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New Roadside Camera to Tackle Abusive Car-Share Lane Drivers

March 11, 2008
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A new roadside camera that can estimate how many travellers are inside a car by measuring human fluids has received a mixed reception.

The device has been developed in a bid to combat abuse of car-sharing lanes, with sneaky drivers attaching photographs to their windows and positioning mannequins in passenger seats in an attempt to foil conventional detection.

The technology, developed by Loughborough University, is being trialled in car-sharing lanes in Leeds, so its accuracy remains to be seen, however other councils have taken an interest in installing the cameras.

Motoring organisations question the effectiveness of car-sharing lanes, and argue the cameras are a further intrusion on private lives.

But cameras to measure bodily fluids? The Orwellian technology, if not laughable, reeks of privacy invasion, and is surely riddled with inaccuracies. How does the system take into account variations of weight and size, for instance the difference between a twenty-stone lorry driver, and a six-month old child?

I have to digress and speculate as to whether my little Jack Russell terrier, Charley, would count as a passenger under the watchful gaze of the new cameras!

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