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R Prefix Number Plate Release Coming Next Month

March 11, 2015

Nationla Numbers customers have the opportunity to own never-before-seen private number plates through the R prefix number plate release in April.

Previously unavailable R prefix number plates will hit the market for the very first time next month and Nationla Numbers is already taking orders.

The extended range will open almost 150,000 news options to customers unable to find themselves a registration or looking to add to their collection.

The extended range will be officially released on Wednesday 15th April 2015.

R Prefix Number Plates

R prefix number plates were originally made available for vehicles registered in August 1997.

Only a limited number of these registrations were originally released.

A prefix-style registration plate includes a year indicating letter (in this case “R”), followed by up to three numbers, a space, and a combination of three letters.

The original range saw the numbers 1-20, and thereafter any multiple of ten (e.g. 30, 300) and any repeated numbers (e.g. 33, 333).

The extended range will allow the numbers 21-31 (excluding 22 and 30, which would have already been issued), 121, 321 and 123.

Combinations can include any letter excluding I, Q and Z. This means there are 12,167 possible combinations available.

Along with the 11 new number combinations this means there will be up to 146,004 new R prefix number plates on the market.

Find Your Perfect Reg

The R prefix number plate release gives customers to chance to own a registration that they may not have been able to find previously.

Currently there are no number plates with “SUE”, “ANN”, “ROB”, or other names available except through private owners.

Customers are now able to get their hands on one for a lot cheaper than other registrations available.

Similarly a lot of popular initials, such as PJW, have also ran out over time as other drivers had bought them already, but customers will now have a second chance to pick one up themselves.

Stock is limited and subject to availability. Some registrations may have already been issued due to special circumstances or have already been auctioned off by DVLA.

How To Buy A New R Registration

To place an order on one of the brand new R prefix number plates you must first call Nationla Numbers.

The Sales Team are available 7 days a week on 01642 363738 and are taking orders now.

Alternatively go to to see the vast list of registrations available.


Ex-TOWIE Star Crashes Car with lb80k Number Plate

October 21, 2014

Amy Childs crashes car WE11 JEL

Former The Only Way is Essex favourite, Amy Childs, rolled her Range Rover, which sported a private number plate worth lb80,000.

Childs lost control of the vehicle after being overtaken by boy racers, but luckily escaped with just bumps and bruises.

The number plate, WE11 JEL, references a TOWIE catchphrase and is worth more than the white Range Rover it was on.

A spokesperson for the former Big Brother contestant said: ‘Amy is very lucky to be alive. The car is a complete write-off. She is still very shaken but feels lucky.’

The redheaded celebrity should not be in danger of losing the valuable number plate.

‘In accidents like this the DVLA will allow you to retain your private number plate,’ said Craig Priestly of Nationla Numbers.

‘You would only need to obtain a letter from the insurance company.’

The 24-year-old was driving through South Woodford in North London when she crashed the vehicle.

‘Amy was overtaken rapidly by a speeding car full of young boys, which caused her to panic and hit the kerb, which spun the car over a few times before hitting a lamp post,’ said a friend.

‘She was checked by ambulance services, police breathalysed her at the scene and she was clear.’

Ironically Amy Childs appeared in a MoneySupermarket Car Insurance ad campaign just a week earlier. The advert saw her sitting on a wrecked car that also displayed the number plate WE11 JEL.

The star said on Twitter: ‘I am so lucky to be alive thank you to everyone for your lovely messages, god was definitely watching down on me.’

No injuries have been reported from the accident and police have yet to make any arrests.


Record Breaking DVLA Auction

July 7, 2014

DVLA’s second timed auction of the year has broken all previous records.

The online auction achieved a 77% conversation rate on number plates sold, the highest ever for a timed auction.

DVLA raised almost lb1million in total. The three best performing number plates included RAG 17N (lb15,010), AMR 13K (lb10,010), and MDR 1X (lb7,510).

Number plates AN11 AND, STE 80Y and ROB 7A also proved the most popular, attracting 44 bidders between them.

Timed Auctions are different from Live Auctions, also called Classic Auctions or Cherished Auctions, as bids are placed online over a two-week period.

The auction ran from June 11th to June 25th with 1,522 number plates on offer.

