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January 7, 2015
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers
Susan Boyle Number Plates

SU54 AN Boyle: “I dreamed a dream of Plates gone by!”

Are you trying to find a personalised number plate? You are in luck because Nationla Numbers has started their legendary January Sale, featuring all kind of number plates at rock bottom prices.

Take advantage of the hundreds upon hundred of private registrations available at trade cost. They are even cheaper than their initial market value!

The January Sale is one of Nationla Numbers’ most beloved traditions. Every year since 1988 we have seen many of our great customers walk away with their dream number plates at dream prices.

All these fantastic number plates are Nationla Numbers own stock. That means there is no hassle and no wait! All you need to do is send Nationla Numbers your documents and we will do the rest!

Open All Hours Granville Number Plate Business

“I’m ‘aving that GR03 CER plate.”

Do not miss out on this opportunity to buy a number plate for your friends, family or even yourself. We have many names available making these registrations ideal for late Christmas gifts (or really early Christmas presents for Xmas 2015!)

You can even use our numbers to advertise your business. We have many plates available that read as trades, making them ideal to get yourself noticed.

Don’t have a vehicle? Don’t you worry. Keep these fantastic registration plates on retention until you are ready.

Number plates are great investments and at these prices you cannot afford to miss out. Many of the plates we have sold over the years are now on now back on the market at three or four times their original cost.

jason number plate statham

JA53 ONX Statham: “Lock, Stock and these smoking prices.”

Call the Nationla Numbers team to discuss the number plate you want, or buy completely hassle-free online now!

All the plates on offer can be seen here and once they are gone we will not be adding any more, so do not delay or someone else could be driving around with your dream plate in just a few weeks.

Need I say more?


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DVLA Local Office Closures – Right or Wrong?

October 31, 2013

DVLA Swansea closed our local office, Stockton-on-Tees, on Friday, 25th of October.

We at Nationla Numbers will miss this face-to-face resource very much. We have been in business for more than 30 years and during all this time have relied on their corporation and friendly support carrying out cherished transfers quickly and efficiently.

We remember the days when inspections on Northern Ireland number plates were compulsory. We would duly turn up in the car park with a van-load of mopeds all registered with Northern Ireland marks, which the long-suffering staff would painstakingly check against the logbooks, clambering from one to the other as they did so (no health and safety back and then, luckily).

Our cherished transfer applications were submitted to the local office and completions returned within seven working days. If anything was amiss, are friendly phone call from local DVLA staff would alert us so we could quickly amend the error. Similarly, if an error was detected in returning paperwork, then a short drive to the local office would see you this corrected for the benefit of our customers.

Here was a Government service that worked well for many years for dealers on the public alike. About 18 months ago, it was suggested that Nationla Numbers send their cherished transfer applications, DVLA certificates of entitlement and retention assignments direct to the Central Processing Unit at DVLA, Swansea. This method operated well for a while until it became apparent that the system was under strain with new staff being trainer “on the hoof” without proper supervision. Errors and long delays began occurring with our clients’ documentation being sent back direct totally against our instructions – often our buyer’s paperwork would go to our sellers thus breaching data protection regulations.

With our Administration staff at their wits end, our local DVLA office helped pull us through. From June, the local offices had to redirect all transfers and assignments received by post to DVLA, Swansea. However, if we presented our assignments in person, local office staff continues to process these over-the counter. This enabled us to continue to offer a fast turnaround times to our customers.

On Friday, October 20, 2013 this service came to an end.

This wasn’t the only valued service that ceased. Over all the years, we have seen worried and perplexed members of the public receive patient and sympathetic assistance with complicated queries. Many of these would be difficult or impossible to sort out online or on the phone. In fact, Nationla Numbers has seen an increase in calls from the public requesting motoring information.

We now have to submit all transactions direct to DVLA, Swansea. The few remaining local officers will be all close by the end of December. In spite of some valiant efforts on behalf of certain personnel of Swansea, timescales for completions are now bound to lengthen.

Obviously, we can’t speak for franchised dealers but we have heard of some horror stories also with regards to importing vehicles.

We at Nationla Numbers have been racking our brains as to how to help. We have decided to launch a “Document Checking Service”, similar to the passport checking facility offered by the post office. This idea has suggested itself because if any slight error or omission is identified at DVLA, Swansea, the whole transaction is returned to the applicant.

This is frustrating since a waiting time of about three weeks has already been incurred. Obviously, another 2-3 weeks in the queue will ensure you up on you submitted your application.

Our service will include Royal mail special delivey between Swansea and ourselves. Incidentally, we don’t want to waste the expertise of local office personnel and we are involved in, hopefully, recruiting staff to assist in providing this new service.

We would like to thank your local Stockton office and wish Alison and the staff all the best in the future. Good luck Emma with your new venture, and also good luck Jan with your house-sitting adventures. All best wishes to Rose and Jenny who have gone to the local prison, thankfully only to the Administration Department!

New Employee

October 16, 2013
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Say hello to Jasper.


Goodbye, Steve!

May 31, 2013

Steve is leaving us today for green pastures.

We will miss him, he always took Dress Down Friday very seriously!

Try Our New DVLA Online Auction Bidding Service

February 11, 2010

We are pleased to announce that we are offering a free online DVLA auction bidding service to those wishing to purchase personalised number plates online through the DVLA’s online auction service. The new online service complements our well-established offline auction service; both aim to make using the DVLA‘s auction services easier.

