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Is this Australian number plate ad “sexist”?

July 31, 2014
Posted in Media — Written by Nationla Numbers

An Australian number plate firm called MyPlates have received hundreds of complaints due to a recent ad campaign.

The ad, targeted at female drivers, welcomes its audience to “man-proof” their cars by accessorising them with … erm … I guess you can say “girly” number plates?

It has proven controversial due to the picture of the male driver, who breaks wind and picks his nose, disgustingly wiping it on the interior of the car in unnecessary detail.

Obviously it is meant to be tongue-in-cheek (or finger-in-nose) but many are calling the advert outright sexist. Take a look for yourself:

As you can see MyPlates offers such elegant images such as shoes, hearts, flowers and tiger print for their woman-centric number plates. Not tacky at all.

But that one ad resulted in 350 complaints to the Australian Standard Bureau. Comments on the YouTube called the ads “stupid” and “disgusting” whereas others saw the funny side.

One commenter said: “Apart from being disgusting and, in the case of the nose picking one, virtually unwatchable, they’re highly sexist, implying that men are all filthy pigs and women have no unpleasant habits whatsoever. Nobody needs this kind of crap.”

Plus YouTube comments include cries of “disgusting” and “stupid”, and other things I’m not repeating.

So what do you think? Over-reaction? Is it sexist? Let us know.


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In Pictures: UK Ambassador Receives 007 Surprise

July 23, 2014
Posted in Uncategorized — Written by Nationla Numbers

A few weeks back, RMA Motors (Kenya) launched the Jaguar F-Type, which is arguably one of the best sports cars in the world. Certainly one of the most highly rated ones anyway. The car is retailing at between 15 and 20 million Kenya Shillings (about lb100,000 – lb130,000).

As Jaguar is a British company the event turned into a celebration of sorts for all things Britain. The car was taken to the British Embassy for a test drive by the High Commissioner, Dr. Christian Turner. But, they had one more surprise for him.

Adorning the British car, the British ambassador was surprised to find the number plate KBY 007T to represent the British icon in Agent 007 James Bond.

You can see his reaction below:


Future of Driving Apps: Track, contact, harass and stalk …

July 14, 2014
Posted in Interesting — Written by Nationla Numbers

Imagine being so annoyed with a fellow driver that you just want to give him a piece of your mind. Imagine if you could record their number plate and receive their mobile number in return. A new app, DiDi Plate, could do that.

General Motors, one of the biggest vehicle conglomerates in the United States, have revealed plans to create a smartphone app that will put you in contact with a vehicle owner.

Entering a number plate into the app will send you a text with the vehicle owner’s mobile number. It would also be possible to scan the number plate and see the phone number directly via Google Glass, an exciting technology currently emerging.

Currently the app, called DiDi Plate, is being tested in the Chinese market. One advert shows one driver using the app to ask another driver out on a date. Of course, creative and more devious uses for the app can be conceived rather easily.

DiDi date request

Consider the private number plate industry for example. If you have an attractive personalised number plate on your vehicle, any of the hundreds of people who see your number plate every day could potentially make contact with you. This could be people interested in how much it is worth or people who want to buy it, serious or otherwise. This is a nuisance in itself, but what if it is not even for sale? And what about persistent tryers who do not take ‘No’ for an answer?

This is a lot different from the old fashioned way the number plate industry used to operate. Leaving a note on a vehicle urging the driver to call you is one thing, but the driver can ignore you or otherwise have the choice to chase up or not. As this app does not have an option to opt out there is a huge issue with privacy.

You can foresee road rage coming into play as well. A driver being cut off on the road could lead to them using the app to send abuse towards the offender. This is a slippery slope that could lead to dangerous altercations, not to mention harassing behaviour.

There is the safety issue of using a mobile phone while driving. Texting while driving is already considered a dangerous driving offense in the UK and increasingly in the United States. It has already been revealed that Google Glass will be treated as a mobile device and will be illegal to drive with.

Not to say an app like this does not have some uses, such as quickly capturing the details of a wreckless driver or someone committing a crime, but an idea like this is unlikely to ever be launched in this country. Despite being developed by General Motors and already built into some vehicles I doubt it will make it out of the factory.

In the UK it is a none-starter due to how protective of personal information the DVLA is. As this app does not appear to have official backing the only way UK driver information would make it to the app would be if private individuals voluntarily gave their details. There are already number plate-based social networking sites that allow this already though.

Moreover drivers across the pond are unlikely to be happy about their details being given out without their permission. The app will likely meet huge opposition before it’s wider release, and ultimately be killed by Government intervention – especially due to the safety issue.

It is an interesting development either way and it opens up possibilities going forward about ease of access to driving information. A DVLA-endorsed app allowing drivers to report infractions or request other information would be hugely popular, though still not something that should be used while driving. For now though, lets see how the market in China and the US react to this technology.


How the DVA Changes Will Affect Our Northern Ireland Customers

July 10, 2014
Posted in DVLA — Written by Nationla Numbers

From the 21st of July all matters regarding the sale, transfer and retention of personalised number plates will pass from the DVA in Coleraine, Northern Ireland to DVLA in Swansea. This is part of the continued centralisation effort by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

It may not mean a lot to many of you, but to us at Nationla Numbers and all our buyers and sellers from Northern Ireland this has been a long time coming. It is something we have wanted for a while because of the headaches that always came along with the typical “Irish transfer” as we used to call them.

