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Family Mistakenly Rammed Off the Road by Armed Police

February 9, 2015
Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

A family were left shocked and in tears after they were violently rammed by police.

Pregnant mother of two, Shiri Rahman, was in the car with her young son who had just been to hospital, as well as her husband and sister.

Bradford Police believed the vehicle belonged to criminals after they used cloned plates for an armed robbery.

‘It all happened in a flash,’ said Mrs Rahman, 34. ‘My husband slowed down to let the car behind us pass. It went in front of us and braked, forcing my husband to stop.

‘Another car pulled up beside us and then a third one came up behind and hit us in the back. I was jerked forward and then back in my seat.

‘We were barricaded in and the car was surrounded by police, there must have been eight or nine of them. I couldn’t see any guns, but the police told us the car that hit us was an armed response vehicle.

‘They took my husband out of the car. We couldn’t understand what was going on. I was shocked. Terrified wasn’t the word for it.

‘I started to have an anxiety attack. I was finding it difficult to breathe and was panicking. My son was crying in the back.

‘You think stuff like this happens in the movies. You don’t expect it to happen in real life – even less be in the middle of it.’

The family had taken five-year old Mohammed Eesaa to Bradford Royal Infirmary after he had developed a fever. They left the hospital in the early hours of the morning and headed home.

Abdur Rahman, 35, was taken to a police vehicle while checks were made by police.

‘The officer explained they had information the vehicle had been involved in an armed robbery and they had to take full precautions to make sure the robbers did not get away, which is why they had to do what they did,’ added Mrs Rahman.

Detective Superintendent Jon Morgan, of Bradford District Police, said: ‘At 11.59pm on Sunday, February 1, police received information about a vehicle which was believed to have been used in an armed robbery outside of West Yorkshire.

‘Following inquiries, a vehicle bearing the suspected number plate was sighted in Ingleby Road, Bradford.

‘In accordance with the information received armed officers were deployed to stop the vehicle safely, which resulted in a minor collision.

‘Ambulance crews were also requested to attend to a pregnant woman who was inside the vehicle.’

Mrs Rahman claimed the paramedics were unsympathetic and declined to treat her family.

‘We are aware of the incident that took place on Ingleby Road in Bradford,’ said Ben Holdaway, of Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

‘We are keen to speak to the family directly and would urge them to contact our Patient Relations team on 0345 122 0535 so that we can look into this matter further.’


Thousands of Plates Stolen in Merseyside

July 19, 2014

There have been more than 2,500 number plate thefts across Merseyside over the last two years.

Criminals used stolen plates for a variety of crimes: from avoiding speeding fines armed robbery.

Some plates are also stolen out of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Most publicised though is petrol station thefts, as criminals use stolen or cloned number plates to steal petrol.

According the figures released by Merseyside Police, 2,611 number plate thefts have been reported in the last two years.

This includes 1,269 plates stolen between April 2014 and Match 2013, and 1,342 between April 2013 and March 2014.


A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said: “In the last 12 months there has been a slight increase of 5% in thefts.

“Stolen number plates are allowing people to get away with driving offences including driving away from petrol stations without paying and evading speed camera fines.

“Fines are often sent to the innocent owner of a vehicle, which had its number plates stolen, and such cars are often used as getaway vehicles in more serious crimes.”

240 individual thefts were recorded in the area of West Derby alone, making it the worst area for number plate related crime.


Number Plates for Tokyo Cyclists

June 30, 2012
Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

Cyclists in Tokyo might be expected to display number plates like other motorists, according to government reports.

It is proposed that number plates will improve etiquette between commuters, thus lowering accidents.

Bicycle number plates will be registered just like their car counterparts; each unit will be attached to a unique number so it can be found if stolen or involved in an accident or crime.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government put forward a panel of experts from the field of traffic safety to outline the idea.

Shigeru Morichi, a Professor at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, who took charge in the panel, believes that the move would help control the rising number of cycling accidents in the city.

The idea will be discussed further in September, it will be the latest in Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s attempt to improve cycling conditions in the capital.

It is suggested that the earthquake disaster of last year, which left many people stranded and caused the transport system to shutdown temporarily, has lead to the increase in cyclists which in turn has lead to the increase in bike-related accidents.

Tighter regulations were enforced as a result, restricting cyclists to the left-hand side of the road.

