars back home. But a lot of people decide to hire rather than bringing their own cars over.”

More and more people are flying their supercars into the country also, paying up to Dh70,000 to do so.

Manchester-based Dan Car Logistics handled 35-40 cars being flown in from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.

Arab countries, such as Qatar which will hold 2018’s FIFA World Cup, is known to reach up to 46 degrees in the summer months. It is believed that the yearly pilgrimage to London could be in an attempt to get away from the heat.


Garages Ignore “Mental” Traffic Wardens

January 15, 2015
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

Garage owners are taping over number plates to evade “mental” traffic wardens.

Car traders in Barnstaple have reported overzealous wardens who ‘creep up’ and ticket temporarily parked vehicles while they are being moved.

‘It’s a joke how many tickets we’re getting,’ said Melvyn Adams, who owns Gaydon Street Motors.

‘They’ve even ticketed cars which the AA have brought in overnight.’

The two local businesses – Gaydon Street Motors and ND Joy Autos – use double yellow lines, which restricts parking, outside their premises to move vehicles in and out.

‘We have a legal responsibility to enforce parking restrictions,’ said Stuart Hughes of Devon County Council, ‘double yellow lines in this area prohibit parking and in order to provide a fair and consistent service our civil enforcement team must be objective and enforce the restriction for all vehicles parked in this location.’

Owner of ND Joy Autos, Nigel Joy, says that previous traffic wardens would give the garages warnings before fining them.

‘I’ve been here 18 years and I’ve always had a good relationship with the council wardens,’ said Nigel Joy.

‘But now they wait and they clock the car and book you.

‘They don’t have the courtesy to give you a warning.’

The two business owners have said they have started taping over their number plates so that traffic wardens would be unable to read to registration, an offence that could carry with it a lb1,000 fine.

‘It’s unavoidable to park on the double yellow lines because you have to move the cars around,’ added Nigel Joy.

‘We don’t stop the flow of traffic,

‘We don’t take the mick.

‘Some of the wardens are mental – it’s victimisation.’


12 Pointed Pensioners Escaping Driving Ban

January 12, 2015
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

licence points driving


None of the 20 oldest drivers to amass 12 or more licence points have been banned from driving, a Freedom of Information Act request has revealed.

Violations including drink driving, driving without insurance, and speeding have been detailed in the report.

The worst offender, a 57-year-old, has avoided a driving ban despite receiving 26 penalty licence points.

Ellie Pearson, spokeswoman for Brake, said: ‘The penalty point system is in place to take drivers who repeatedly flout traffic laws off the road, whilst giving drivers ample opportunity to mend their ways,’ said Ellie Pearson, a spokesperson for anti-speeding charity Brake.

‘Drivers with 12 points or more on their licence have already proven they have no respect for the rules of the road, or the safety of others. Allowing them to carry on driving is inviting tragedy.’

Under current road laws, drivers who receive 12 licence points should automatically receive a six-month driving disqualification, unless courts decide the ban could put the motorist under “exceptional hardship”.

A DVLA spokesman said: ‘The DVLA’s role is to record the information provided by the courts. The courts are able to use their discretion to decide whether or not to disqualify a driver.’

Campaigners worry that drivers not being banned in these cases could pose a serious threat to other road users. It may also set an unfortunate precident for other potentially dangerous drivers to remain on the roads.

‘If drivers accumulate 12 points and are not banned, it makes a mockery of the whole system,’ said Brake Spokeperson, Ellie Pearson.

Information About Licence Points

A licence point / penalty point system demerits drivers convicted of road traffic offences. These “points” can be added or subtracted, and in some cases removed after a defined amount of time has passed, or other conditions are met. If the total amount of licence points exceeds a limit (12 in the UK) the offender may be disqualified from driving.


Drivers of a White Car Receive Parking Fine for a Black Car

January 10, 2015
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers



A couple have found out that when it comes to parking fines it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.

