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10 SHOCKING Facts About UK Drivers

May 13, 2014
Posted in Cars — Written by Nationla Numbers

A recent survey of 2,000 drivers in the UK as well as 29 police boroughs has revealed a culture of speeding in the UK.

Many drivers speed and show a happy-go-lucky attitude to penalty points according to the survey which was conducted by MORE TH>N car insurance. The survey also revealed a lack of understanding about certain road signs.

See below for the 10 SHOCKING facts.

1. One in three drivers don’t know a simple white circle with a black stripe signifies the national speed limit applies. One in seven drivers even think a ‘slippery road’ sign means ‘paint on the road’.


2. A fifth of all drivers have received penalty points in the past 10 years as a result of driving too fast. 13% of those accumulating nine points or more in this time.

3. 1,340,680 drivers received penalty points or were disqualified from driving in the past 12 months alone, while 818,768 drivers were penalised for speeding offences – the equivalent of 2,243 every day.

4. In a 30mph zone one in every three drivers (36%) admit they always drive over the speed limit. On average these drivers admit to doing 38mph.

5. In a 40mph zone 32 per cent of drivers admit they always drive over the speed limit. On average these drivers admit to doing 47mph.

6. In a 70mph zone 43 per cent of drivers admit they always drive over the speed limit. On average these drivers admit to doing 81mph.

7. More than a quarter of drivers confess they would much rather pick up points and a fine than attend a police speed awareness course. In contrast, speed awareness courses do appear to work with only five per cent of those who attend re-offending.

8. A typical motorist with a penchant for speeding will begin driving over the limit less than a car’s length after passing a camera, slowing only so they do not get caught.

9. One in four drivers has crashed their car or had a near miss as a result of speeding – a figure supported by official government data, showing there were 4,745 crashes caused by a driver exceeding the speed limit reported to the police in 2012 alone (13 every day).

10. The average car insurance premium increases by 13 per cent for a speeding offence.


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Perfect plate for a Porsche 993 – 993 RS

May 9, 2014
Posted in Auctions,Cars — Written by Nationla Numbers

This morning another excellent plate sold at the DVLA auction in Daventry. The 993 RS – likely bought for its namesake the Porsche 993 Carrera RS – sold for an impressive lb30,000 making it the highest priced number plate to be sold in this auction.

090514 Porsche 993 RS


Porsche 993 Carrera RS

The Carrera RS is a lightweight variation of the Carrera. Running on a 3.8 liter engine with 300hp, achieving 0-60 in 4.7 seconds.

The exterior is recognisable by special non-retractable rear wing, small front flaps and 3-piece 18-inch (460 mm) aluminium wheels. In the rear the seats were swapped for special racing seats.

The Carrera RS was in 1995 and 1996. While legal throughout Europe it was not approved for export in the United States.

The Porsche 993 Carrera RS is certainly a beautiful car. Used they sell for around lb80,000, so you can see why this number plate would attracted a lot of interested from high bidders.


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250 LM sells for lb20k! Here is why …

May 8, 2014
Posted in Cars — Written by Nationla Numbers

Today the number plate 250 LM was sold at the DVLA auction for lb20,000 in Daventry.

The registration started with a reserve of lb2,600 but quickly grew interest at nearly 10 times that amount.

If you’re wandering why than look no further than Ferrari. 250 LM (meaning Le Mans) was brought to market in France in 1963 as a successor to the 250 P. It is a racing vehical that has had a tonne of success with the North American Racing Team that won the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans, Ferrari’s last overall victory in the endurance race. Ferrari had plans to accredit it as a Group 3 Grand Touring Car but the FIA refused to to Ferrari producing less than 100 models.


32 models were made in 1964 and 1965. They were powered by 3.3L 320HP engines and came with fully independent double wishbone suspension, rack and pinion steering and four wheel disc brakes.

What do you think? Is 250 LM worth the money? Worthy of the car? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Drop Stop! The Original (and Unnecessary) Car Seat Gap Filler

May 7, 2014
Posted in Humour — Written by Nationla Numbers

Is it just me or has the Dragon’s Den entrepreneur/inventor culture gone way too far? There is a new product making the rounds in the US called “Drop Stop” that is seemingly pointless. I know there was was plenty of eccentrics and over-keen business men out there well before Dragon’s Den was on television but at least these people were confined to their own madness away from us! Even in early Dragon’s Den inventions like this would be mocked and sent on their way. Now you cannot escape silly products like this because of teleshopping networks always of the look out for the Dragon’s Den rejects.

So what is Drop Stop?

Drop Stop as they describe it “The Original PATENTED Solution to Reduce Driver Distraction”. Basically, it is a wedge that you shove in the gaps between your seatbelt and the gear stick so that items such as money, phones, food (yes food) and dignity doesn’t fall down that gap and get lost under your seat. Don’t believe me?

Take a look at the Drop Stop infomercial

This is a genuine product you can buy. I am a frequent driver and yes I do occasionally drop items under my seat but even I don’t see a need for this. Apparently there is a market for this though as apparently it is catching on in America – though to their credit even Americans are making fun of the silliness of the Drop Stop. One person even noted, regarding the advert, “What’s really needed is a working door lock so you stop getting into my car”.

Drop Stop? More like Just Stop

No I shouldn’ta

But I don’t know, maybe I’m missing the point. Can anyone see the positive in the product? Would anyone find it useful? Let me know by leaving a comment!



Spotted a classic Panhard in North Yorkshire

May 6, 2014
Posted in Cars — Written by Nationla Numbers

I hope everyone had a very nice bank holiday. If you are like me you rarely get a chance to enjoy a little rest and relaxation and appreciate it when you it comes about. Of course, these days I can’t really relax because I’ve always got to keep myself busy.

This bank holiday weekend I travelled down to Selby in North Yorkshire. I like road trips because as well as being enjoyable and peaceful it gives me an opportunity to see a few things I’m not used to back home. This occasion was no exception as just outside where we were staying was a classic vehicle that made the child in me jump for joy. There sitting parked up was a century old Panhard.

Panhard classic car

I could not give you the exact model, but from its appearance I’d say you are looking at an early1900s vehicle, likely qualifying for the Brighton Run. I’d go as far as to call it beautiful. My fellow passersby gathered round the amazing piece of history in awe. People couldn’t believe what they were seeing – a combination of appreciation and curiosity. You can see just by looking it how vastly different it is to modern vehicles.

Panhard classic car Panhard classic car

It seems odd to me that whoever owns it – clearly a lover of vehicles like me – had just left it parked on the street. It was even there the next morning, so it was parked in the same spot overnight! Despite that in all seriousness I am sure the owner takes very good care of it. I wish I left my contact details behind now.

Another thing I noticed is the cherished number plate. AT 31 is an original release dating all the way back to 1904. It was originally authorised by Kingston upon Hull County Borough Council. AT plates stopped being issued in 1925, so it goes without saying that today they fetch good prices. Today it would probably be valued in the region of lb10,000 – lb15,000.

Doing the maths, this century old vehicle would probably be worth about lb150,000 number plate and all. A rare, pleasant sight and one I am very happy to have experienced.