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DVLA Database Used for Personalised Oil Suggestions

September 22, 2009
Posted in DVLA,Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Personalised oil suggestion based on number plateA new method to push sales of oil, using roadside cameras, and the DVLA’s vehicle and registration database, has been instigated by Castrol.

The controversial technology scans driver’s number plates and displays the right oil for their particular make and model of vehicle at five pilot sites in London.

Castrol say “this particular initiative will be the first time in the UK that personalised messages have been communicated on advertising billboards”. They state that driver privacy is protected because the registration number is not stored.

Despite the novel approach and potentially helpful suggestions, the technique has caused backlash over concerns for drivers’ concentration when reading the signs and the use of data that one would assume should be private, from the DVLA’s database.

The five trial sites are Stamford Street in Blackfriars, Vauxhall Cross in Lambeth, Fulham Palace Road in Hammersmith, the Chiswick roundabout in Hounslow and Warwick Road in Kensington and Chelsea. The pilot will last two weeks from 21 September.

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Big Cow and Bag Number Plates

September 18, 2009
Posted in DVLA — Written by Nationla Numbers

BIG COW Number Plate

It seems the DVLA has relaxed their stance on COW and BAG number plates somewhat. They’ve released some extra personalised registrations that were being withheld due to their offensive nature. Well, what could be offensive about COW or BAG?

The BIG news is that not only were sequences released with “X”, “F” and “D” prefixes, but a “B” prefix as well, which has excellent potential to form some very interesting registrations!

For instance B16 and B19 can be used to spell BIG. So that would give us a registration of BIG COW or BIG BAG!

If you fancy getting your hands on a big COW or a big BAG then move quickly because they’re selling fast. Prices start from lb490.

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