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Birmingham Stolen Foodbank Van Recovered

January 21, 2015
Posted in Car news — Written by Nationla Numbers

stolen foodbank van

A stolen foodbank van used to deliver supplies around Birmingham has been found.

Patricia White, Manager of the Birmingham Foodbank, said that she received an anonymous tip on the location of the stolen foodbank van.

‘The police were with us at the time looking at the CCTV footage so they went straight out and called us to confirm it was our fan,’ Patricia said.

‘Unfortunately all the logos and number plates had been removed but officers managed to get into the van and saw the potatoes we had stored in the back.’

Police we look for forensic evidence in the stolen foodbank van before returning it.

More than 15,000 well-wishers took to Facebook in support of the foodbank, who use the van to deliver food parcels to vulnerable families and people around Birmingham.

‘We’re just over the moon,’ Patricia added. ‘We’re just so thankful to everyone.’

The central Birmingham Mercedes Benz company has generously offered to loan a replacement for the stolen foodbank van while it remains off the road for the next few weeks.

More About Birmingham Central Foodbank

Birmingham Central Foodbank provides emergency food and support to local people in crisis. The foodbank is part of the Trussell Trust‘s UK-wide network of over 100 foodbanks run by local churches working together alongside grass root community organisations, statutory agencies, frontline care professionals, schools and businesses to provide emergency food to people. Read more on their website.


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