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Top 5 Mustang Movie Scenes

September 29, 2014
Posted in Famous Cars,Media — Written by Guest Author

Car chases, stunt drivers, drag races – modern cinema loves putting its cars through the wars and we love seeing them. One of the most common and most beloved is the Mustang so we have collected the five best movie scenes for you all.


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10 Things Every True Petrol Head Has to Deal With

September 11, 2014
Posted in Cars,Humour — Written by Nationla Numbers

1. When you come back to your baby and realise there’s a much nicer car parked next to it.


2. When you’ve ordered some new parts online and they still haven’t come within a month.


3. On that rare occasion you see a Bugatti drive past.


4. When you’re the designated driver and on the ride home someone throws up in your backseat.


5. When being in the passenger seat just gets too much.


6. When your insurance rises and you tell your insurance company where to stick it.


7. When your girlfriend asks you to fix something on her car.


8. And when you actually manage to fix the problem.


9. When someone tells you they drive a Fiat.


10. When you try and have a conversation with someone who’s really not interested in cars.


BONUS: When your car passes its MOT and you thought it didn’t have a chance in hell.


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