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Nationla Numbers: Zombified!

June 26, 2013
Posted in Humour — Written by Nationla Numbers

World War Z is one of the biggest films of 2013 and brings the whole zombie genre of horror/action to a whole new scale, which is amazing because zombies have been engulfed in pop culture for a long time.

Gerry Lane, played by Hollywood superstar Bad Pitt, is caught in the middle of a zombie pandemic and must race against time to stop it. A journey that takes him all over the world.

But you know what has never been seen? What happens if the zombie apocalypse hit a single office? An office that maybe is in the North East of England, and perhaps one that specialises in private number plates?

To celebrate the release of the big summer blockbuster World War Z, the staff of Nationla Numbers have traded their tea for BRAAAAAAIIIIINNNNNNS and donned the zombie chic. See below for the results!





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