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Two Birthdays to Celebrate Today!

February 28, 2008
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

PiscesFirst up is Andrea, who hits the big forty today! Many happy returns Andrea!

It’s also Craig’s birthday today, although his age is totally undisclosed. Happy Birthday Craig! :)

We’ve had a lot of birthdays this week: with Eric, Ed, Andrea, and Craig all notching up an extra year. What is it with February? All I can say is they’re very lucky their birthdays don’t fall on the 29th, or else they’d only be having one every four years! And then there’d be far less cake making its way around the office, for the leap year (or intercalary year, as it’s known by those in the right circles) is a measure taken to keep the calendar year synchronised with the astronomical or seasonal year, and normally consists of a year containing one or more extra days which of course only come round once every four years.

Our birthday bunch all fall under the astrological sign of Pisces – symbolised by two fish: one facing upwards, the other downwards – mirroring their dual pathway in life. Pisces is ruled by the element water and the planet Neptune.

As for numerology, the number 2 is a very powerful number for Pisces (presumably down to their dual personality): think Saint and Sinner rolled into one. According to the Psychic Guild, Pisces is a trendsetter when it comes to art or fashion; a lost soul, a philosopher, a psychotic and a visionary.

So, they’re quite unique then! – Here are some February-type number plate suggestions for our brilliant birthday colleagues!

2 Number Plates
Pisces Number Plates
Water Number Plates
Neptune Number Plates

As you can see, you really can search our web site for anything! Try for yourself with our intelligent number plates search and bag yourself a number plate worth celebrating!

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Happy Birthday Ed!

February 25, 2008
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Birthday wishes today go out to Ed, Nationla Numbers’ Office Manager/Database Administrator/Second-In-Command.

Ed sports a great registration on his car: TO02 FAR – a witty millennium/new style registration which has raised many a smile in its time!

Happy Birthday Eduardo!!

If you hanker after an eyebrow-raising personalised registration for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to search for ANY word on our web site using our Number Plates Search. Its ingenious search facility hunts our vast database for ANY word, and words similar to it – give it a go!


Happy Birthday Eric!

February 20, 2008
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

The Chairman of Nationla Numbers, Eric, is celebrating his birthday today. His age is a figure shrouded by a degree of uncertainty – however, he has been heading up Nationla Numbers for about 28 years, and previously worked in engineering for chemical giant ICI, so we can safely say he’s been around long enough to know his stuff.

The perfect plate for Mr. Craggs? He already has it – EC 2, although I think he would take some persuading to part with it! Eric also owns EC 5 – both plates are excellent examples of two-initial dateless plates. Not so great on the wallet – but oh so very personal, and well worth the investment.

Happy birthday Eric!

Try Nationla Numbers’ initial number plates search to find your own perfect registration!


Most Expensive Number Plate? – Here’s The ‘1’ To Watch!

February 8, 2008
Posted in Auctions,Other News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Interested to learn what the world’s most expensive number plate is? Here’s the “1” to watch – quite literally!

Because the diminutive digit number 1 is set to become the World’s most expensive number plate – with an estimated value of 25 million Dirhams (more than 3.5 million pounds) – when it sells at auction in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on February 16.

A similarly small registration number, the number 5, currently holds the record as the World’s most expensive number plate, selling for a staggering 25.2 million Dirhams (again, more than 3.5 million pounds) .

Abdullah Mattar, Managing Director of Emirates Auction says, “Number 5 was sold for 25.2 million, which set the Guinness world record as the most expensive number plate. So we expect more for number plate 1″. According to Mr. Mattar, the company expects fierce bidding from at least five people for number plate 1.

Nationla Numbers sell some very special registrations, and with prices starting at just lb188, they afford a cheap and cheerful way to personalise your vehicle. If you’re stuck for ideas, we have plenty of suggestions. How about your name, initials, or browse through a list of A-Z Single Letters?

Or, if you yearn for something really special and very unique, and you have half as much money to spend as our Arab chums, you couldn’t go far wrong with a classic dateless plate or irish plate featuring the number 1. Here are some singular suggestions to stir up your imagination:

Private registration CTK 1 Private registration 1 GOA
Private registration 1 GE Private registration PAY 1T
Private registration XE 1 Private registration 1 NKH
XE 1 1 NKH
Private registration NKZ 1 Private registration HX 1
NKZ 1 HX 1


Nissan Skyline GT-R Hailed Car of the Century

February 5, 2008
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nationla Numbers

Nissan Skyline GT-RThe soon to be launched revamped Nissan Skyline GT-R has been dubbed “the most eagerly awaited supercar launch of the century” by webmag readers in the US.

You’d expect other top marques, such as the Ferrari Testarossa, and Porsche 911 to be favoured above the Japanese sports coupe.

But, the supercar costs far less than other cars in the same class. And, these aren’t your average drivers. In fact, most of the drivers have only experienced the car through the virtual reality worlds created in computer games like Zero 4 Champ R and Gran Turismo, and the odd appearance in movies, anime, and manga. Add to that the popularity the car has garnered thanks to illegal street races in Japan and its speed of 0-60 mph in less than four seconds, it is no wonder there’s excitement.

And who can blame folks for getting sped up over the vehicle? The supercar features “integration with the driver” resulting in new components, and a “human-machine interface”. It certainly sounds impressive, and just the kind of feature to appeal to a gamer – the personalisation of the driving experience clearly seduces buyers of the Skyline GT-R – of whom sixty percent are under 50 years old.

Just ask anyone who has screeched around a Gran Turismo track in a virtual Skyline and they’ll testify – it’s a lot of fun! And who wouldn’t want that on their drive?

Turbo-charge your next supercar with a racy personalised number plate from Nationla Numbers:

Nissan Number Plates
Nissan Skyline Number Plates
Nissan GTR Number Plates

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