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DVLA Toughen Rules on Sale of Driver Details

April 25, 2009
Posted in DVLA — Written by Nationla Numbers

Two weeks after the Home Office announced that it will consult on how best to regulate the wheel clamping industry; the DVLA has introduced plans for tough new restrictions on the release of vehicle keeper information. The proposal talks of compulsory licensing to tackle dodgy wheel clampers.

Under the proposal, any company seeking vehicle owner details will be required to be a member of a DVLA Accredited Trade Association (ATA) and to adhere to its Code of Practice.

Noel Shanahan, DVLA Chief Executive said:

“We have a range of measures in place to protect people‚Äôs information, including regular checks on those who request information and specific evidence requirements where information is requested to enforce parking restrictions.

“This new requirement will add to these robust procedures by ensuring that all parking companies requesting vehicle information are members of an Accredited Trade Association, complying with its code of conduct.”

This news is welcome following criticism from MPs and motorist organisations earlier this year.

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