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Classic Cars Risked in Banger Race

January 16, 2015
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers

A banger race could see up to 10% of the last BMC Farinas in the country wiped out.

Spedeworth Motorsports are set to host a banger race in the Summer, which will be open to just one model: the classic car BMC Farina.

The event has come under fire from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, a group who looks after the interested of classic cars and classic car enthusiasts, who claim it could be hugely damaging to the number of surviving Farinas.

‘Even allowing for the imprecise nature of the DVLA database, it would appear that the Spedeworth event has the potential for destroying something between 5-10% of the surviving vehicles in the UK,’ said FBHVC spokesperson, Geoff Lancaster.

‘This is a very significant number of an increasingly rare vehicle to be lost in a single night and we would therefore urge Spedeworth to consider very carefully this level of impact on a single vehicle marque before organising this type of event.’

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that there are 1700 Farinas registered currently in the UK – including 139 MGs, 216 Rileys, 301 Wolseleys, 489 Morris Oxfords and 561 Austins.

Spedeworth organiser, Deane Wood, said: ‘As far as I am concerned it’s up to the owner of the car what they do with it. It’s their property to do what they like with.

‘People looked at the cars at the all-Westminster race we did a couple of years and everyone agreed none of them could have been restored. I’m sure it will be same.’

More than 100 drivers will be taking part in the banger race


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