What this means is that, finally, number plate transfers to and from Northern Ireland will work exactly the same way as it does for the rest of the country. No additional costs, no extra waiting times, no jumping through hoops.

While previously a number plate bought on a V750 Certificate of Entitlement would need to be transferred onto a vehicle and then onto a NI vehicle we will now be able to register it directly to the vehicle. The difference is 6 weeks transfer time down to about 2 weeks, so you can see why this is exciting news.

Northern Ireland will even receive the ability to retain private number plates. This is the process of taking the number plate off a vehicle and holding it on a V778 Retention Certificate if you did not have another vehicle yet. The rest of the UK have had this for years but for those in Northern Ireland if a vehicle was being sold they would have to transfer the number plate to another vehicle or risk losing the plate.

Our customers in Northern Ireland will soon have the luxury of cheaper prices, quick transfer times and all the extra services that comes with being with the DVLA. All paperwork is set to be standardised so soon Northern Ireland won’t even have to use their own documents version of existing DVLA documents, they can use the real things.

For us a Nationla Numbers we will being able to rid ourselves of third and fourth parties needed to transfer a number plate to and from Northern Ireland, but above all else we will have much happier customers and I hope a lot of customers who thought the process was too complicated before will now reconsider.


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Preview of the 15 Release: How to order and what you get.

July 3, 2014
Posted in DVLA — Written by Nationla Numbers

Nationla Numbers are happy to announce the upcoming release of the “15 Series” of DVLA registrations.

These number plates will released for sale in December ready for vehicles first registered in March 2015.

Just like previous releases the addition of a new number provides many exciting opportunities for future personalised number plates include names, words and more.

If you are interested in a 15 registration you can already place an order with Nationla Numbers. All you have to do is call us, but more on that later!

Number Plate Format

Personalised number plates uses numbers in place of letters in order to spell out names and words. The “15” provides a great opportunity to make number plates appear with meanings that may not have previous been possible.

In this case, “15” will usually be used to represent “IS”.

The rest of the number plate would be in keeping with the DVLA’s “Current Style” format. This format would be two letters (usually indicating location) and two numbers to identify year of registration (in this case 15), a space and three more letters then follow this. See below for an example.

Number Plate Format

As always the letters “I” and “Q” cannot be used anywhere in the registration, and “Z” may only be used in the last three characters.

What Is Possible?

Nationla Numbers have done the math and have found that there are well over 10,000 names made possible by the new 15-Series. Many of these are as perfect as you will find on any number plate, and some are not even possible in any other format.

The attractive name plates include:









? = Another letter, i.e. an initial.

The 15 release is not just for names though. The ability to create words allows you to personalise your number plates however you want. As long as it means something to you it can be the ideal number plate.

Perhaps if you are from the South West of England you might be interested in BR15 TOL (BRISTOL)? Or maybe you are a bit loud and want NO15 EYS (NOISEY) to extenuate this personality. There really are a lot of options.

One thing businesses can do is try to find a number plate to advertise their business. A number plate like SC15 SOR (SCISSOR) would be perfect for a barber or hairdresser. WH15 KEY (WHISKEY) could be fantastic for a pub, alcohol merchant or a distillery. Private number plates are eye-catching and prove to be a great marketing tool, so take a look and see if one would suit your business.

15 can be used as letters “IS” or even “LS” to make your desired word or name, so get creative and see if you can fit yours in, or otherwise give us a call and see if you can help you out.


The 15-Series is released in December for vehicles registered in March 2015 to September 2015. It therefore can only be used on a vehicle registered on this date or after. The vehicle cannot be older than this.

Of course you could always put the registration on a retention which can be kept for up to 12 months without putting it onto a vehicle. If you do not have a vehicle with in that 12 months you can even extend it indefinitely at the cost of lb73 per year.

Number plates are formatted by the DVLA and cannot be altered in size or spacing. Doing so can result in a fine and an instant MOT failure.

How To Order

Nationla Numbers can take pre-orders on the upcoming 15-Series with only a lb100 deposit. This deposit secures the number plate with us, meaning we will not offer it with anyone else and act solely on your behalf.

As of writing there is no full pricing available on these registrations. Early indications are that we should have prices around late September. If you have placed a pre-order on a 15-Series plate you will be given first refusal of the fully priced number plate. If you no longer wish to continue you can cancel and refund and we will no longer act on your behalf.

Release Day in December is very intense as all number plates are released at the same time – 8:30AM. Everyone wanting a number plate will attempt to buy at this time and every year this crashes the website. This means it will be slow and will be constantly failing, in other words it will be nearly impossible to buy anything straight away.

That is of course unless you are Nationla Numbers! We have been doing this for every release in the last 30 years so believe me we know what we are doing. We have been hugely successful in the last few years in particular as we’ve improved our system and refined our method.

Our success rate speaks for itself and 92% of our customers walk away with the number plate they wanted. So what are you waiting for, give us a call on 01642 363738 and speak to us about the 15-Series.


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