Colour-coded cycling lanes have also been proposed in the past.

Registration Plate UK

June 3, 2010
Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

It does what it says on the tin, registration plate UK mean buying plates in the UK.

For example a UK plate, refers to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The strange thing is, that Northern Ireland is separate from Britain for the simple fact the rules governing Britain plates and Northern Ireland plates are different.

The DVLA and the equivalent DVLNI in Ireland are working together to try and integrate this system into one.

The stupid thing is if you buy a DVLA number plate from Swansea, and a person in Northern Ireland wants it on their car, we have the ridiculous system where it must first be registered on a vehicle in Britain.

I hear you say, only the Irish can think of that, but in actual fact, it is the British who think like this.

Buying your registration plate UK from Nationla Numbers couldn’t be easier. Pick up the phone and talk to one of our pleasant staff and you will be amazed at how quickly you can have the plate on your vehicle.

You will currently be driving a vehicle. All number plates have an intrinsic value so we have invented and developed a computer generated Instant Free Valuation Service. So, if you are curious to know the worth of your number plate, then just try our system out. It takes only a few seconds and you get the answer straight away, no waiting, and no delay. We are the only dealer to have invented this system and we are very proud of it.

Registration Plates UK

Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

We normally refer to registration plates UK as plates that are issued in the UK. There are plates that are issued outside the UK in different formats. Our format has led to a massive growth in selling and buying of plates as they can lend themselves to look like names.

Such as T1 LLY, or W1 LLY or B1 LLY and all of these have recently gone through auctions in the last 15 years and fetched incredible amounts of money.

Let’s take another example of an original cherished number plate.

EC 1 used to belong to AC Windows and Doors in Romford and they also used to own a lot of other plates. 1 EC was issued to a Diplomat in the East Caribbean Commission, London W8. EC 2 belongs to a Mr. J. Potter in Kirby Stephen and it’s on a 5 horse power 1899 Marshall, Steam engine which is very interesting in itself as the original registration only started in 1903.

Mr Craggs, Chairman of has been to see this vehicle and tried to buy it. Mr. Craggs owns EC 5 which was the first plate ever issued from Kendal County Council in 1903.

He would like to buy EC 2, which is owned by the Potter brothers but they will not sell. They have a lovely collection of original vehicles with the original numbers on.

So registration plates UK do carry a lot of history and interest, unlike a lot of other countries.

We pride ourselves in trying to achieve a very well run business. To this end we decided that we would try to achieve an award that is recognised by industry throughout Europe. We prepared to try and gain the quality award BSI 9001 2000. Nationla Numbers managed to do this at its first attempt. The Chairman, Eric Craggs, had previously worked as a manager at ICI for 30 years and had been involved in trying to get businesses within ICI to get this award. We have had the award for six years. For the last two years, BSI has required us to conduct a formal customer survey – we are the only company within the DVLA number plate business to do so.

Please look at our Testimonials to see what they think. You may think that a lot of web sites just make up their feedback, a lot do, but we are actually audited by a British Standard Quality Expert to verify that our customer comments are genuine.

Registration Style Reg

Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

Registration style reg is a bit of a mouthful to say but it refers to cherished number plates in the UK.

Let’s assume you live in the Gateshead area of the country where whippets and leeks are grown. You can always denote prefix or a suffix plate by something with A C N. Of these three characters, the last two are the important two. So A C N, it is the C N that comes from Newcastle upon Tyne. So, I hear you ask, “Which other ones come from that area?”

Maybe I don’t, but close to Gateshead is a place close to South Shields so that is C U.

You can see there isn’t a great deal of logic to the letters, the new format plates which start for example NU51 and three random numbers is different. The N at the beginning denotes North and NU is allocated to Newcastle area, which is eminently sensible.

Registration style reg can be bought from Nationla Numbers. They provide a first class service and are now the market leaders in the number plate industry and the first dealers to offer 0% finance facility on virtually 30 million plates.

We have also introduced a pay later facility for 2007 system where you can have your plate now and pay nothing until the time period is about to run out.

Looking for your registration style reg, I believe being the Chairman of Nationla Numbers, the only place to buy from is Nationla Numbers.

If this is the first time you have looked into the world of Number Plates then you may wish to look at our Testimonials in order to get a feel of how important we think your custom is to Nationla Numbers and how important customer service is to us.

