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Goodbye Linzi!

June 29, 2007
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

As I write this, one of our newest recruits is just starting her final day of working in Sales here at Nationla Numbers. I hoped she’d be around to stay, as she’s rekindled the office fires following their untimely extinguishing on Sam’s sad departure.

Good luck with your career Linzi! You are sure to be a success whatever you turn your hand to!
I thought I would have to mark the occasion of your leaving Nationla Numbers, in a blog, if nothing else.

And I even spelled your name right. :)


Nationla Numbers Meet The Blairs

June 28, 2007
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Tony Blair
Living and working in the North East sees you perfectly situated for attending important political pow-wows, what with ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s very own constituency being mere tens of miles away, in sunny Sedgefield.

Eric and Susan Craggs last night had the pleasure of not only brushing shoulders with the Blairs, but also of attending a dinner event at the newly retired Labour party leader’s local watering hole, The Dun Cow.

Co-incidentally, Eric and Susan Craggs, the directors of Nationla Numbers, regularly enjoy evenings out at the Sedgefield pub, which is a lovely little watering hole, and just so happens to be a regular haunt of Mr. Blair on visits to his hometown. It’s even been rumoured that once upon a time Mr. Blair ushered in Mr. Bush for a nice traditional ploughman’s lunch.

Eric was obviously feeling the vibe of the VIP and must have suspected that someone important was due to arrive, because he made a point of asking the bar lady if Tony would be attending.

The security – eight security guards dressed from their heads to their burly toes in black, and sporting earpieces, kept a watch over every move, as part of Blair’s goodbye farewell from 10 Downing Street, which saw him step down from his role as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party.

Regarding security Eric, however, felt that: “anyone could take him out!” But we know he is just teasing! We hope so anyway…

You would expect a day of mixed emotions for the Blairs: how did their departure from the numero uno reflect in their reception of consorts, friends, and number plate dealers, at the event? Was the obvious sadness of the occasion conveyed in Tony’s demeanour? Eric says that only the best of manners were graciously bestowed upon all at the meal, with Tony making sure to extend his warmth to everyone who attended: looking Eric straight in the eye and greeting him with a warm “hello“.

So he’s not too sad about stepping down then? Presumably he’s gearing up for his next job, as representative of the “Middle East Quartet” where he’ll be promoting peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Did Eric make an attempt to sell Tony a personalised number plate? What does Eric think would make an ideal plate for Mr. Blair? Well, Eric’s far too busy to tell me right now; dealing with the day-to-day running of the UK’s favourite number plate company requires full on attention!

But luckily, Nationla Numbers web site has many options for searching different kinds of registrations, and the number plate search developed by our software team is second to none. There are those personal registrations that relate to names: Mr. Blair could go for T1 ONY (call for price!) or the subtler TOE 9Y (lb1850). Then there are the surname options: B14 AYR would be a good choice at lb1115. And to celebrate Tony’s new career? Peace plates would be nice and PEA 5S (call for price!) is a very good plate.

Or maybe a plate closer to Mr. Blair’s heart would be enough? Just a simple BY53 BYE, at a bargain price of lb799.00?

Read more about this story on the Nationla Numbers web site.


Big Brother Tactics Using Number Plates

June 27, 2007
Posted in DVLA — Written by Nationla Numbers

Cameras log number plates and send the information to Government agencies Locals in Somerset are stunned today following the upgrade of their CCTV cameras to a constantly monitored system which stores details of cars that pass through, and forwards the details to government agencies.

Weston Town Hall’s investment in cutting edge equipment has promised to track residents’ every move using sophisticated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, along with additional monitors at their CCTV headquarters, and a 42-inch plasma screen.

ANPR is a police initiative that is based on the premise that criminals need a car in order to conduct criminal activity. Every number plate that passes through an ANPR camera is scanned, logged, and referenced to a national database of registration plates and vehicles. The car registration is fed to various sources, including the Police National Computer, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and insurance databases.

Previous schemes throughout the country have seen arrest figures soar – Thames Valley Police said arrests rose nine times when they installed the system.

But what about law abiding citizens who fear for their privacy through the use of such systems? What is the knock on effect of such a tightly controlled system?

In order to avoid surveillance or penalty charges, there has been an upsurge in car ringing and cloning, which we covered in an earlier news article, particularly in London.

The criminal need not worry if he is logged using someone else’s registration, and again the good guy loses.

Reports from a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) trial showed that ANPR had an error rate of up to 40%, opening the door to the incorrect pointing of fingers towards innocent drivers.

But maybe this is a little serious – we do after all live in a democracy where we have the right to choose and where if we stick to the rules we have nothing to fear right?

So most of us have nothing to fear. But the very thought of misidentification using the system is fit to induce fear of 1984-esque proportions here in the UK, where every move is watched and we see the country nose-dive into an automated justice system.

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DVLA Workers Sacked Over Porn Scandal

June 25, 2007
Posted in DVLA,Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

DVLA porn probe uncovered pornographic material on company computer systemsI just wrote a news article for the Nationla Numbers web site. I will paste it in below for you to read.

The government body and registrations provider DVLA has finally closed the book on their recent porn scandal, following the conclusion of their enquiry into the circulation of “inappropriate” emails during 2005 and 2006.

A total of 18 members of DVLA’s 6000 plus staff have been sacked, and a further 147 officially reprimanded. The guilty members of staff were found to have downloaded or sent pornographic material.

This scandal is not the only one to have hit the DVLA in the past few years. The tale began in July 2005 when a female worker was dismissed after sending a video clip of her having sex with her boyfriend, via her mobile phone.

Then, in October 2006, 65 DVLA workers found themselves facing disciplinary action following a thorough scrutiny of company servers for inappropriate material.

About the content discovered on company computers in the enquiry, a DVLA worker told the South Wales Evening Post:

“It is everywhere. It is hardcore stuff and very offensive. A lot of people have been unhappy to have the emails popping up on their computers”.

A spokeswoman for the DVLA said all staff had been reminded about the rules governing the use of work emails.

“The matter is now officially closed”

She added.

My question is, how can a government body who spends all their time wading through red tape and making rules, go so badly off the respectability scale? The mind boggles as to what they get up to in their work time. Video clips of staff doing the deed, staff being sent naughty material by other members of staff, investigations of bloated and slowed servers; no doubt the direct result of all the bandwidth-heavy porn flying around. It’s all quite amusing.

On that note, if you’re interested in rude or funny number plates why not continue the humour by using our number plate search? It’s really good – so try not to be offended! :)

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Goodbye Tom

June 18, 2007
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nationla Numbers

Tom and Stuart BoamAn official Nationla Numbers farewell was had on the 15th June at the Bluebell in Yarm to commemorate the honour of Tom, Nationla Numbers’ eBay/showplates/Google/sales person extraordinaire, upon his leaving to return to University.

Tom pioneered many advances in technology during his time here. He even turned his hand to PR (not to mention brushing shoulders with Middlesbrough football legends such as Stuart Boam!). You can read all about one of Tom’s many adventures at Nationla Numbers in a story on the web site: Number Plate Story S18 0AM – Stuart Boam.

And of course now is my chance to wish Tom good luck with his future career! Good luck Tom!

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NumberPlateGirl Has Arrived!

June 15, 2007
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

This is my first post in my new role as NumberPlateGirl, taking over from the most excellent NumberPlateGuy, who has sadly retired from posting most knowledgeable and enlightening number plate posts (not to mention pictures of Nationla Numbers staff with scary facial contortions, no doubt on a works’ night out).