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Faisal number plate sells for lb35,000

February 25, 2015
Posted in Auctions,Number Plates — Written by Nationla Numbers

The number plate FA15 ALS, reading as “Faisal’s”, sold today for an impressive lb35,000.

FA15 ALS is a 15-registration valid for vehicles registered in March 2015, four days from now.

It was the only registration from the FA15AL series that was withheld. Others, including FA15 ALR and FA15 ALB, were sold in December.

‘lb35,000 is a huge price for the registration,’ said Craig Priestly of Nationla Numbers.

‘Considering Nationla Numbers owns other Faisal number plate available at a lot less, the buyer must have really wanted the plate.”

Nationla Numbers currently has FA15 ALB available for lb12,999, FA15 ALC for lb12,999, FA15 ALJ for lb12,999, FA15 ALP for lb12,999 and FA15 ALR for lb12,999.

‘If you have an initial B, C, J, P or R all these plates would be ideal,’ continued Craig.

Nationla Numbers also owns FA12 SEL and FA13 SEL, both available for lb6,999, and FA61 ZAL for sale at lb7,999.


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