Registration Personalised Number Plates

Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

We pride ourselves at in providing a trouble free introduction to the world of number plates.

You can buy plates from as little as lb49 going up to the staggering sum of a quarter of a million.

On all pages of our site we provide a search facility, which is second to none in the business. Here, you can browse for hours looking for your initials, name, dog’s name, or spider’s name, anything you like.

You can even look for the day, the year you were born in, etc.

If you decide to go for what is described as a year letter plate, this is denoted by having a year letter at the end or the beginning of a number plate such as A123 ABC.

The important thing is that you must pick one that will fit the car.

A lot of people, including dealers, have difficulty in understanding that you cannot make your car look younger than it is. So when you pick your registration personalised number plates, you must always pick something that is older or of the same year. For example, if you have an old A-reg: A123 ABC, you could not assign X123 ABC to the vehicle, as this will make the vehicle look younger than it actually is.

For interest, ABC 123A was introduced way back in 1963.

Y-reg such as Y123 ABC took us right up to 1992.

In 1993, the whole system was turned around so it became A123 ABC.

At Nationla Numbers, we pride ourselves in providing you with a first class service in your registration personalised number plate so please give us a ring and we will see to your every need.

If this is the first time you have looked into the world of Number Plates then you may wish to look at our Testimonial in order to get a feel of how important we think your custom is to Nationla Numbers and how important customer service is to us.

Registration Numberplates

Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

At we pride ourselves in giving our customers a vast array of plates to choose from.

Nationla Numbers have registration numberplates to the tune of 30 million. We have plates to suit everyone’s pocket, from the cheap and cheerful lb69 plates up to in excess of lb100,000. Please look at our search box, where you can type in your name, initials, or anything you like.

Nationla Numbers realise that buying a private number plate is not cheap and therefore we are the only DVLA Number Plate business to offer finance on most of our 30 million cherished plates. A few other companies have tried to copy our approach but usually give up after a few months. This is because it is not simple to offer finance on such a vast quantity of Cherished Number Plates that you can buy securely online; we use the latest encryption possible. It is the same standard used by main banks.

Registration Number Plate

June 2, 2010
Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

What kind of Registration number plate are you looking for?

We have designed our registration number plate search facilities over many years to try to give you the freedom to experiment for yourself. So, we cannot stress enough that, when we say enter “anything” in our number plate search boxes – we mean ANYTHING. (No, we probably can’t find the car-keys but we can find you a registration number plate.)

You might try entering your initials first. If this is your first venture into looking for a private or personal registration number plate, perhaps the Make Your Own Plate range is the best place to start. This will bring up any three-letter initials preceded by a year letter and 1, 2 or 3 numbers. The prices for this type of registration number plate start from around lb200. You can use this same range to find names like Sue, Jon, Tom or even 3-letter words like “cat” or “dog”. However these registration number plates are more expensive and are very rare now. Our registration number plate search will bring up other suggestions, perhaps from the secondary market where someone has put their registration mark up for sale.

Perhaps you are looking for a funny or even a rude plate – just type a word into the box and see what comes up.

For more information, try Registrations, Number Plates or Registration Numbers.

Find out more about:
Nationla Numbers
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Search millions of number plates with ease using our powerful search facility with results displayed in a nice, clear layout.

Registration Number Plates UK

Posted in Registration Plates — Written by Helen

Number plates can only be transferred to your vehicle, if it makes your vehicle look older than it currently is, or the same age.

It is not possible to make your vehicle look younger, so for example A1 ABC can only be fitted to a vehicle A Reg or older, i.e. not an old Y plate.

It has recently become more difficult with the introduction of the new format plates and the fact that they change every two years. 51, refers to Sept. 2001. 01 would refer to March 2001; however 01 was never released as the DVLA, Swansea, decided to use the last Y reg suffix plate. So registration number plates UK, refers to a plate in the UK.

However, each country has different formats and what is good for us, is not necessary what would be available in Germany, Holland etc.

Have you found what you are looking for? Do you need a bit of help? Then please look at our other Number Plate Search options. This gives you a chance to think a bit more laterally when deciding what to buy. We are very proud of our record of customer satisfaction. Over our 25 years in business we must have dealt with over 1 million customers. Why not look at a fraction of our Testimonials?