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Work Experience at Nationla Numbers

December 12, 2008
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

My name is Paul Mckeown, I am 16 years old and currently attend Northfield school. I have recently taken part in my work experience at Nationla Numbers Ltd.

The company works in an office on Belasis Avenue in Billingham, buying and selling vehicle regestration plates. I really enjoyed my week and found it a great benefit to me, giving me a better idea of working in a 9-5 job outside of school.

Throughout the week I learnt new skills and feel that the job helped with my computer and communication skills. I found all of the staff at Nationla Numbers very helpful and friendly. I was given plenty of help and advise in the various tasks that were planned throughout the week. In the main office I inputted data into the main database, filing and printing off certificates, phoning and emailing sellers to check availability on plates, collecting and sorting out mail from the post room, and helping print off and make regestration plates. By helping with these tasks i found it gave me a better idea of how the bussiness works, and what jobs need to be done to keep the bussiness up to date.

I feel that in the week i spent at Nationla Numbers I have learnt to work as part of team, and improved my knoledge of everyday working life.

I have enjoyed my week work experiance working for the company and feel that I benefitted from the experiance.

I would like to thank all of the Nationla Numbers office staff for their help and their patience.