You can find the full list of registrations on offer here.

The next DVLA Timed Auction will run from October 15th to October 29th.


Court dispute leads to legal fees six times the value of the number plate

March 31, 2014


The number plate JM 2 has been returned to its owner after and a long and costly court battle.

Sir John Madejski, chairman of Reading Football Club, mounted legal fees of lb300,000 to get his private registration back.

The number plate, which was originally released in December 1931, has been independently valued at lb50,000.

Dispute over the cherished registration started in 2010 when Sir John Madejski sold a Jaguar XJ220 – which displayed the registration – in an auction. He insists that the registration mark was not included in his deal with the auctions, Coys of Kensington.

Car enthusiast, Malcolm Harrison, paid lb130,000 at auction for the Jaguar. Malcolm and his son, Jack, claim they increased their maximum bid by lb30,000 believing the registration was included.

In the eyes of the DVLA it is the registered keeper of the vehicle that has control over the attached number plate. By becoming the registered owner before the number was retained, Malcolm became the legal owner. It was at this point that Mr Harrison retained the number plate in his own name.

The case was ruled on last year when Judge Donald Hamilton of Reading County Court ruled that: ‘No reasonable buyer could have concluded that the mark was included in the sale’.

Sir John was to be paid lb30,000 in damages for the value of the registration less the lb20,000 Mr Harrison had spent on the vehicle’s MOT.

Harrison did appeal the decision but this was dismissed as neither the auction brochure or website suggested the JM 2 reg mark was included with the vehicle.


Grab this Stunning Lamborghini Gallardo Number Plate

March 16, 2011

Nationla Numbers are always pleased to hear from customers who are looking to sell their number plates. Our free instant valuation service is excellent at calculating meanings, estimating prices and is our customers’ first port of call when they look to sell their registration.

But some registrations are a little bit special – like this stunning Lamborghini Gallardo number plate.

GA11 RDO number plate on Lamborghini Gallardo 1

We were delighted to receive photos of this Lamborghini Gallardo from a Nationla Numbers customer, complete with the ‘Gallardo’ private number plates.

The car demonstrates a perfect example of how a personalised registration can add to the appeal of a vehicle.

GA11 RDO is for sale exclusively through Nationla Numbers – and is a particularly good example of one of the thousands of 11 series registrations we have listed on our website.

To purchase the registration, contact Nationla Numbers on .

Alternatively search for other 11 series personalised number plates, or try a number plate search on our site for more ideas.

More information:
View GA11 RDO on our website
Nationla Numbers 11 series registrations

Exce11ent Eleven Number Plates are here!

September 6, 2010

The new 11 series number plates are here!

Nationla Numbers has recently made available thousands of 11 series registrations to order on our web site.

This is the best ever number plate release, and has the potential to be one of the best there ever will be. Don’t miss out on your chance to secure your ideal personalised number plate!

Eleven series number plates are ideal for words or names that have one or two letter L’s, or a letter H in them, for instance Ahmed, Elliot, Holly, Julian, Juliet and Kelly. There are literally thousands of meaningful combinations. Maybe you were born on the 11th of the month, in which case the choice is even greater.

Not only does the number 11 make great number plate combinations, in Numerology, 11 is considered to be the master number. The number 11 represents a visionary personality, with artistic and inventive genius; the number is also connected to fame. What an auspicious number to adorn your vehicle with!

Take a look at these great examples:

Ahmed Elliot
Holly Julian
Juliet Kelly

For your information, brand-new vehicles registered on or after March 1st, 2011 will be on an 11 plate.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a brand new vehicle, you can still buy the registration on a certificate now, to keep for the future.

Take a look at some of the fantastic combinations available now: view our 11 series registrations page for an overview of what’s available. Or, if you fancy making your own plate, it’s really easy to do directly from our web site, choosing 11 from the dropdown menu.

If you can’t find your ideal 11 plate, don’t worry, call us and we’ll be able to find it for you.

Cheap Personalised Number Plates

May 29, 2010
Posted in Personalised Registrations — Written by Helen

If you are looking for Cheap Personalised Number Plates, most people go for a prefix letter with a chosen number and three letters resembling their initials.