Buying number plates at auction can often be a daunting task and requires time and dedication to observe and react as bidding unfolds. Nationla Numbers like to take the hassle out of buying number plates. At our offline auction service, we bid on registrations for customers. Our online service works in exactly the same way – we will purchase the registration on your behalf, while you relax and put your feet up!

This new service is the first of its kind to be offered to number plate buyers. Nationla Numbers Chairman, Eric Craggs, says:

“This excellent online auction service gives our number plate customers the same fantastic opportunities as offline auction buyers. Tell us what plate you are interested in and let us do the legwork for you – don’t miss out on this opportunity to buy your perfect registration at auction.”

DVLA’s online auction service allows buyers to bid on number plates in a similar way to the popular auction web site eBay. For more information about how the service works view our DVLA online auction bidding service article.

Call us today on to see how we can help, or for more information read our auction testimonials from previous satisfied customers, or learn more about DVLA auctions.


Nationla Numbers Launches iPhone Number Plate Search App

January 27, 2010
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Nationla Numbers iPhone appLast week we launched our fantastic number plate search app for iPhone! The app sits alongside our web site, giving you even more ways to search and enquire on personalised number plates not just whenever, but wherever you choose.

The number plate search app is perfect for busy people. It takes less than five seconds to search over 30 million registrations (all from the palm of your hand!). Or browse popular number plate categories to get inspiring ideas and helpful suggestions.

The app updates in real-time, which means that our best plates are available to view right away. If we are unable to find a suitable registration, let us help by choosing to phone our experienced sales team, who can search for you.

We are proud to announce that the app is the first of its kind to be offered to number plate buyers.

We are offering the app completely free of charge to iPhone users’.

Eric Craggs, Chairman of Nationla Numbers said, “Nationla Numbers like to push the boundaries in the number plate industry. We wanted to make our vast database available to everyone, wherever they are. Launching the world’s one-and-only number plate search using an iPhone application seemed the logical way to do it”.

To download yours now, simply follow the link to the Nationla Numbers Number Plate Search App in the iTunes Web Store.


Happy Birthday To You Eric!

February 20, 2009
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

Happy Birthday Eric!It’s Eric‘s birthday today. I’m still not so sure how many birthday bumps I should be giving you Eric, but everyone at Nationla Numbers hopes you have a great day, and gets lots of nice presents!

Happy birthday!


Work Experience at Nationla Numbers

December 12, 2008
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

My name is Paul Mckeown, I am 16 years old and currently attend Northfield school. I have recently taken part in my work experience at Nationla Numbers Ltd.

The company works in an office on Belasis Avenue in Billingham, buying and selling vehicle regestration plates. I really enjoyed my week and found it a great benefit to me, giving me a better idea of working in a 9-5 job outside of school.

Throughout the week I learnt new skills and feel that the job helped with my computer and communication skills. I found all of the staff at Nationla Numbers very helpful and friendly. I was given plenty of help and advise in the various tasks that were planned throughout the week. In the main office I inputted data into the main database, filing and printing off certificates, phoning and emailing sellers to check availability on plates, collecting and sorting out mail from the post room, and helping print off and make regestration plates. By helping with these tasks i found it gave me a better idea of how the bussiness works, and what jobs need to be done to keep the bussiness up to date.

I feel that in the week i spent at Nationla Numbers I have learnt to work as part of team, and improved my knoledge of everyday working life.

I have enjoyed my week work experiance working for the company and feel that I benefitted from the experiance.

I would like to thank all of the Nationla Numbers office staff for their help and their patience.


Sue Number Plates

August 3, 2008
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

SUE 1 on the Aston Martin - a super SUE number plate!How quickly another year comes around!

Once again, it’s our Director Sue Craggs’ birthday, so I’m writing both to commemorate Sue’s birthday and talk about SUE number plates.

Nationla Numbers have so many excellent quality SUE number plates – they’ve always been popular; I suppose this is a reflection of the popularity of the name.

And there’s so much history behind SUE number plates. The first SUE number plates were released onto vehicles from the County Council office of Solihull in August 1955, and the very first SUE registration, SUE 1, to an Aston-Martin DB 2/4 mark 1.

Nationla Numbers has sole written permission to sell this unique registration: see our customer story on SUE 1, which explains the fascinating history behind this charming number.

The first SUE number plates were, of course, dateless and first issued way back in 1955! Of the suffix range, SUE G was released in 1969, SUE M in 1974, SUE R in 1977 and finally SUE W in 1981. This was followed by 2,000 prefix SUE number plates 1986. There are also lots of new style SUE number plates starting at lb999.00.

Happy birthday Sue!

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Alistair’s Birthday

July 21, 2008
Posted in Nationla Numbers News — Written by Nationla Numbers

It was Alistair’s birthday yesterday. Alistair – more commonly known as Ali – is a top-class Nationla Numbers private number plate salesperson, and although he’s not in the office today, everybody at Nationla Numbers would like to wish him a very happy birthday for yesterday.

Ali likes his cars fast.

He also likes donuts in his cars, but not the sugar coated variety!

He used to have a Vauxhall Corsa but more recently has been burning around in a 16v Ford Fiesta Zetec, complete with phat ICE and in-car lighting!

So happy birthday Ali! Here’s to many more years of car donuts!