Malcolm and Julie Creek were fined lb45 for overstaying by 5 hours, which will raise to lb110 if unpaid, but there is a clear error.

The letter issuing the fine shows the couple’s white Ford entering the car park but a different car leaving almost six hours later.

‘The car’s a different colour to start with,’ said an annoyed Malcolm Creek, 69. ‘How stupid can you get?

The Cambridge couple entered the car park around 1PM, but left 48 minutes later after doing some Christmas shopping.

Five hours later CCTV clocked a black Vauxhall with a similar but different number plate and mistakenly registered this as the Creeks’ car.

‘I’m sure the retail park would be cross about this,’ continued Malcolm, a retired assistant estates manager. ‘It’s going to put people off visiting. It’s put us off.’

Total Parking Solutions, who issued the fine, have admitted their mistake and have apologised to the couple.

‘It appears that in this instance the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera misread the exit plate by one letter due to the dirty condition of the plate,’ said a TPS Spokesperson.

‘The two plates were almost identical, as a result of misreading a letter on exit, it was flagged as an overstay by the ANPR matching engine.

‘We are sending Julie and Malcolm Creek our sincere apologies coupled with a lb20 high street voucher for them to spend at the retail site for inconvenience caused in this instance.’


Venice Must Now Fit Gondolas with Registration Plates

December 19, 2014
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

Venetian authorities have laid out plans to fit all gondolas with number plates.

The 433 gondola license holders in Venice must now display small metal number plates to the side of their otherwise traditional boats.

The move was in response to numerous accidents in the increasingly congested canals, a popular tourist attraction.

Last year a German tourist died after the gondola the 50 year-old was riding was crushed by a water bus.

Number plates will allow authorities keep track of canal traffic, as well as the increasing number of unlicensed gondola sailors – “Goldoliers”.

Aldo Reato, President of the Gondoliers’ Association, said: ‘We’ll continue in our commitment to legality and also to present an image to the world of gondoliers and gondolas which lives up to their tradition.’

Gondoliers are now also required to charge visitors a fixed price of EUR80 for half an hour after suspected cases of gullible tourists being ripped off.

Random drug tests for gondoliers will also be put in place after the council received complaints of “unruly behaviour” amongst the boatmen.


lb400k 25 O Breaks Records

November 28, 2014
Posted in Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers



A classic Ferrari dealer has broken DVLA auction records with a winning bid of lb400,000 on the number plate 25 O.

John Collins smashed the previous record of lb285,000, set in 2009 by the buyer of 1 D, Nabil Bishara.

Collins, who owns Talacrest, a Ferrari dealership out of Berkshire, referred to his purchase as “the ultimate plate for the ultimate car”.

‘I decided I really wanted the plate and I wasn’t going to stop bidding on it,’ said Collins, who also successfully bought 250 L and 500 FER at the auction in Wales.

‘Every time I put a bid in, the underbidder responded straight away. The plate could possibly have been the first lb1 million personalised registration!’

Despite starting with a reserve of lb4,000, 100 times less than the final bid, pre-auction postal bids immediately brought the starting price up to lb50,000.

Interest was high in the number plate, which referred to the 250 model Ferrari, and the price quickly jumped beyond lb300,000 before settling at lb400k.

The 250 models are amongst the most valuable in the world, and includes the lb10m Ferrari 250 GT SWB, lb20m Ferrari 250 TR and lb35m Ferrari 250 GTO.

‘It is a lot of money, but I was calm as I have been in auction situations before where I have bid more than $20 million on a car.

‘When the hammer went down I was really happy, it is a record for a DVLA registration plate.’

After fees, including 20% VAT, 8% buyer’s premium and lb80 DVLA transfer fee, Collins would have paid lb518,480 in total for the private number plate.

‘I am going to be putting it on a very special Ferrari 250 SWB which used to belong to Eric Clapton.

‘I also bought ‘250L’ which is going on a lb2.25 million Ferrari 250 Lusso and ‘500 FER’ which was a bargain at lb3,000.’