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Number Plates, Street View, and Privacy Issues

August 30, 2007
Posted in Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Number plates on view in the US
In the news this morning, fresh fears over privacy have been raised, but by two very separate incidents.

The first is a clamp down on car tax dodgers through Automatic Number Plate Recognition usage, in Wiltshire.

The second concerns ubiquitous search engine Google, which is changing its Street View privacy policy to ensure that imagery obscures faces and car number plates.

What is Street View? It’s Google’s new and fancy virtual street mapping tool that lets you virtually stroll the streets of the US as realistically as if you were there in the flesh.

It was only this very weekend that I was putting forward some concerns over Street View to NumberPlateGuy – as he was deftly demonstrating this new wonder of Internet technology – “what about people’s faces, and what about number plates!”

But Google didn’t reconsider their position on displaying faces and number plates off their own steam – the changes to Street View’s policy came about as a public reaction to concerns over privacy.

Anyhow, the technology has yet to be made available to the UK so we needn’t worry about Googler’s being able to view inside our houses, or peek at our number plates, just yet.

The person on the street might be concerned about having their number plate beamed out to millions of Google users, but if you owned private registration plates like L3 00K and P3 EKK, maybe you’d want to get some attention!


Motorcyclists Fearful Over Number Plate Chipping

August 21, 2007
Posted in DVLA — Written by Nationla Numbers

Motorcyclists Fearful Over Number Plate ChippingCoinciding with the recent increase in the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems, the DVLA are in the news again today for privacy related issues – and this time the fearful are solely motorcyclists.

Bikers quite rightly feel their privacy is just a little threatened by the recent consultations taking place between the DVLA and number plate manufacturers.

For the two are clashing heads over fitting Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI) chips to motorcycles.

And it’s no wonder that motorcyclists are concerned: fitting EVI chips would potentially allow Police to monitor and track a motorbike’s every move.

There are also longer-term implications: if the chips are installed at manufacturer level, what choice is there for the motorcyclist?

Discussions raised on the MCN web site point to a general feeling of victimisation – that the DVLA are simply using motorcyclists as a minority case to prove their stance on security. The DVLA however are keen to stress that the consultation isn’t an official consultation.

Whatever happens, this news is bound to cause more uncertainty and anger amongst motorcyclists. Maybe these plates would suit them?



Thinking of Investing? Number Plates Are The Real Deal!

August 10, 2007
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Double D dateless plate on a King's coachWhen it comes to investing your cash wisely, you could do far worse than putting your money where your personalised number plate is.

Driving to work this dazzling summer morning, Eric had a sighting from yore in the form of a number plate – a dateless registration (meaning it can be affixed to any vehicle regardless of age) with the suffix DD, on a King’s coach (King’s are a coach travel firm here in Middlesbrough).

Amazingly, this DD plate, and thousands of others just like it, were all available for the paltry figure of around lb100 each 20 years ago – a quick DD number plate search on the Nationla Numbers web site proves just how excellent an investment number plates can be – now these plates command a price far more bountiful; around lb2500.

As I mentioned, Eric bought the plates for about lb100 apiece, specifically for the King’s coach company. The chairman of Nationla Numbers enlisted the services of a gentleman in Gloucester, who took a whole two years to fulfil the tailor-made order, scouring the county for the seven plates; most of which were found on Morris Minor cars. Finding the host cars for specific reg and canvassing the owners had to be done back in the day, as it just wasn’t possible to call a number plate dealer, or use a web site to buy reg – and there was no such thing as a retention certificate! *

Selling the plates on to King’s for lb300 each delivered a tidy return for Eric, back in eighties. And it’s so nice to see the DD plates still in use on the coaches in Middlesbrough. The members of staff that have been with us for the 25 years since we founded are always looking out for the infamous Double D number plates that have proved such a delightfully delicious investment for our coach firm customer.

Even our customers agree. Our customer testimonials include accounts from folks whose plates have, at worst, retained the value; and at best, made them money, since they first purchased them.

Where to start? Try our plate search to find your own great investment, or browse through our DD number plates for ideas.

Or, if you’re interested to read more about investing in private number plates, our article Number Plates For Investment contains everything you need to know and also makes an interesting read!

* Retention certificates allow owners to remove registrations from their vehicle and “retain” them through a Certificate of Entitlement; they can then easily transfer UK registered plates between vehicles at their convenience.


Dodgy garage? My 4rs3!

August 6, 2007
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nationla Numbers

Jim Royle, in his usual positionLiverpudlian comic actor Ricky Tomlinson has recently started his own car garage with long-time mechanic chum Harry Walsh.

Ricky is best known for his role as dosser Dad Jim Royle in the BBC kitchen sink comedy The Royle Family.

The garage, however, has considerably higher standards; being a member of the Good Garage Scheme, which aims to improve standards and ensure consumers get a fair deal.

Quoting a news story from the Auto Express web site, Tomlinson said: “We believe it’s really important to raise the reputation of garages like ours, and show that we adhere to strict customer service guidelines”.

And despite his character being dubbed “Sultan of Sloth”, we’re sure the banjo playing scouser will make a great success of his new venture.

But I do wonder if any of these number plates would be enough to move him off that armchair?

Ricky number plates:
Arse number plates:
A110 RSE
Liver number plates:
Royle number plates:


Happy Birthday Sue!

August 2, 2007
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Happy Birthday Sue!Here’s wishing you Happy Birthday, Sue
Without you here, what would we do?
I won’t say your age; you’re such a wise sage
And here’s to the years you’ve accrued!

Here are some beautiful Sue plates:
SUE 1A (a top number plate for Sue)
500 SUE (another great dateless reg)
H15 SUE (one for Eric!)