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Try Our New DVLA Online Auction Bidding Service

February 11, 2010

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a free online DVLA auction bidding service to those wishing to purchase personalised number plates online through the DVLA’s online auction service. The new online service complements our well-established offline auction service; both aim to make using the DVLA‘s auction services easier.

Buying number plates at auction can often be a daunting task and requires time and dedication to observe and react as bidding unfolds. Nationla Numbers like to take the hassle out of buying number plates. At our offline auction service, we bid on registrations for customers. Our online service works in exactly the same way – we will purchase the registration on your behalf, while you relax and put your feet up!

This new service is the first of its kind to be offered to number plate buyers. Nationla Numbers Chairman, Eric Craggs, says:

“This excellent online auction service gives our number plate customers the same fantastic opportunities as offline auction buyers. Tell us what plate you are interested in and let us do the legwork for you – don’t miss out on this opportunity to buy your perfect registration at auction.”

DVLA’s online auction service allows buyers to bid on number plates in a similar way to the popular auction web site eBay. For more information about how the service works view our DVLA online auction bidding service article.

Call us today on to see how we can help, or for more information read our auction testimonials from previous satisfied customers, or learn more about DVLA auctions.