These make excellent gifts for Birthdays and Christmas presents as they can be presented on a certificate ready for transfer with the actual number plates attractively wrapped up.

Sport registrations can be sourced by looking at the number plates search. We have dedicated a complete section to sport including football, caving, scuba diving, tennis, golf, cricket, ski, volleyball, rugby, judo, snowboard, karate, racing and soccer. Each individual section is then sub divided to give associated terms. For example, for “golf” we suggest ace, blast, shot, tour, club, hole, pro and so on. It’s a very comprehensive sport section and you can also design your own number plates depending on what you’re looking for ie. names, initials etc.

Find out more about:
Number Plates
Private Registrations
Cherished Number Plates

Spread the cost – we offer finance on most number plates. Search for yours now.

Personalised Plates UK

Posted in Personalised Registrations — Written by Helen

Personalised plates UK is a long established industry. The market has been growing ever since drivers realised that a registration mark is not just a method for legal identification of the vehicle but can actually say a lot about the person who owns the car.

Personalised plates UK was given a boost when DVLA itself became allowed to offer previously retained marks for sale.

Effectively, this injection of registration marks opened the market to many people who hitherto had regarded personalised plates UK as being available only to the rich. See here for more information on Number Plate formats explained and Private Reg.

We pride ourselves in trying to achieve a very well run business. To this end we decided that we would try to achieve an award that is recognised by industry throughout Europe. We prepared to try and gain the quality award BSI 9001 2000. Nationla Numbers managed to do this at its first attempt. The Chairman, Eric Craggs, had previously worked as a manager at ICI for 30 years and had been involved in trying to get businesses within ICI to get this award. We have had the award for almost 10 years. For the last two years, BSI have required us to conduct a formal customer survey – we are the only company within the DVLA number plate business to do so. Please look at our Testimonials to see what they think. You may think that a lot of web sites just make up their feedback, a lot do, but we are actually audited by a British Standard Quality Expert to verify that our customer comments are genuine.

For more information read Nationla Numbers Quality Award but I expect you have done enough reading for one session – its “play-time” now. Let yourself (and your imagination) go on our number plate search box. Nice to talk to you – bye for now.

Personalised Plate

Posted in Personalised Registrations — Written by Helen

The idea of a personalised plate has developed from the initial term “cherished plate”. A personalised plate or mark has a much broader meaning and includes a far more diverse type of driver.

A personalised plate can include sourcing your name, initials, birthday, business or even your favourite football team.

For example, Robert Jones, a Rangers Football Club Supporter, owns 8 RFC. However, if you spotted 4 EFC, you might think the driver was a supporter of Everton, but you’d be wrong as this particular personalised plate stands for “Euro Photo Centre”.

We have put a lot of background information into the following article:- Personalised Number Plates, DVLA Information and Registration Numbers.

Nationla Numbers realise that buying a private number plate is not cheap and therefore we are the only DVLA Number Plate business to offer 0% Finance on most of our 30 million cherished plates. A few other companies have tried to copy our approach but usually give up after a few months. This is because it is not simple to offer 0% finance on such a vast quantity of Cherished Number Plates that you can buy securely online; we use the latest encryption possible. It is the same standard used by main banks.

So go ahead, try our number plate search, with all the finance options we offer, you’re sure to be able to find your ideal personalised plate.

Personalised Registration Numbers

Posted in Personalised Registrations — Written by Helen

Now the combination of personalised registration numbers changes every six months there is plenty of opportunity for clients to invest small or large amounts of money. A lot of clients now buy several plates, maybe one for each member of the family, sometimes for a baby, and by the time the baby is old enough to have a vehicle to put it on their personalised registration plate is worth as much as the vehicle. Private Number Plates is packed full of more information as well. See Number Plate formats explained and Private Reg for more help.

Nationla Numbers realise that buying a private number plate is not cheap and therefore we are the only DVLA Number Plate business to offer 0% Finance on most of our 30 million cherished plates. A few other companies have tried to copy our approach but usually give up after a few months. This is because it is not simple to offer 0% finance on such a vast quantity of Cherished Number Plates that you can buy securely online; we use the latest encryption possible. It is the same standard used by main banks.

Enough talk from us – over to you – enter anything in our number plate search and away you go.