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New Office for Nationla Numbers

October 27, 2009
Posted in DVLA,Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

The news from Nationla Numbers Headquarters is that we’ve now finished moving into our fantastic new office! As far as our postal address is concerned, we haven’t moved, as our address is the same (see below for details) – however we have relocated to lovely new office space within the same building.

In case you were wondering, the office still has the same beautiful panoramic view of the largest petrochemical complex in Europe. With the long and dark nights drawing in, this becomes all the more breathtaking with its distinct orange glow and twinkling lights from the gantries and staircases of the petrochemical works. Don’t believe me? Check out the photos from Flickr in this photostream.

From the inside, the new office is a spacious and comfortable place for Nationla Numbers dedicated team to buy and sell number plates. The office has lots of room for our admin staff, who diligently take the load off our customers’ by dealing with the DVLA paperwork we receive from them on a daily basis.

Here are some photographs of the team at work:

Nationla Numbers new office

Nationla Numbers new office

Our address:

Nationla Numbers House,
The Grange,
Belasis Avenue,
TS23 1LG

Feel free to call us on and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements for your ideal personalised number plate.


Unfortunate Number Plate Causes Parking Fines

October 21, 2009
Posted in DVLA,Number Plate News — Written by Nationla Numbers

An unfortunate US driver has received thousands of pounds worth of parking fines – solely on account of his personalised registration.

The tickets were wrongly issued to Scottie Roberson, 38, who chose the number plate to reflect his nickname: “Racer X”, and his favourite number, seven. However because of administrative errors Roberson’s registration, ‘XXXXXXX’, was confused with every unrecognised vehicle on police records!

The errors were caused by traffic wardens in Birmingham, Alabama. It seems that the wardens had been entering seven letter Xs into the forms they wrote when issuing parking tickets to cars without number plates.

Luckily for Roberson, the fines are in the process of being dropped. And to ensure no such mishap occurs again, officials are looking into a new ticketing system for cars without number plates.

This seems to be a one-off case; also, it’s unlikely to happen in the UK, where the DVLA‘s number plate registration system ensures that number plates follow a specific pattern. You can find more information on this system from Nationla Numbers’ web site in our article Number Plate Formats Explained.

And if you’re convinced this expensive error wouldn’t happen in the UK, why not take a look at some of our ‘XXX’ number plates?

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DVLA Withdraw Offensive Number Plates

October 15, 2009
Posted in Auctions,DVLA — Written by Nationla Numbers

DVLA have removed two offensive personalised registrations from their upcoming auction.

The registrations, F4 GOT and D1 KES, could have fetched over lb900 each.

A spokesperson for DVLA said, “DVLA has responsibility to ensure that the combinations used on registration marks do not cause general upset or offence.”

“Having reviewed the appropriateness of the registration marks F4 GOT and D1 KES, we have withdrawn these marks from sale on the grounds of the clear potential offence they may cause.”

Stonewall, the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity, welcomed the withdrawal of the registrations: “We welcome the action by the DVLA in ensuring that these potentially offensive items were withdrawn from sale. This kind of proactive action by the public authorities helps make Britain a more equal place.”

Nationla Numbers offers funny number plates and rude number plates that are fun but won’t cause offense. Search for a personalised registration on our web site to see for yourself.

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